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  1. i think i might need to order a new chipset fan, but before i do that i wanted to ask if i needed to. The fan seems to make alot of noise on start up. (it IS the chipset fan, i made sure) also smart guardian tells me that the shipset is at 48 degrees and that the fan speed is 7000-7400 (rpm?) it stays spining till i power down. so should i try to look for a new one?
  2. alright. I think its all good now. I updated the driver. i think it took the driver off the cd. yea, installing the chipset drivers didn't work. but its all good now
  3. Alright I know The USB ports on my computer are USB 2.0 but windows seems to thing they aren't, or an old version. I just had to reformat and install windows. i followed angry_game's video best i could. but this time it seems not to like the USB ports. any input?
  4. I'm tring to track down a COM wire that i can put into one of the expansion slots on my case and plug into the internal connector on the mobo. I know i've seen one around here somewhere but im not really sure what its called, so searching for it in google hasn't helped me much.
  5. I have THE SAME PROBLEM, same RAM model. After spending about a month on the fourms here and at the RAM GUY I have went with RMA. I've thought up somany other things that it could be and all of them turned out to be working correctly. I'm mailing them out today. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  6. that was/is actualy my first guess. I got it all from newegg so i went ahead and requested an RMA, in fact it will be sent out tomorrow. I have my RAM timings set exactly the way angry_games showed for my unit. I actualy have my CPU voltage set for 1.4 it was 1.35 with the 104%, neither changed a thing. right now im in safe mode going though every file that was made or changed right around when this happened on C and deleting it, if I feel i can. the fact that i can get into safe mode makes me think that it is some kind of software problem and not my hardware.
  7. alright in the past few weeks or so i have had a problem with my computer. it just started random rebooting. now its no longer random. it is 45-47 seconds from when the OS(xp pro sp2) takes control. Another thing is I can boot in safe-mode and stay there for.. well at least 2 hours without problem. (I rebooted after running every scan I have as well as installing new updated drivers.) I have been all over these boards all night when ever i have the time. and i have done and/or checked ever suggestion so far. should I be searching another source of information for help? or could it still be some kind of Hardware problem?
  8. I want to know if there is anything else to be done besides, what the little explaination on the DFI site says. I'm about to flash my bios to the latest version on the DFI site. and im note sure what alse to do. do i pull the bat at some point or clear the CMOS? which btw i never entered anything into. would anyone recomened a "non-oficial" BOIS that would be a better pick?
  9. so does that mean that i should set my CPU VID Control alittle lower then the listed voltage. and then just up the special control to be at the rated voltage??
  10. ugh... I've forgoten what sleep is. anyway... on th retail site that i bought my cpu from it says it has a voltage of 1.35/1.40 so is that what i should set my CPU VID Control option in my BIOS?
  11. alright so I got it back to powering on, somehow, and it seems like the E-IDE ports do not respond. I have three E-IDE drives in my computer as you see in my sig. 10GIG is Master0 80GIG is Slave0 DVD-RW Master1 now at first chanel 0 was not being detected. and chanel 1 was i switched the two drives around on chanel 0 (jumpers and all) and got nothing. I then thought about the cable being the problem. I unpluged the dvd-rw and put that cable in chanel 0 and still no HDD detection. when put back into chanel 2 the dvd drive is not dected. they all work in the computer im on now. NOTE: when removing and replaceing EVERYTHINGlast night I had, without paying attention, tried to put the E-IDE cable in the 10GIG drive upsidedown. one pin was pushed back into the drive. i pulled it back to normal lenght with plyers.
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