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  1. Thanks for the vid(s)! I'd share but that would defeat the whole purpose of using a router.
  2. LOL! I just discovered that my GPU is running at 47° Celsius! That is 5° cooller than it was before!
  3. OC'd to 2.8GHz. CPU Voltage is Auto/1.525/104%. RAM is 2.7V
  4. NOTICE: These temps are NOT the before and after of installing the Big Typhoon. They are the before and after of adjusting the Big Typhoon. Thanks for reminding me to post my temps. Idle: Before: 30-32 degrees Celsius After: 26-28 degrees Celsius* Load: Before: 44-46 degrees Celsius After: 39-41 degrees Celsius** These temps were captured using ITE SmartGuardian. * lowered by 4 degrees Celsius ** lowered by 5 degrees Celsius
  5. I installed the Big Typhhon yesterday thanks to the help of you guys that helped. I was concerned that the HS wasn't giving all it's potential due to it hanging sideways and probably pulling the top part of the HS off of the CPU, or at best, unbalancing the contact pressure. I wanted to find a way to take pressure/gravity off of the HS. Luckily the bottom of my upside-down Aspire 520W PS had a fan there with a protective shroud. I took a piece of yarn and tied it to the PS shroud then tied the other end to the fan shroud of the Big Typhoon. It lowered the CPU idle temp by 4 degrees! I'm serious! TIP: Make sure you only put enough tension on the yarn to counter-balance the weight of the HS. Over doing it will not do any good because you will be creating the problem you're trying to solve by lifting off the lower part of the HS. If you try this be sure to run ITE SmartGuardian as you do it to watch the temps go down. Please post back here with your Before and After Temps.
  6. I just got a Tt Big Typhoon from newegg and the directions/photos are lacking in information. Does anyone know of a link with large pics or a video of someone installing a Big Typhoon onto an SLI-DR?
  7. Thanks guys! Actually, someone convinced me that the Big Typhoon would easily fit on the SLI-DR(with photos) so I just bought it from newegg.com for $45.99+$1.97 Fedex Super Saver shipping.
  8. Thanks guys! I'm getting the Thermalright XP-90 (under $30) with a 92mm Panaflo 57CFM Fan as recommended.
  9. I did a search and got nothing relevant in the first few pages of the results for "best heatsink". I was just about to get the Thermaltake Big Typhoon but found out it's not a good choice for the SLI-DR. Is the Thermalright XP-120 the next best choice?
  10. Yes but the title of the thread is "Socket 939 - Does this sound right for a San Diego 4000+". You have a 3700+. I have a 4000+.
  11. If your board doesn't have these settings ignore this post. Also, make sure your LDT/FSB is set so that FSBx2(DDR)xLDT/FSB=2000-2100. If you leave LDT/FSB set to Auto, it will usually try 5.0 and fail. Example: FSB=257MHZ 257MHz*2=DDR514 514*LDT/[email protected]=2056MHz BTW, this is with a Multiplier of 11, not 12.
  12. I've gotten mine up to 320MHz! The problem is the memory timings are too restrictive. At 320MHz, I had to loosen my timings to 3-4-8-4 . EDIT: Sorry, it was 325MHz. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=60638
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