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  1. why do you believe Quad core is going to give you any more points in benchies or better gaming performance (FPS)? it going to be 2 X 2 dual core cpus for AMD, they have not been able to make a true 4X4 cpu yet if @ all, quad 4X4 will be a waste until some one writes the software, or games to make use of them, so far you can count the number of multithread games on one hand, still great if your going to do some [email protected], do you believe that the new QX6700 (true quad core) is going to be any better @ gaming the the same speed C2D? I dont! A 6.0 GHz single core cpu would be better! P.S not picking on you, just trying to understand you way of thinking!
  2. Well no otherwise i would not have sold it on, its a nice case but for me it aint as good as the P180 nor as big, its full of holes and no dust fillters etc and not as much room as the P180, no M8 i did not like it!
  3. I had this case, thought it looked good, and it does but its not as well built as the P180, and there where other things that i did not like about it also, like no dust filters, my hardware appeared to be cooler and and it was quiet but all in all it was not for me, not sure that the new 8800 would fit in it as i recall having a hard time getting my stuff in it, the HDD bays and the 5.25 bays are longer than in the P180, oh and it steel as you probaly know!
  4. The Corsair HX-620 is made buy SeaSonic if thats any help!
  5. Yes it is, I had zero problems with this brand in my DFI Ultra-D and would defo buy again if the price was right, which in the case of my new rig, it was not!
  6. If you are going to go down that road then C2D would be the better option, whilst I have not found a great difference as far as gaming goes, it does do everything else better, and it over clocks real easy, I was able to hit 3.6 with no trouble @ all and I am far from the master OC'er I only ever gone an extra 0.2GHz on AMD for 24 hr use! Other wise the answer to your question is a no!
  7. Get the Corsair 620, it may cost a bit more now but will work out cheaper in the long run, yes getting an 165 opty or x2 3800 depending on your OC skills but the 4400 (89) if you can get one would be better value for money, but if money is tight the all you have suggested will be fine M8!
  8. In that case he should get the HIS brand X1950XT
  9. Had the same troubles as all you above, so i just got a refund, for me the Ultra-d was a better more stable and less trouble than the one you have now! but as you all have ATi cards then all I can suggest is that you read the forums on related threads and you may stumble on an answer as many other users have got it stable, after having the same hicups, disable the uli option if your not using it for a sata2 HDD. good luck!
  10. For whatever reason default Tref is a disaster. If you leave everything else on auto and just set 3120 Tref you will see a big jump in performance. The top half of the DRAM config runs about the same as the NF4 stuff, the lower half can be left on auto though! I had this problem and this sorted it!
  11. Has your card not got good cooling already? heat pipe on that one is it not? My card never goes above 65c and the fan is only @27%, but the 1800XT was very noisy, but with the Artic Cooling Accelero X2 Cooler on it, it was silent even @ 100%!
  12. Your 1st point; If I paid £350 I would agree but I did not I waited and paid only £220 for it which I thought was good value, but its not that much better than the X1800XT I had before It, just my opinon! your 2nd point however is a good one and I fully agree with you, and maybe thats been my trouble, Since joining this forum, its easy to get carried away with all the hype that you lot spread, E.g for the last few months I have read how wonderful the ATI 1900XT-X was etc after a while even I get curious and want to see for my self what all the fuss is about, and sadly when it arrives Im dissapointed as I feel it was not all that much better than my 1800XT, which replaced my 7800GT, same thing with C2D very little improvement over AMD, and a waste of £600 just to get 300 more 3D/06 score, I can afford it and not jeolous, and I respect that everyone here as the choice to get what they want, but the thread was "Tell the truth...when you going to buy the 8800s?" and I have said that I will not be just yet, and expressed my view's and reasons why, I dont look down on anyone only up @ people but I just think some of you have more money than sense and buy for the sake of buying rather than needing it, and if some of you were honest enough you would agree with me! Now with all that said I would hope that I can control my curiosity and not get one till Vista is ready and by then ATI will have there version out or Nvidia will have another new card out which will lower the price of these 8800! :drool:
  13. LOL, Some of you are never satisfied with what you got long enough to enjoy it, i wont be rushing to get one, why would you need one right now? My card plays every game I have with better than average FPS, i really much doubt that playing games @ 200 FPS is any better than playing them @ 100 FPS, I wont buy one for the sake of buying, if and when Vista is ready and avaliable i might consider it, or when a game i really want requires DX10 then I would have too, yes I would like one and I could afford one too, but i simply dont need it yet, even my old 800XT gto2 is able to play most games at playable FPS! It seems ATi and Nvidia have most of you lot by the balls good and proper, I mean youu guys that do SLI or CF, you pay twice the price and dont even get twice the performance, what a con! as well as over kill on most games, to much money some of you have!
  14. well Im going to wait a while, i have the money now but like to the price drop all the same, dont play much more than pacman these days sad or what lol, and not just that like to see what ATi have to offer and in three months time, it should be more price compititive by then, its costly trying to keep up with it all, all of the time!
  15. Well like I said B4 I jumped the gun a little, the 3000 CPU score on 3D/06 is awsome however Its my graphics card that was/is my bottle neck, got a big improvement when OCing it to 675/800, but having trouble getting past 690, geting a new PSU coming monday as in my sig and hopefully it well help get there although I might get the new 8800 GTX if i can sneak it past the wife, better get some overtime in me thinks!
  16. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/editorial...amp_id=left_nav I Don't believe it:eek: , but PC World here in the uk has these cards and even more amazing is the price, £50 cheaper than OCuK so £449.99 for the GTX and £329 for the GTS!
  17. So what ur saying is then, i should have both :drool: Well if the extra 80 Watts dont add up to much over the Corsair, then thats what i will get i think, with the extra 80 watts i was thinking that with the Capacitor Aging, it would have a longer life in my system!
  18. Intresting, If thats the case how come 3D mark 06 kills my system in nearly all the test, and that is only @ 1280 x 1024, Im not being funny or anything , its just i simple dont understand why this bench kill my PC yet I can play my games @ 1280 x1024 on all med or high settings with over 60 fps?,3D/06 is telling me i need a better card, but my games say its fine! :confused:
  19. I was going to order the OCZ GameXStream 700w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Power Supply For mu rig in me sig, but also liking the NEW Corsair HX 620W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Compliant PSU, I will never do SLI or CF, but do like to change my graphics card every 6 months to 12 months, is 620 watts enough for my system, for overclocking and for any other futur upgrades, or would the 700 watts serve me better in the long run?
  20. Live for today and fook 2morow cos it never comes, as for future proof lol, you no already there is know such thing, why buy a car that can do 400 mph(CPU) when the roads(Software) will only permit you 100 mph!
  21. yea i hear what your saying but i had it running @ 3.6 today and still not much better than @ 2.4, but i will try some other benchies like the built in ones in fear etc, there is a few settings in my bios that im unsure about maybe you can point me in the right direction on another site /forum where i can get some mor info on this mobo! thx! P.S what monitoring software do you use for temps etc?
  22. But as you have often said, you need to be running 1600 X 1200 for before it starts to show its true potential. Hmm i always find this with Aquamark3, my 7800GT aways did as well or better in this benchie than any of my ATi cards! True! LOL ok ok will do, but like i have stated below, i have jumped the gun droped a boll*** :sad: :eek: :sad: Hmm, well it may have been premature of me to throw those results up there as it now appears to be a problem I have, no matter what is set my clock speeds to the benchies always hit around the same score, so it is now obvious that Im doing something wrong in my Bios, so I apoligise for jumping the gun on this, however @ stock out of the box then the 3dmarks are only a little better than my AMD @2.4, that only scores 300 points less in 3D/06 than the C2D @ 2.4, so once i get to the bottom of this problem i will report back and eat so humble pie! :sad:
  23. Sound advice although a little late for me, but we live and learn, tbh @ stock i was not expecting it to be that much better than my AMD was, but having OC'ed it with no effort and all ready knowing it stood a good chance of going beyond 3GHz which my AMD would never reach I was hoping for a better 3d/06 score Maybe i am doing something wrong or overlooked something, will take another look soon!
  24. I thought it was obvious! but in case its not the point was that when it come s to gaming C2D aint all that, and I Would have been better off getting a CF MoBo and a CF 1900XT-X for less than the £550 i paid to go C2D just to get less gaming performance than i had before the upgraded, yes it OC way better but does not equal performance that i was expecting, yes my 3D/05 inproved, and aqua3 hit 11700 which is good for an ATi card, as i was only getting 80,000 odd before with my previous set up, knowing what i know now I would have not bothered! Time to OC my card now I suppose!:drool:
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