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  1. Hmm that’s the price you pay for rushing in Im afraid, I know im paying it now with Vista 64 lol, but remember that NVIDIA did not get there NF2 chipset quite right and the same with ATi's first chipset, it a new challenge for NVIDIA to take on Intel in the chipset market and Im sure they will get it right @ some point as the did with the NF3/4 on the AMD platform but here and now its the Intel that’s the more mature one, It seems to me that for the money you can pick up the DFI 975X/G Mobo for right now , it has to be one of the best buys around for £80 or less in the Uk if you can still get hold of one , with the choice of CF or SLi and decent OC'ing don't see how you can go wrong IMO! Good luck! P.S what 3D/06 score are you get @ stock on that lot you have? my M8 has the same kit as me except he has the GTX and the Evga 680i Mobo and can only score 8600 which is only 100 more than me @ stock everything, and we are yet to find out why!!!
  2. When you say that the P965 is crappy and lacks performance, do you actually have any evidence to support this? cos I just pmsl @ that statement, every review I have ever read regarding Mobo's tells me that the is not anything between them as far as performance goes, and that includes an Arock Mobo which is as cheap as chips that out performed a DFI Mobo in one or two test, but as we all know the is more to a Mobo than that, and what’s @ the top of most DIY Street Members list is how well it OC's and the only thing that changes as far as performance goes, and then its all about features and quality components, and most P965 Mobo fits the bill! And its 965P not P965
  3. Have you taken a Screen shot? cos when I did it was not running @ what I patched it to, it filled my screen but was running @ 640 x 400 or what ever it was!!
  4. Nor me, but this one will! http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum...opic.php?t=8072 Its the second post down!
  5. No such worries here M8, where did you hear that?
  6. Dont judge this MoBo by my OC'ing skills, I'm in the 75% of people who are not like you in wanting to OC the nuts of My system + I don't have the fine tuning skills required:sad: , I went straight to 3.6, 400 X 9 and have not push my luck as it seemed a bit to easy and to good to be true, but the point I was making is that other manufactures are making MoBo that now have all the options that we were accustomed too with DFI, times have changed and even ASUS make good OC'ing boards from what I have been reading and seeing @ http://www.futuremark.com/community/halloffame/3dmark06/ who holds the No 1 spot in 3D mark 06 with a score of 23694 on a ASUS MoBo:rolleyes:
  7. But your not using C2D are you! But i have just found one from when i had AMD 4400X2 @ 2.6 for ya! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2231636 LMK if it works http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b378/tib...mark05score.jpg http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b378/tibbsy/BENCHMARKS.jpg
  8. so why are you asking for then?
  9. DFI might have been the trend setters as far as 939 Mobo went but they are way behind the rest of manufactures right now, and whilst this forum is the best about, it don’t really make a good argument for holding out for the DFI Mobo which most likely be out of date already if it ever gets released, the argument for DFI Mobo being the best Oc’ing you can buy are long gone now, the competition is far better than it have ever been and right now DFI are no where to be seen on the Intel side of things, which is a shame! or not!
  10. Well not really both products are new from the ground up and both will no doubt have driver issues that will have different effects on different games and the same with newer Mobo, things seem to be moving faster and faster in the hardware world right now and they seem to bring out new products before new drivers for the previous Mobo!
  11. Well Im happy the your 3D mark score has improved but what about FPS in Oblivion? did they improve? Careful when tinkering with your memory as this can make you OC'ing become very unstable, loose timmings equals more CPU MHz equals better FPS, trial and error im afraid!
  12. here we go again! the internet is your friend, do your home work and work it out for your self cos asking people on here just seems to start fanboy warfare, both ATI and Nvdia make the best cards on the planet, oh wait a mo they are the only ones that make them! the 7900 GTO would be my choice but then again the 1900XT is very nice too! toss a coin M8!
  13. I very much doubt that Oc'ing your CPU will give you anything much in terms of FPS after all you just went to SLI and only got 6 FPS more, you really need to do a combination of things OC ur CPU the best you can, and OC your GPU the best you can, and turn your settings down to half, its a big ask for your system to improve the FPS in Oblivion on most systems including mine! any other game you would probably been very happy with your upgrade and its performance, but Oblivion requires huge GPU power to be seen in all its glory, so dont feel to disappointed M8!
  14. Not quite true but I know where your coming from, so I will try and put another way! Its all about balance, and regardless of weather you Multi task or not there are nice benefits to using a dual core platform, with the system you have already jumping from what you have to a next generation GPU or in your case the next next generation GPU would not so much be a waste of money but to get the best out of it you really should have a better CPU to even things up a little, if I was you I would be thinking along the lines of saving up for a C2D system, but if that’s not an option then for today’s games 2 gig of ram should be your 1st upgrade and then your GPU and then ur CPU, changing ur CPU first wont improve your gaming experience by much @ all if any as the GPU is ur weakest link @ the mo and any card you choose will make a big difference to your experience
  15. 1st off MS is already rich as fook and all because they did something nobody else did, or did as well, I find it sad as fook all this talk about something or nothing, if you dont like it don't buy it, its as simple as that, even those who fooking steal it have the fooking cheek to moan about MS this and that, lets all moan cos FORD BMW ETC have made a new car cos they know someone will buy it and then they will be rich from etc, this is the way of the world im afraid like it or lump it, all the people here that are moaning about HDCP? Well if everybody paid for there stuff instead of downloading it free and most cases illegal then there would not be a need for anything to be protected, Hell I know I have locks on my doors @ my home to stop scum from stealing the things I have worked hard for ffs, If I like Vista I will buy it, if I don’t then I wont its that simple, I would like to thank Microsoft for making my PC experience a pleasant one, and parting with £50 to £100 every 4 to 5 years or whatever hardly breaks the bank does it, and if Microsoft get filthy rich from it then I take my hat of to them cos I wish I had thought of it 1st or something else that could make me rich as fook! But that life get over it! Nope nor me, Nice one dr_bowtie well said and I total agree with ya bro!
  16. As always it depends on what you do with your PC, from a gaming POV then nope not really needed, if however you plan to run Vista and do heavy video or photo editing then yep 4 gig would help, not sure if XP will show more than 3 gig of ram, and not sure if that means you will only be using 3 gig of ram or what? sure someone will shead some light on that for ya!
  17. -CsA-TAZ


    you walk up to them and press F, I would love to tell you where or were but where or were is the fun in that
  18. One rail will power ur CPU and Mobo and the other rail will power your GPU and the rest of your kit!
  19. Well I have read all the post here and TBH if you cant stretch your budget then you wont go far wrong with the OCZ ModStream 520w ATX2.2 Power Supply if you can still get where you live, they are £60 in the UK, the hyper 580 is also solid PSU but I have always understood that the are more expensive in the USA than in the UK, they are also made in the UK and have a good reputation over here!
  20. well duuh :eek: , you did fooking ask :confused: , dispite the being a massive sticky with a massive list of recomended PSU yet you still have to ask? DOH!
  21. I really dont think it makes any difference, and its not if you can request a certain stepping in most cases, they all OC very well!
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