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  1. I ended up getting a CCBBE 0617 so I have high hopes. Should be dropping it in later today after I get everything ready to reinstall windows.
  2. Well I guess that settles it. Opteron 165 it is and for 1/2 the price I was planning on spending Thansk for the advice guys. I'm sure I'll be back with questions and some results once I get it in the mail
  3. Well the old single core venice 3500+ is getting pretty tired and with my incessant multitasking I have always made single core chips struggle so now it's time to go with a dual core chip. It's been just over a year since I setup my rig and I'm ready to move up but I have been away long enough I don't know the in's and out's of the new cores/chips so I'm looking for some advice. I do have some requirements: 1. Budget of $300 2. Must be 989 The rest of my rig should still be in my sig with the exception of a new 1.6tb raid setup to be installed with the new CPU. Thanks ni advance!
  4. Just something you might want to look at(and perhaps this is only in my board ) but I found that when my computer froze/restarted it was the chipset that needed more voltage and not the CPU. When a test failed for some reason but the system did not lock up or reboot it was the CPU that needed more voltage. Perhaps someone out there with more experience can confirm(or correct) this. if you are going to measure everything with a multimeter you might want to use some electrical tape around the chipset measuring point. It's pretty tight in there. The vDimm and cpu voltage are pretty easy though. Peter
  5. Thats really hot for the pwmic area. Mine never got above 50C before I had cooling on it. If you case has one of those handly thermal diodes I would put it up with the heatsink and verify the temp readings. If it is that hot then I would think you may need to reset that heatsinks(like the geforce cards that used a thermal interface glue that would sometimes partially unseat during shipping resulting in a higher temp than another card for no apparent reason). believe what you set in the BIOS. I was wondering about the voltages readin MBM5(my preference) and verified the voltages with a multimeter to be very close to what I set them at in the bios regardless of what any win based prog reports. Hope this helps:) Peter
  6. It seems like none of these blow directly on your pwmic. I have a 80mm panaflow on my ram which has helped my pwmic temps a lot. I rarely see anything above 44C even in a 80F room. You also may want to check you wiring as it is pretty easy to clutter that area of the board(at least for me) Hope that helps! Peter
  7. WooHoo :shake: This is exactly what I was looking for! I absolutely HATE the newer :mad: windows medial players :mad: and VLC is exactly what I like:a simple but functional interface that allows me to do everything I want to do. It's the same reason I used mplayer2 instead windows media player:no annoying skins to get in the way and it doesn't try to be my all in one media player. Ok enough ranting Thanks for the tip!!! It made my evening :shake: Peter
  8. :confused: Ok I was pointed to a thread that showed where to measure voltages here: http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread...7631#post777631 It was a little tricky but I put electrical tape on everything around it just to make sure. My readings were 1.78V for the chipset, 2.880v for my ram and 1.448v for the cpu. With these readings it's apparent that my chipset is getting 1.8v so there must be something going on with it since it's not stable under 1.8v. I have also been testing my cpu and it seems that anything above 223x11 will cause my system to freeze when testing instead or erroring out. I was able to fix this when I hit 220x11 by going from 1.7->1.8v but now I don't have any other voltage options. It has also been very picky lately where sometimes it will pass OCCT and SuperPi just fine and sometime is will error out or freeze within 5 min of starting even for stable speeds. So what do you guys think? Is this just a poor performing board? Should I RMA it and try another board? I really like the options that this board has to offer and it obviously has a lot of potential but mine just doesn't seem to do as well as everyone else's :confused: Thanks in advance! Peter
  9. I run my air cooled 7800GT at 501/1225 most of the time(zalman copper cooler) and my temps are the same or lower most of the time. Also I had a ton of problems when I first got my board and had to reinstall windows 5-6 times. One problem was I was installing the Nforce IDE driver(which can cause instability). The other was that one of my Ballistix sticks was not working properly. With that replaced things got much better at stock settings. I'm still fighting with the stability of my board but I don't get BSOD's anymore. What worked for me was to reflash the bios to latest version(I didn't clear CMOS or anything just loaded optimized defaults). Then Installed windows, then chipset drivers but not IDE driver, then win updates. There is a thread about the process of installing win on a new build that you might find pretty helpful. Good Luck Hope you get your board running smoothly Peter
  10. You might want to check out this thread: http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread...7631#post777631 It seems other people have had boards die and there seem to be quirky problems leading up to when it finally gives out for some people. I have been having some strange issues myself but hopefully it's nothing like this. Hope that helps:) Peter
  11. It appears to be prime stable (7.5 hours so far). Check out my full load system temps :shake: I have some testing planned for this weekend and I am anxious to swap some hardware with a friend to see if he has better results with his equiptment using my cpu. I will also be measuring my actual voltages vs. what is set in the bios now that I know where to measure them:) More progress to come Hopefully Peter
  12. a little more progress made. Now 223x11 OCCT is stable for some reason? :confused: Not that I am complaining but for some reason it appears that after running prime95 for the last day or two I can get a better overclock out of my cpu. I am running prime95 on my current setting to make sure it's stable so hopefully in a few more days I can go up another couple mhz on the Htt:)
  13. My voltages are fine from my psu. I followed the guide in the forum to measure them under load(which was really helpful BTW:)) Awesome! :shake: Thanks OceanSeasforMe :angel: that's exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully the strange way my board has been acting isn't SDS at work! :eek: Thanks!!! Peter
  14. I ordered the OCZ Elite Platinum set(next one above yours) to replace my pathetic ballistix memory and couldn't be happier with it :shake: So at least the memory should work in your system just fine. Good Luck! Peter
  15. Just like the title says. I need to know how to measure the actual voltage going to the chipset with a multimeter. I have to run 1.8v to the chipset for the system to be stable:mad: which seems higher than most people run so it was suggested that I make sure the chipset is actually getting the 1.8v that I have set it to in the BIOS. Unfortuantely I have never had to do this before and don't know my board well enough to know where to start :confused: Can someone come to my rescue:) Thanks in advance! Peter
  16. I will be trying it out this weekend so I will report back what i find out.(both multimeter readings and different CPU performance results) Thanks! Peter
  17. Thanks for the input. Where on the board should I measure the chipset voltage? Is there a webpage or a picture showing the measuring points you could point me to? I guess if the voltages are off I would have to RMA it That makes me wonder if my CPU voltages are correct since at almost 1.7v in the bios my chip doesn't get over 44C at full load(which I have been told is too low for air cooling) Thanks for the tip! Peter
  18. Well it was pretty cold when I got up in the morning :nod: The bank read 60F as I was leaving(2 hours later) so I would guess 55F or so when I got up. I probably could too, if my case would fit:) I'm actually in Michigan so it's just starting to get cold. I always get great temps in the winter since I keep my place soo cold. I guess I'm just warmblooded. It drives my g/f crazy Who knows I may break 15C before the winter is over :nod: Oh yeah this is in a closed case btw. Normal Temps are in my sig but 38C is about average however before I got some good airflow in my case and active cooling on my ram(also cools pwmic a little) I would see temps in the mid 40'sC Peter
  19. I left my window open last night and it got pretty chilly and when I got up this morning and read 18C :drool: . My thermal diode read my ram at 65.8F. Now that winter is coming lets seem some ridiculous temp with only air cooling Although please ignore my 0519EPIW:mad: patheticness that is the 3500+ Venice. Obviously not temp that's holding my overclocking back. Here's mine! Peter
  20. So I have been playing around with my 3500+ for awhlie now and haven't been able to do anything spectacular with it yet. However one thing that I was able to find out is that unless my chipset is at 1.8v :eek: the system is very unstable. It runs fine at 200x11 at 1.7v but any type of overclock requires the chipset at 1.8v. Is it possible there is something funny with my board. It seems like most people aren't running that high? I know my memory will do [email protected] timings so that's not the problem. I will be swapping cpu's with a friend this weekend to see if the CPU can do more on his system than on mine. It seems like I have had nothing but stability problems ever since this thing got put together :sad: Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this. I am seriously thinking about RMA'ing this board. Thanks in advance! Peter
  21. Another progress update. I had a little time to test some settings last night. Pics to come after I get home from work. [email protected] is very stable when my chipset voltage is 1.8v but unstable if my chipset is at 1.7v. I tried [email protected] and was not able to get it stable. I will try some higher voltages at this speed tonight but it seems like a pretty large voltage jump to go from 220HTT to 221HTT. I did get frustraged last night and set my system at 300x9(2.7Ghz) and just went until I got it. The system wouldn't even boot to memtest until I hit like 1.575- 1.6v. It wouldn't boot into windows under 1.65v and was still unstable at 1.6775v which was as high as I dared go. This weekend I will be going home to swap processors with my friends winnie and see what we can both get respectively. I still have my doubts about this board since I seem to have to run a lot more chipset voltage to get a stable overclock than most people but I will start another thread specifically for that. Thanks:) Peter
  22. I finally got around to reading the production #'s off my 3500+. Here they are: ADA3500DAA4BP LBBLE 0519EPIW Z700454E53408 The Z might actually be a 2 on the last line. Anyone have a similar chip to mine that did poorly also? I guess I will have to do a little searching to see what I can find out about other chips close to mine. Thanks! Peter
  23. Another note I upped my LDT and Chipset voltage and instead of freezing during my tests now it errors out,which I think is better since it doesn't crash the entire system. Does this mean that there may be something else besides my CPU holding back my overclocking? Thanks for the info. I will resize them appropriately. Peter
  24. I upped my voltage to 1.45v since I was unstable at [email protected] My 3500+ has a hard time getting past 2.5Ghz on 1.63v let alone 1.45. But I will keep playing with it and see what I can get at a reasonable voltage. Oddly enough when I test [email protected] 1.425v and 1.45v OCCT crashes sooner at 1.45v than at 1.425v for 220x11. Is there any reason why OCCT would be less stable with more voltage than it is with less voltage to the CPU? :confused: Thanks for the replys Peter
  25. Well it turns out my system will pass SuperPi 32M at [email protected] however when running Prime95 or OCCT the system hangs. When I had my chipset @1.6v OCCT would error out then I upped it to 1.7v and now OCCT gets farther than it did before but it errored out but now my system randomly freezes during tests. I am going to try upping the voltage to 1.425 to see if that will smooth things out and if I can hit 220HTT. The question I am left with is why does my system just freeze? Before when my system was unstable I would get an error(especially OCCT) or the prog would crash however now the system just stops responding completely. Is there something else that I am missing that is causing this instability? Thanks! Peter
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