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  1. If you get some glasses then you may be able to read better, and/or lay of the beer, what it actually says is; And it does not rule out any SINGLE CARD SETUP! not that anybody was talking about the OCZ Powerstream 600w in the first place................, apart from you!
  2. I have the P180 and I also had the Antec nine hundred when that came out and I have to say I was disappointed with it overall, its not as well made as the P180 in terms of usefulness and far less room, there were no dust covers and it was more nosey than the P180, but it did look great but it had to go, the P180 with the 3 fans on low are silent and when first booting up it makes no noise @ all, until the GPU warms up, I do like the look of the second one but I have no place to show off such a case, the P190 should be out soon which is even more useful than the first one and would make a good buy! (I hope) Actully it dont block the air flow and if you took the time to do your home work you know why, and it also has three 120mm fans with three settings and even on low it is cool and Quiet and dust filters to boot and you can also add one more too create a wind tunnel that passes over your GPU depending on you MoBo layout!
  3. If its gaming you do most then getting a 8800GTX would be the best upgrade, but the C2D is a worthy upgrade if you can get good money for your old stuff, I was lucky as I got £600 for my old Mobo CPU and ram, and it only cost me £500 for my mobo cpu and ram, but thats eBay for ya! The overall difference is unreal, my setup can match an FX60 with 8800GTX in any benchie that i have run so far so there is quiet a difference in the CPUs, but I have to say if you run @ higher resolutions then the difference in the cards will be more obvious, so as you have a 24" Dell then a Conroe and 8800GTX would be the Ideal setup!
  4. Have you checked that ALL the power modules are plugged into the Mobo? I once managed to forget to plug one back in after doing something and was 100% sure it was anything but that, shock horror when I discovered that it was unplugged, however I am also having problems getting games to run @ 1680 X 1050 for some reason i dont get the option in games to select 1680 X1050 in the video options, COD2 is fine so is FARCRY but both BF2 and 2142 wont play higher than 1280 x 1024, C&C ZH would play fine @ 1440 X 900 with my ATI 1900XT but will only play @ 1152 X 864 now, Im hoping its a driver issue too but not holding my breath, getting really pissed off with it as must you be, hope you get it sorted soon! P.S try looser ram timmings like 3-3-3-8, or 3-4-4-8 also try stock everything, you may just need to start over!
  5. But your not sharing anything are you, as you asked the question that you alone was in the best position to answer, you have the two card, so that makes you kind of stupid if your unable to work this out for your self IMO, and this has not turned into a discussion more of a competition on based on biased opinions rather than fact about which card they THINK is better based on things they have read or just because they have one there selves and the simple fact at the end of the day is ATI and NVIDIA both make EXECELLENT cards, this month NVIDIA are on top tomorrow it might be ATI again and that’s how the story goes!
  6. They are vista drivers are they not? And yes i did use DC pro, even tried reinstalling the games! still the same though!
  7. As I said I have no idea, every bit of software reports it different, but the card is showing 55c with the fan on 80% dont know what its hitting whilst benching but will try more things 2morow!
  8. Well i have not had any crashes but i am having trouble playing some game @ 1680 X 1050, the option just dont seem to be there, E.g. C&C ZH & BF2 will only play @ 1280 X1024 or less, where as far cry and COD2 play @ 1650 X 1050 with everything maxed out with no problems, so far not sure it its a driver issue with the card or with the monitor but its . me off for sure!!:mad:
  9. Is that so, so how come my OC'ed 8800GTS with conroe beats an FX60 with a OC'ed 8800GTX in three different benchies? only in high resolutions does the CPU make little if any difference in FPS @ all! just to make the point clear, if all i did was play games @ 1280 X 1024 then i could sing and dance all night about how good my set up is but when it comes down to 1900 x 1200 or what ever it is then the 8800 GTX is going to highlight the difference between the power of the cards never mind what CPU it has (within reason) so AMD and Intel are not quiet the same @ all its just you want notice the difference so much @ high resolutions! or was that what yiou meant?
  10. If you have both cards why don't you do the leg work for your self instead of wasting everybody’s time? If you have both cards then you’re in the best position to tell us which card works best instead of causing all this fan boy bollox!
  11. FFS why does . like this always turn to fanboy warfare? both good card end of story, and 12000 3d/05 can easy be reached with an XT @ stock as I recall but that will depend on the rest of the hardware in use, depending on what games you play and how much eye candy you like should determine what card you should get and ATI does all that in its stride with out drop in much drop in FPS dont know about the GTO cos i never had one, but tbh i would just toss a coin because there ain't nothing in it!
  12. The Adata is as good as you can get, it not a bad price either but its going up all the time, should drop a little after Xmas, and yes i do know but have never found the need to use it yet, To unlock Memory timings page, press Ctrl + F1 on main BIOS screen, as you have the same dell screen as me then the GTS is all you need, the gtx would be better no doubt but @ the same time it would be OTT for most games @ 1680 X 1050 but some games do push it hard @ default clocks but that is soon helped along when you start to OC it, im sure i can get more out of it too!
  13. Not tried yet tbh, only had a play with it today took about 7 goes to get it to to finish 3D/05 it kept crashing @ the cpu test so increased the volts till it was stable, jumped straight in @ 400 x 9 and went from there, not primed it yet, will do that over night! it seems quiet happy @ 3.6 with 1.425V don't know what the temps are yet but all in good time, time to do some BF2 now!
  14. Ok thought I would post some benchies as this is the first time that i have had to play around with my hardware, cant believe that this set up can match or even beat a FX60 and 8800GTX combo, fooking awsome lol CPU @ 3.6 and the GPU @ 600/800 http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b378/tibbsy/BENCHMARKS.jpg
  15. when choosing a PSU I alway get more than you need by @ least 100 watts cause you never know what you will add to your system next!
  16. ahhhh I see lol, why didn't you say so P.S the PSU is fine for what you run now, but if your going to get a new PSU then just as well get the best you can afford, the Corsair HX 620W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Compliant PSU is obviously my choice, its built to last and has more than enough amps and watts to see me thru the next few years, had I bought the 520 version I'm sure it would have been false economy in the long run, so spend now and save in the long term!
  17. Not being funny just speaking my mind but how the hell can we answer that? i dont know what ur case is or how big it is etc, there is only one way to find out!
  18. Yea that would be cool for us the consumer but them greedy fookers won't ave it!
  19. Yep the are few and far between in the UK too, however if you cant get one on ebay then maybe you should settle for an X1950XT 256MB, from what I can gather is a damm fast card for the money, or maybe the 7900 GTO which is also very good value for your money and more widely available!
  20. Well tbh M8 @ the resolution's we play @ then I feel that would be OTT that’s why I did not get the GTX although some games like call of duty 2 could do with a few more FPS that said I get avg 50 FPS with every thing MAXED out, and I have not started to OC it yet! It only cost me £100 to change my GPU and I only lost £40 on my XT so it was a good time to make the change for me, and I am very pleased with it so far! Wish I knew what temps it was running @ thou!
  21. Well me and my M8 had the exact same hardware and tbh the only difference was the GPU he had the 1950 xtx and I had the 1900 xt, his was @ stock and my card was @ 675/1800 and in 3d/05 he only scored 200 points more than me, but the GTS blows both away in 3d/05 and more so in 3d/06, I know benchies are not everything but still they should give you a general idea!
  22. They are all NVIDIA reference boards so they are all exactly the same at this moment, so it should boil down to the best value for money package! I picked my GTS up for less than the price of a ATi 1950 XT-X, and upgraded from a 1900XT, and all I can say its awesome, way better than the 1900XT in every department and I loved that card @ the time, it can do 1680 X 1050 but in some games it would struggle to get playable high FPS with all the eye candy on but the 1900 XT if you can get them are great value for money, and if you can live with out the high eye candy you will be pleased with the 1900XT but if you have the cash then 8800GTS would be a great buy too, however the R600 should be out in the 1st Q of 2007 and rumor is that it will take two 8800 GTX in SLi to keep up the flagship card, but like I said that’s just a rumor!
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