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  1. I have them and is well happy with them! wish i had the room for 5.1 although i would not get to use them much as i mostly use me head set!
  2. Ok not looking for the BIG OC here just a quiet PC, I have a P180 case with 4 fans and it is a little loud, I would like to remove some of them, just want to start with the CPU for now and proceed to the GPU later depending on the price, as this is all new to me I think I would feel better with a kit, what brands are considered good and what ones are bad and should avoid @ all cost, I have read one of the many guides and got some sort of idea, just don't know what one will do for me, as long as the temps are not any worse than the on air I will be happy!
  3. I have to disagree with you the M8, I believe that the GTS is great up to 1680 X 1050 or 1600 X 1200 even with all the eye candy on, its @ 1920 X 1200 you will start to see the difference in the two cards, even my 1900XT could run max res and eye candy on my system IMO!
  4. Well if your going to go down that road then maybe C2D E6300 would be a better option! a fantastic CPU even if you don't OC ur PC!
  5. That could be along wait, as it has been already, ASUS has loads of superior Intell Conroe mobo and also great OC'ers, the competition is huge out there all ready and I feel that DFI has been to slow of the mark and will suffer as a result of this, I wont be buying one just for the sake of it thats for sure! As for the 4400 upgrade, then yes M8 go for it as it is well worth it and went from a 4000+ and noticed the difference straight away even in games M8!
  6. Well this sucks! I have be overwhelmed by the help here, it been to much to take in!
  7. Hi, got no replies to my last post so I will try again, got a new 8800 GTS in my system and now for some reason I cant play some games over 1152 X 864 resolution, so far the only game that will go above this is far cry, BF 2142 wont nor will C&C Zero Hour, any ideas as to why not? Got the latest drivers!
  8. Hi, just installed my ASUS 8800GTS and I can seem to get above 1152 X 864 resolution in the games I have played, BF2142 and C&C ZH, I have uninstalled all the ATi drivers and used DC pro as well, installed the latest drivers and still cant do above 1152 X 864, what do I need to do? what up? will run 3D/06 thou
  9. Yea, and maybe a Snap Shot if pos? what driver version are you using?
  10. Thank you, that was most helpful, i have decided to go with the GTS for now, tbh i was quite happy with my 1900XT but I got an offer i could not refuse, so upgrading to an GTS is not going to cost me too much, and I would like to see what ATi offers after Xmas, not that i will be upgrading again, but will give me something else to dream about!
  11. With the exeption of Oblivion which i dont have yet, @ the res i mention could you live with the GTS, as my wallet is pulling me towards the GTS but obviously I would like to have the GTX but i just wonder if will give me much over the GTS, cos if i understand correctly @ high res is when the two cards start to pull apart in performance!
  12. Need to know what you people think, I can only play @ 1680 X 1050 MAX, so with this in mind what should I get? Would the GTX be wasted @ these resolutions, would the extra power benefit me more in the future, dont intend to get a new card for a year or more, so want to get it right first time!
  13. I dont believe that any single 7900GT Oc'ed can hit any where near 15000 in 3D/05not even if put it with a C2D @ 4.0GHz, but i have been wrong before! :eek:
  14. Hi, I have the 1900XT which i have just sold to make way for and upgrade some time soon, it does the job @ the mo but going to be in the same boat as you and I would not settle for anything less than the 8800 GTS, i have seen these for £299 in the UK and the 1950 are not much less, although you may not need a DX10 card it dont hurt to have one that will last a little longer as far as the next upgrade goes, and tbh the 8800 GTS will handle higher resolutions better than the 1950XT-X I would think!
  15. Just replaced my MX1000 laser with cos it was playing up, got a G7 now, its ok!
  16. Same here, XBOX 360 is as good as it gets!
  17. What are you using to OC ur card with anyway?
  18. So you dont like 3D/06/05/03 etc what ever, I don't think you dont have a clue what your talking about, bragging rights? don't need 3D/06 score to brag, most people on here with just half a brain can take one look @ your sig and work out what your system is capable of, so every one here except you, uses 3D/05 or 06 every time they make changes to there system weather it be new hardware new driver or what ever some will run fear some will do AM3 some will do every benchie there is, I as for low FPS in a game? who? not me M8, so who? wtf you talking about? That you don't need to run a benchie to know your PC is badass? well good for you and have a nice day!
  19. I see, so what resolution do you play @ then? I only use 1680 X 1050 as that is my max, its not about the money its about weather on not the GTX would have any benifit to me @ those res over the GTS, I suppose @ this point its a no, but when crysis comes out then it may be different, I guess the smart thing to do is wait for crysis to come out 1st then see how these cards fair... as for now the 1900XT plays all my game with good FPS and high eye candy! Thx anyway Ok M8 nice one!
  20. Nice scores M8, wonder what the GTX would be like in ur system :drool: Just wish ATI move there butt with the R600 and then maybe the price will start to drop!! P.s Would it be to much trouble to ask you to run the 3D/06 @ stock defaults? Pls? :cool: and post back! We may not be able to get hold of DX10 stuff yet via our PC but the XBOX360 have had it for how long? So you can bet that software developers have some version of it to work with! A benchmark is a benchmark don't matter if its your favourite game or 3D/06 everything you have just said applies regardless of what you use to bench with so if yours M8 scores less than you then that shows the difference between his and yours does it not? Well it what you just said isn't it! So how can that not be accurate? So how do you know that his ain't faster than yours? You can’t tell just by looking @ them can you? Whilst it may not tell the whole story most of us use it to compare with, its also a requirement for the OCDB when making and entry, so it may not show you anything but it tells me the difference in this case between my card and his card as we have same CPU for me its perfect way to show the difference between my 1900XT and his 8800GTS and from this I would say I don’t need the GTX as I believe the GTS would give me the same FPS or close to that of the GTX @ the resolutions I play @!
  21. This is a myth, I have never had a driver problem with ATI or Nvidia both good cards both make awsome cards, but here today and right now the 7900GTO is the best bang for the money, but if the 1900XT was the same price then the ATI might just edge it for me, to say one is better than the other is just complete rubbish as the tables turn so often, nvidia today ATI tomorrow its just a never ending cycle and the only thing you should consider is which is given you the best bang for your money on the day of purchase, cos after that there is aways going to be a better card to get!
  22. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to do the same but with the GTS? :angel:
  23. You seem to miss the point here, 3D/06 is a universal benchmark used by every one I would say, to compare one system to another, after all not all of us have fear and other games but 3D/06 we can all get hold of, as for DX10 what’s that got to do with it? did not stop anyone rush out to get an 8800 card did it, I want to know how the GTS performs in comparison to the GTX and as technodanvan has both cards then he is in the best position to show us how the match up using 3D/06 as we can all related to that! Yes I know all about the 16XAA and 16XAF but no benchis is going to show me this quailty etc, but the gts can do this too but how well? We will have to wait for 3D/07 to get a better picture of what the new DX10 cards can do I guess but for now 3D/06 is still good as any thing to show us the difference between the two cards, after all I cant play above 1650X1050 so it would be nice to know if owning a GTX is overkill for me or not as Im sure the GTS would do just fine as is my 1900XT is for the games I have to day, but with Vista around the corner and crysis due in the 1st quater of 2007 will it do then? Would it be too much trouble to ask you to do the same but with the GTS? :angel:
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