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  1. Because 3DMark05 doesn't show the difference between Quads and Duals, therefore it's CPU test is useless...


    and my latest 3Dmark05 score (I think that's what you're refering to, no clue) is: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=3292376 ~~ 21966... and now I have to go redo my signature since someone got anal about it being a little over the 50k size limit ;) lol


    So why are you posting 3D benchies then? this what i don't understand, thread you started is all about your quad CPU :confused:

  2. When comparing graphics performance few people run the CPU tests as they are not needed nor have any impact on the score produced.


    I agree. 3d06 is a much better indicator of performance for multiple processor CPUs.


    I agree, but we all no what the 8800's can do, and like you say CPU test has little inpact on the score which makes me wonder why the 3D benchies in the first place, and kinda think that the main reseaon for the thread was about the Quad CPU and I was then intrested to see what inpact it had in 3D bench mark compared to dual core and single core's, I also get the impression that the reason for buying the QX6850 over the Q6600 was to be able to inprove game play in

    "FEAR, Oblivion, Dark Messiah and other games" mind you not sure what benifit fear would have :rolleyes: so i found it odd that no CPU test was completed thats all, anyway.... :D

  3. Hey guys, although I'm new to the forum I'm not new at all to building computers. Unfortunately as of late I haven't been able to keep up with technology as much (back to school and work). Anyway I'm putting together a new rig and any input on my setup would be appreciated.


    Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT NF590 SLI-M2R (Price limit $150ish)


    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (Price limit $180ish)


    Video Card: eVGA e-Geforce 8800GTS (Price limit $300)


    Ram: 2x OCZ Technology OCZ2G8001G (Price limit $120)


    Hard Drives: Seagate 15,000rpm 73.4Gb + additional large (250gb+) hd for storage


    Sound Card: Need reccomendations.


    What do you guys think, I need your input! Are there any downfalls with going AMD over pentium? I had one back in the day but it overheated like a ***. I heard they fixed those problems now so I'm willing to give them another chance. Also, I'm worried about the lack of ram on the 8800GTS. The GTS only has 320mb of ram. However, the GTX has 728 (or close to that) anyway, I would really like a card with 512mb of ram because of crysis/bioshock, but the price difference is outrageous. $270 vs. $500. Is it really worth the extra 250+ for the GTX?


    *I am interested in minor OCing, as in 200-800mhz or so. Please keep this in mind as it will be an air cooled case and I would like quality but not insanely expensive components. I came to DIY-Street because a friend of mine built a rig with some help from you guys and it absolutely raped everything else. I hope to replicate his build experiance...



    First off, there are two versions of the 8800GTS 320mb and 640MB, which one to get depends on usage, but the 640MB one would be more long term investment i would think.


    Second, C2D is the only way to go when building new M8 simple as, they OC much better with very little effort with the right MoBo, im no expert @ OC'ing but even I hit 3.6 with ease, Not that there is anything wrong with AM2, but it just cant compete with the C2D at most things, not just games!

  4. Ah the glory of a credit card...


    And check this monkey crap out: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=3288896


    3.33GHz, I have no idea if it's too awefully stable, but it sure did run 3DMark05 like butter...


    Air cooler handled it well too, didn't get above around 40C... course never using more than 50% of two of the four cores each, don't surprise me... I'll clock it back down and begin testing for real stability at stock in a bit... Orthos here I come.


    Is there some special procedure for Orthos with Quad Cores?



    3DMark Score

    (3DMarks) 18024 (My score)


    21039 (yours)


    CPU Score

    (CPUMarks) 12756 (My score)


    Not enough CPU tests run ?


    Why did you not run any CPU test? and maybe 3D/06 would be a more intresting benchie with the Q core?



    Compare URL: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2457410

    Compare URL: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=835580

  5. As stated in the title :)


    I have a Samsung 226BW @ 1680x1050


    Decided to sell my bro's 4+ yr old rig; sell him my sigrig and buy a new one for myself. Gonna get the Q6600 off mwave so no CPU bottleneck issues.


    The GTS will do you fine M8, to many people spend more than the need just for the high bench mark score they crave, my system is 7 months old now at it does everything that I need it to do, and I hope it will in the future, not a lot of games that will trouble the GTS, tbh I have played about with resolutions and eye candy, and a lot of the time I fail to notice any improvements good or bad, only oblivion challenges my system so far!

  6. there's no reason to get a Core2 for gaming as it won't make much difference (games utilize the gpu more than anything now)


    a 4400+, a 165 Opteron, heck even a 3800+ dual core is a good choice.


    your 320MB 8800 will work just fine with Quake but the Ultra settings might be a bit too much (depends on your monitor resolution)


    Agreed, too many people here worry more about benchmarks than the games you play, at the end of the day when you’re immersed in the game you don't get time to notice how wonderful the graphics look, but that could just be me of coarse, what ever your upgrade is it should be for the better right, and benchmarks don’t always show it, when I changed from an 1900XT to the 8800GTS and run a benchmark, I was not that impressed, in fact was gutted that I paid all that money just for a few hundred points more, but in real games it was a much more rewarding!

  7. with a 24 inch moniter then the GTX would be the better choice, but that said, it still depends on what games you play, im happy with the performance of the GTS and it OC very well too, as for the cpu being a bottle neck? it wont play a big part in FPS @ high res no matter what cpu you have, C2D or AMD nothing in it at all, so get the best you can afford for long term enjoyment :D

  8. I can OC my GTS to 635 and I have way more stuff than you seem to have in your sig, and that’s with my CPU @ 3.6, I would be more inclined to believe that you have reach your MAX OC, not all cards are the same, I can't get past 635 whilst others have and can, drop down the OC on the CPU first, then try the OC on the card, then start your CPU OC again, Its not likely to be the PSU M8, unless its broken!!

  9. Hmm well I fior one is not all that happy with my 8800, don't get me wrong its is a powerful card, but its hard for me to get all my games to run @ high resolutions, don't know if its a driver issue or lack of support from games, I know having widescreen don't help, but my 1900XT did not suffer like this, E.g C&C ZH will only run @ 1152 X 864, but with the 1900XT 1440 X 900 or something close to that was possible, I am relying on WS hacks @ the moment to be able to play BF2 & 2142, R6, to play @ 1680 X 1050, COD2 and Oblivion seem to run fine though!

  10. I may be wrong, but I don't thing the BF2 game engine supports wide-screen resolutions. 2142 is a modified version of the BF2 engine so no support there either. The hack you speak of is the only way I know of to get them into a wide mode.


    Nope you’re right, but with the ATI 1900 XT I could @ least do 1280 X 1024, so what I am saying is what ever the worse case scenario was with the 8800, my 1900 could always do higher resolutions, which leaves me gutted! I hope that new patches or drivers put this right, I have not heard of anyone else complain about this so seems to be just me! Sucks :sad:



    That's a very odd thing. I'm inclined to agree with the crappy BIOS idea. But it's a little difficult to say that a card that still isn't released yet has better functioning drivers than the already released for a few months nvidia card.


    In any case, we'll see.



    Not sure I follow:confused:

  11. ::Clears her throat loudly:: as I said, Doom3, along with some of the other games mentioned, can go HIGHER than 4X IN GAME. Which is why I said it. Doom3 specifically can do 16x.


    And I've done it. And THraxz is right, that's some smooth crap man LOL


    Ok you may have missed my point here, but the ATI is new generation hardware made with DX10 in mind, as is the 8800 cards, and a sweet as they are unfortunately the cant seem to support the resolutions in some of my games as the 1900 XT I had before it could, E.g. in C&C ZH with the ATi card I could do 1440 X 900, now with the 8800 I can only do 1152 X 864, this is also the case with BF2 & 2142, I have to use a WS hack to get them to run @ 1680 X 1050, so I am hoping this is to do with the drivers not being mature and I was guessing that this might be the same scenario @ the benches for the R600 in this thread!

  12. Page 9. Again with a game I hate, moving on. Wait, again I must state, Half-Life 2 has these "ridiculous" graphics according to some people, fully capable of a higher level AA, so why the heck didn't they use it?


    May be for the same reason that all the games I have won't give you the choice to go above X8 AA, yes you can force it via the Nvidia control panel and thru ATI CCC, but who is to say it was used ETC, don't see much point in that link full stop, in time we will know how good it is!

  13. I have looked @ this link http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...5&postcount=190 to see what runs and what don't and for some reason there are things on there that I can’t get to work, like 3d/05/06 and BF2 etc, would this have anything to do with using an 8800GTS? I am using driver version 100.30 from http://www.guru3d.com/, I have also followed the other instructions with success /set work for me not –set

  14. Windows Vista SP1(codenamed Fiji) hotfixes appear on Microsoft's site

    vistasp1.net has posted links to six hotfixes set to appear in Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) codenamed Fiji.

    All six fixes can be obtained via Microsoft Support if you can prove that you are indeed having the problem listed.

    The site links directly to Microsoft KB articles that describe each problem in Vista.


    929734 - You may experience problems after you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation




    I have had this one every time, even after disabling it in the CP it still does it, so now i just have to put up with a screen saver or just switch my monitors off!

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