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  1. I have an Ultra-D but no longer have the box and do not recall which version of SATA it supports. Will this work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822144417
  2. Thats how it works on every other motherboard on the face of the planet. Most motherboards are shipped with it in the clear position. Anyway, my computer is working with different memory now. Going to test the mushkin warranty now I suppose.
  3. Havent done anything to the computer in 2 months. I placed the cmos jumper in the flash position, turned the computer on, turned it off, put it back, and turned it on, and still received same error. Placed 1 stick of ram in all 4 slots. Did not work. Am now pulling ram from this computer to try. Will update after I have this one on again..
  4. My computer has been working for about 3 months fine with minimal problems but today when I restarted it it randomly decided to stop working. I have 3 red lights. What does this mean?
  5. Any idea when dfi.com is going to be up again? I need to download a new bios. I have not been able to go to www.dfi.com for a few days now. They had some jsp errors earlier, and now, nothing.
  6. How do I increase my ram voltage over 3.2? I think I read somewhere that it was done with JP17. However, I do not know where my manual is and www.dfi.com seems to still be down. I apologize in advance for something that I should already know and/or be able to look up.
  7. Well, I feel dumb. The cause for the slow down was my video card settings. I forgot that about 4 weeks ago I played Anarchy Online and manually have my vid card force various settings like 16x aniso and 8x AA. These were carried over into the 3dmark05 test. I restored my vid card back to defaults and now scored 7779. I also increased the juice to my LDT and chipset. Tomorow I will resume inching the cpu up. Currently at 227 fsb. I will likely hit a stability problem again. I was unable to go past about 230 within acceptable voltage to the cpu. In all likelihood it was the underpowered ram causing the problem. I read an article somewhere where someone with my same setup increased the LDT and chipset voltage to increase stability of ram. Although he also had his ram voltage at 3.6 which I cant reach until I do the jumper.
  8. I got home today from work very excited because my 2x512 mushkin redline pc4000 arrived. This was to replace the junk ram in my sig. Using my junk 2x256 @ 2.5 3 3 7 (taken from a random dell), I managed a 7778 3dmark05. After my "upgrade", I scored 5477. Now, this is at 3.2V and the memory is meant to have 3.3 to 3.5. Even though it is .1 volt under spec, I would have thought stability would be my issue far more than the complete performance drop. Any ideas?
  9. Yeah its deflinately not perfect. It ignores the overhead associated with different configurations, but is a pretty good way to think about.
  10. Why are you doing 220 x 10 on a 3700? You are needlessly stressing your ram and probably losing performance at the same time. Stock speed on a 3700+ is 200 x 11, which is also 2.2ghz.
  11. The fact that it takes the heat from the cpu directly out of the case instead of circulating it inside the case is very appealing to me too though. It would be nice for my video card (right next to the cpu) would have a cooler ambient temperature to work with.
  12. Has anyone tried this water system on a lanparty mobo? I read a good review about it but they were using a p4 system. My main concern is if it will fit on an Ultra-D motherboard given the capacitors near the cpu. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835103165
  13. Think about it like this. In one corner you have 4 1/2 gallon buckets and 4 hoses. In another corner you have 2 1 gallon buckets and 2 hoses. All of your hoses put out the same amount of water in the same amount of time. Which set will fill the fastest?
  14. Use a program like sandra to check your memory bandwidth. Inch up your voltage and see if your bandwidth increases or decreases. If it increases, you are feeding it. If it decreases, you are giving it more than it can use. It wont break at that point. Just dont do something like stupid like jump up .5 volts or something.
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