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  1. Should I leave this to disable, or enable it? Thank you
  2. What are you talking about dual 12v rail? A 510SLi PCP&C PSU has 1 34v 12v rail.
  3. Did that already and it shares the OTHER IRQ with my OTHER SLi video card which is IRQ 18.
  4. Right, I agree with that IRQ sharing stuff, my sound card, and SLi video cards are using the same IRQ (19) but it has always been this way from my SB live, audigy2, audigy2 ZS, and my XF-I all shared IRQ 19 with one of my video cards. Only my XF-i has an issue. HOW CAN I CHANGE THE IRQ THAT MY XF-I USES?
  5. To make a long story short, when I insert the XF-I sound card (xtreme music) the PC wont boot up and just BSOD's on me. If I take it out, all is good. Im currently using the 704-2bta bios, and really like it, but is there maybe a BIOS that fixes this issue? Creative's webite forum pages told me that a BIOS fix will cure this issue.
  6. No the card is good. Worked fine all day and yesterday, and my PSU is a PCP&C 510SLi, and it is in perfect shape. This issue only started AFTER I changed the PCI slot the sound card was in to the slot below it. It is now in the lowest PCI slot on the board, and the PC wont boot now for some reason.
  7. I got my XF-I yesterday, installed everything, and all was great yesterday. I must have rebooted the PC 25-30 times yesterday with no issues. Tonight, I go to boot my PC and now I get this error NTFS.sys caused a page fault etc......... and it also says creative something or other. I remove the card, and all is well. I've been reading on creatives web forum that ALOT of NF4 users are having this issue, but I bought this card in hope all would be ok. After 10 or so reboots im now in windows, all all seems ok, but I know on my next reboot it will BSOD on me with some error. What is the fix for this? is there one? I would have to send my card the creative, and have down time. Im using BIOS 704-2bta if it matters... Thanks
  8. Is the SILICON controller on the SLi-DR motherboard locked? meaning will an OC'ed FSB affect it? Im trying to eliminate my NF4 issue, so this will be a test.
  9. EXACTLY! everyone told me to use the orange slots with my ballistix 2GB set, and I kept getting BSOD's over 250FSB. I changed to the yellows and have gone as high as 278FSB stable.
  10. I dont mean to "thread crap" but I love your VEGA! or at least the pic you have for your sig. My friend has one with a 632 solid roller motor in it, with a 1071 blower, holy crap, you cant beat the HP to weight ratio :shake:
  11. I've only been a member here for like 4 months now, but have been reading posts on here for a long time. I see alot of people saying there Ballistix ram failed, fried, pc wont boot now, etc........ I have been (so far) problem free with my 2x1GB sticks of ballistix since I've bought them back in august. Is there anything I can do to prevent my RAM for "possibly" becoming defective? I've ran this ram as hard as 270FSB 1:1 @ 2.80v, and the ram has always had a fan cooling them, and the heatspreaders AT MOST, just get slightly warm to the touch.
  12. And the best part of this is, I can get a brand new one for FREE :nod:
  13. I have the chance of someone buying me a phase cooler, so I dont have to , My question here is are there other brands to chose from as far as buying "OFF THE INTERNET" or are the vapochill LS, and the MachIIGT's the only units that online E-tailers will have? I see more good about Vapochill units and am leaning toward a Vapochill LS, all im looking for out of it is to have a 3.3GHz+ OC (200Mhz more then what I have now) on my FX57 that will already do 3.12GHz on air. Is this a possiblity with a vapochill LS? Will I still see subzero cpu temps with maybe giving the processor 1.65+ Vcore?
  14. I was able to scale to 3.54GHz on my FX57 using 1.7v under phase cooling (-44c 100% loaded). If you have enough BALLZ to throw 1.7v on the FX57 on AIR cooling, you wouldnt be able to scale EVEN CLOSE TO THAT SPEED. The colder you are able to get the chip, the further you WILL scale with the givin voltage. It takes ALOT less voltage under SUBZERO temps to get great OC's. I'm sure I would be able to hit my same OC now (3.12GHz @ 1.54V) with the STOCK VOLTAGE if the chip was still under phase cooling.
  15. Just because you bought a "BETTER CPU" you say, doesnt mean it's going to OC like a bastard. If this was the case, then my FX55's and FX57's Would be hitting 3.6+GHz on air, and we ALL KNOW THAT WONT HAPPEN. An FX57 (which is a sandy core if you didnt know) Only really scales 250-325 MHz over its rated speed ON AIR COOLING! (im @ 3.12GHz on my FX57 using air) Thats not much if you compair that to my 3000+ VENICE OC that im using right now to type this, which is a 720MHz OC, and runs COOL as hell. All in all, dont feed your chip more then 1.65v on air, if you want 3+GHz your better off entering the great world of PHASE COOLING :nod:
  16. Also, I think there is a limitation of the chipset @3.25Gb of ram. Meaning that even if you have 4GB of ram (assuming your using 4x1GB sticks) it will still only read somewhere around 3.25Gb's
  17. You may as well by another 1GB stick, I noticed a "PRETTY NICE" speed boost overall in everything I did with the computer having dual channel. I'm not saying your going to gain 100FPS in all your games, but dual channel will make everything feel nice and smooth. As far as OCing goes, thats really hit or miss. Having 2 sticks of ram for OCing is ideal, compaired to having 4 sticks. If I was you, I would buy another 1GB stick (same brand, speed, etc...) as what you have now, make sure your using a solid BIOS for your setup, and since I think I read your using PC3200 (G.skill may climb higher) use a divider to keep the ram in "CHECK" and you should have any issues...
  18. So I guess I should be happy with my 13,985 score. I did a google search for you and the best score I could find (using a 6600GT) was 4785, but he was water cooling the GPU and clocks were much higher than yours. Also he was using an FX55. I'll post the link if I can find it again.
  19. It was my understanding that the NF4 chipset can only allocate 1gb sticks at most. Example: 1GB sticks x 4 to equal 4GB's of ram. I dont think 2GB sticks is allowed by the chipset.
  20. That looks great! DAMN, 4.24GHz. The only thing I dont understand is that why a P4 can get to 4.24GHz, and have a CPU benchmark score of 12,400, but my AMD FX chip @ 3.12GHz has a CPU score of 13,985. There is over a GIG of speed difference here.
  21. FIRST REMOVE 2 RAM MODULES!!!!! Start your OC with only 2 sticks of ram (use the orange slots on the 623 BIOS). I would test each (GIG) set, to see which memory can take a higher FSB. After you figure that out, RELAX the memory timings to 3/4/4/8 1T (set DDR Vdimm to what ever they recommend) Next try these settings now with only **1**GIG OF RAM IN THE PC CPU Vcore 1.40 + 110% FSB = 250 HTT = 3x (or auto) Multi = auto Save BIOS, and reboot.
  22. As far as I know, memory configuration should be no different on this NF4 based motherboard. Having a 1GB stick should serve you just fine, until you can buy another 1gb stick (same brand, speed, etc.) to get the optimized performance from dual channel.
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