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  1. LOL it is 1280 X 1024, and with no aa and no AF on my set up and its still a killer test, i have a decent card and here is what i get @ my highest res! So if one of you kind people can do the same test with the same settings as mine and post them back then pls do, must be stock defaults no OC'ing Benchmark Width 1680 Height 1050 Anti-Aliasing 6 sample AA Anti-Aliasing Quality 0 Texture Filtering Anisotropic Anisotropic Level 8 VS Profile 3_0 PS Profile 3_0 Force full precision No Disable HW shadow mapping No Disable post-processing No Force software vertex shader No Color mipmaps No Force software FP filtering No Repeat tests Off Fixed framerate Off Comment 3DMark Score 3549 3DMarks SM2.0 Score 1460 HDR/SM3.0 Score 1225 CPU Score 2099 Game Score N/A N/A GT1 - Return To Proxycon 11.567 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests GT2 - Firefly Forest 12.772 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests CPU1 - Red Valley 0.662 FPS CPU Tests CPU2 - Red Valley 1.065 FPS CPU Tests HDR1 - Canyon Flight 14.493 FPS HDR/SM3.0 Graphics Tests HDR2 - Deep Freeze 10.009 FPS HDR/SM3.0 Graphics Tests http://service.futuremark.com/compare?c=3333908_2
  2. Dont know if you have resolved this problem yet but i have had this problem for ever when using USB no matter what im doing, I have to use the PS/2 port and everything is fine via that adapter thing!
  3. So what you saying then? That 3D/06 is not a tough enough test? Cos I would disagree with that! Whilst I here what your saying, that any bench mark dont tell the whole story it does give you a good indication on what your card is capable of, and so far the story is that the 8800 GTX can hit 10,000 K on similar set up to mine @ stock tells me that they are extremely capable cards as mine will only do 6200, so I can work out from this that the 8800 GTX is far better than mine, now I want to know how much better the GTS version is, and 3D/06 will help me decipher this, although as you suggest it won't tell me the whole story!
  4. considering the 8800 GTS is around the same price as the 1950XT-X you would be a fool to get anything else, buy now save later! in the long run it makes the most sense and if money is tight then its worth saving up a little more! otherwise the 1900 XT or 7900 GTO would be your best bet!
  5. They are not low they are normal, this don't mean to say that his PSU can supply enough power to an 8800GTX!
  6. LOL I was just about to start a thread about 8800GTS as there was little user input on here, so lets have them 3D/05/06 scores!!! P.S pls run them @ stock as well M8 2.4 on the CPU! thx!
  7. I don't do SLI or CF, if i was to pay X2 £££ for a card then i would want X2 performance and as sli or cf don't, so I will always by the best single card i can afford, and apart from that my 1900 XT will cope with every game i have @ 1680 X 1050 with over 100 fps average, and i only paid £220 for it, you be hard pushed to get a SLI set up that will beat my card or a single 7900 GTO for the same £220, good luck!
  8. I just bought this dell monitor (see sig) because it had all the conections i needed, but if i was just after a one with a DVI connection and the rest did not matter then the Belinea 102035W 20.1" Widescreen LCD Monitor would be a good choice and is cheaper than the dell and has a better picture, but if you want the best of the best then the NEC MultiSync® LCD20WGX2 20.1" Widescreen would be the one to go far and thats also cheaper than dell (when bought from dell direct)
  9. -CsA-TAZ


    I was thinking the same, I sure the game will play in both DX9 and DX10 otherwise how/why would they show you the difference in quality, and why would the recommend two non DX10 cards?
  10. Depends on what you call cheap, but yea its got to be bettet than what you have now! but no where near as nice as the 1950 pro!
  11. Yea this post should change it to 667 now LOL, The 8800 is the right choice for you for sure, it should last you a while and if you have the same monitor as be then like me you don't really need the the GTX unless you like to have it just for the bilng factor, I will wait however until the likes of Crysis comes out and there is a wider choice of cards and reviews for them, i don't play any game that my PC cant play @ high res (1680X1050) and high candy on BF2, far cry, fear, COD2, and BF2 2142 all play fine on what i have, but DX 10 games and card sure do look promising, and whilst I cant wait, I'd be a fool to rush in when i have a good card right now! Every thing else you need is mostly down to you preference, i like the P180 case its cool and quiet but just a little to big, but it keeps the dust out and has load of room etc, memory again its down to your budget but you would do well to beat ADATA for speed value and OC ability, but thats for what they cost in the UK, over the USA may differ! As for the Mobo well i believe that the Gigabyte, and Abit offer good value for money for the likes of me, and modest OC ability too, but for the enthusiast here, they will have the DFI R600 MoBo when its out for sure but I'm not really in to big OC's so this one will do me fine,and its a nice looking board!
  12. here's what I use, it does the job very well, not ocing right now cos just dont feel the need, it does everthing just fine without the OC! People that always want more will never be happy! wont be getting a DX card until the games that I want to play comes out whats the point! welcome to DFI street btw!
  13. I would Ebay ur/his 7600GS and get the 7900GTO, this is a fantastic card for the money even if you don't over clock it, much faster than all 7900GT's that cost around the £200 in the UK that is, it has a better HSF than the GTs as well! and the 7900GTO can be bought for around £150 to £180 here! half the price of the 7900GTX and only 5% slower! P.S what PSU does he have? and the full system while ur at it?
  14. Both made by seasonic so as far as quilty goes should be the same however not clear on what Amps are on the seasonic 12V rails, oh and they have four of those compared to 3 on the 620!
  15. Hi, and welcome to DFI street, I would not worry to much about the timings but the actual speed is important if you want to OC, I am using ADATA, which was a bit unknown to me at the time but after a little research i was more than happy to take the chance, they overclock well, A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s No.2 DRAM memory module provider and fourteenth on Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands in 2006, they are really good bang for the money! In a recent memory mega test the Vitesta DDR2 1000+ came out on top, contenders were G.skill, OZC,Super Talent, Corsair C5D Dominator. and just about every other brand you can think of,this was done buy Custom PC, issue 038/November 2006, speed wise they were all exactly the same, whilst the OC ability varied the overall bang for buck was ADATA, the was not alot in it performance wise but a big difference to your pocket! I would recomemend any of the brands that are mostly use by members here with the exception of Cruciul Ballistix, but as for me @ the time the ADATA was the cheapest by some £60 and is as good as anything out there! P.S get anything 800MHz or better for your OC'ing,
  16. Nice, just ordered it should arrive tomorrow, I nearly got the Asus PW201, but it was £60 to £80 more and only slightly better picture quality, did not realize that the 207WFP had all the same connections as the 24 inch version, so happy to have found it @ the right price!
  17. Thinking of getting this monitor, I know alot of you have them so what are the like? Is the 16ms response time a problem? will be using it for gaming and surfing the net, not for DVD movies or anything like that, so shall I go for it?. they are less than £300 over here @ the mo, and thats £100 cheaper than buying it straight from dell! or is there better out there for the same money? what i really appeals to me about this monitor is the fact i can now plug my xbox 360 straight in which is cool!
  18. I think that the 360 is an amazing bit of kit for the money and the graphics are as good as any thing i have seen on the PC and all ready using DX10, so what if its not pumping out 200 FPS its look fantastic on any HD large screen TV you be very hard pushed to get any sort of PC that can do what the 360 can for the same money or double even! And I wont be buying a PS3 this time round but I will miss game like MGS and Gran Turismo for sure, but I'm sure one of my M8s will get one!
  19. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=CA-016-OC http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=MB-017-DF http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....rodid=MY-037-CR I would advise buying the memory from Crucial them selfs!
  20. The Belinea 10 20 35W, The only other WS TFT to beat this for picture quality was the NEC Multisync 20WGX2 but that was £370 uk pounds and the Belinea 10 20 35W is only £250, i also liked the ASUS PW201 and the Viewsonic VX2235WM, which i nearly bought, all these beat the DELL Ultra Sharp 2007WFP for picture Quality except for the Viewsonic VX2235WM!
  21. LOL why is that? Will it limit my ability to play games or even switch it on? Hmm seem to have managed quite well without knowing so.............! As far as games go yes I agree, but My E6600 can do all your FX60 can @ stock and for half the price, and it does most if not all other non gaming thing way faster! LOL I have had AMD for the last 3 years M8 and tbh dont really see your point here, this isn’t a fan boy pitch, simple pointing out that Quad core won't do much if anything to improve your gaming score, and it would be better to get urself two 8800 if you want big gains in gaming performance, but as you pointed out you have a need for Quad core let that be that, but as for C2D falling hard? Who are you trying to kid, I had AMD 64 4400+ before this, M8 so I will enjoy the crown for a long time yet! P.S, Sorry for offending you it was not my intention! I shall say no more!
  22. Not saying its a waste M8 but if its gaming is what you build ur PC for as it main priority then quad core will add nothing more, as did dual core, with the new drivers games do benifit a bit in performance, but not in the same way Unreal Tournament 2007 will take advantage of dual core! E.g the new QX6700 will not beat the X6800 in any FPS benchmark, but it will be alot faster @ decoding stuff and the thing you have all ready mentioned!
  23. 6 to 8 months? We are 18 months into dual core and how many games have been written to take full you of dual core? less than 5, as for multi tasking, lol is that all, and if you were to close all them down how many more FPS do you think you would get? If you want to play 2 games at the same time then quad core will be just the job, or maybe some video production studio stuff, other wise quad core will have very little impact over single or dual core in most applications, so when you get your Quad core and you dont get any extra FPS or better 3D/06 scores dont say I did tell ya, P.S what does FYI mean? And what disadvantage do ya thing Intel have over what you have?
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