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  1. I haven't tried that, I'll run a search and check how to do it. Thanks for the tip...
  2. OK, I switched the RAM into the orange slots and everything booted OK and the bios posted. Also switched the vid card to slot 1 (even though switching the RAM fixed the prob) Unfortunetaly, now I'm having a new problem while installing the operating system. I tried installing windows xp about 10 times but the system keeps freezing in mid install. The freezing always occurs at different points of the install. I've been as far away in the install as installing the raid drivers and as close "saving settings" near the end but I still get freezes. Sometimes I get BSOD's and other times the system just locks up on the screen its on. I have tried a multitude of hardware combinations... -Took out audigy card (and leaving it that way until i get XP on this thing) -Took 1 stick of RAM out. -tried not installing in a raid configuration and unplugging the floppy drive. -moved the video card to both slots 1 from slot 1 to slot 2. I've also made sure that the all 4 power connections are plugged in to the motherboard. At this point there's no hardware left to unplug to see if the install will work. I'm going on vacation in a couple days and hoping to get this going before I leave (or else it'll drive me nuts while I'm gone). Any help you guys can give would be great. Thanks Guys...
  3. RAM is currently in the yellow slots, my cpu water block hoses block the bottom orange one(I was too lazy at the time to fix it) . I will move the block around and switch the RAM when I get home and update you guys.
  4. OK i added my specs in my sig. I know the jumpers were set correctly but I will try switching the card to slot 1 when I get home from work. I tried slot 1 originally with no luck but I never cleared the CMOS.
  5. Hello all, I was hoping that someone can help me get my recently built machine going. I have the SLI-DR, with an Asus 7800 GTX hooked up to the 2nd PCIE slot. Here's what's happening: I turn my machine on and get no video at all. I can see 3 of the 4 diagnostic lights on at this time. At this point I clear the CMOS, restart, at which point the computer starts. I then get a "CMOS Checksum error", but am still allowed to continue. The computer works fine at this point. I can get into the bios and change settings. The problem is whenever I restart the computer it reverts back to having no video. I've done this process 4 times now and its driving me nuts. :shake:
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