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  1. Thanks for the support mate. Will try and get hold of another psu, as I only have this one that is capable of powering up the Dfi board atm. Will have to do as you say and disconnect stuff one by one. Could these shutdowns be a cause of a bad DDR stick? Best Regards Kurik
  2. Hi. Lately ive been having some problems with my computer which is spontainously shutting down, like someone would just pull the plug, it completely powers down. I have been overclocking a bit but completely within range of what the computer is capable of and all temperatures, volts etc are ok. Now I am back at stock speeds as I figured it might be the overclock but the problem persists. I dont really know where to start looking. If you guys have any hints or have had the same problem, please do tell me where to start checking the system. System description in the signature. Computer reboots couple of times a day, and its not only when playing a game or doing something that stresses the computer, it happends on any occation really. Thanks in before hand. //Kurik
  3. You dont have to buy a matched 1gb kit to make two 512mb rams work in dual channel, thats just a PR trick which is actually good for us customers usually as those kits tend to be a few bucks cheaper then when u buy 2x 512mb mem sticks individually. Those 2 ram sticks i had from the start 2x512mb Crucial Ballistix, thats not a matched 1gb kit, but 2 512mb sticks bought individually. Im not sure if u ment this, im just rambling and hoping this will work, so I ofc try to defend! Thanks for the input tho
  4. I dont know why, but this worked for me. When I was doing my initial build I wouldnt get video output in pcie slot 1. So what i did was to move the videocard to Slot 2, boot it up (i got video output), bios, load optimized defaults, powerdown, move card back to slot1. That worked for me... since then i have never had this problem anymore.
  5. Hi. A while back one of my 512mb Crucial Ballistix sticks broke. So I RMAd it and they said im gonna get a 512mb Crucial Ballistix Tracer back as they didnt have any left of the other kind. Now, the specs on these 2 types of rams are the same right? As much as timings go. 2.5-3-3-8 at DDR500. Anyone of you guys think im gonna have a problem setting up my system in dual channel mode with these 2 mem sticks? 1x 512mb Crucial Ballistix 1x 512mb Crucial Ballistix Tracer Best regards. //Kurik
  6. Been sitting a couple of hours now and no matter what i do i cant get past 275htt on memory. I have tried quite a few settings now, except those in previous post. No clue whats going on.
  7. Hi everyone. Yesterday I was finding my max cpu which was at 278htt (pretty much around 2500mhz). Today I want my crucial ballistix at those speeds, 1:1 ratio. So I started ofcourse with reading the overclocking faq, and after that searching for users with same memory/speeds. At this point I have tried quite a few things to get these sticks going at 278htt but i always get error in memtest #5 after a few passes. Here are my Dram settings atm. DRAM freq set: 200 (dram/fsb:1/01) Command per clock: Enable Tcl: 3.0 Trcd: 03 Tras: 08 Trp: 03 Trc: 11 Trfc: 13 Trrd: 02 Twr: 02 Twtr: 02 Trwt: 03 Tref: 3120 Twcl: Auto DRAM Bank Interleave: Enabled DQS Skew Control: Auto DQS Skew Value: 0 DRAM Drive Strength: Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength: Auto Max Async Latency: Auto DRAM Response Time: Normal Read Preamble Time: Auto IdleCycle Limit: 256 Cycles Dyanmic Counter: Disable R/W Queue Bypass: 16 x Bypass Max: 07 x 32 Byte Granularity: Disable(4 Bursts) Perhaps someone of you people ( i really hope ) know where I shall go from here with these sticks, i tried them at 3-4-4-8 as some ppl have but they seemed more unstable then 3-3-3-8. Anyone with hints what I should try next? Cheers //Kurik
  8. You need atleast 480w psu with 24pin native atx.
  9. Ok, I have started to overclock now, my first serious attempt ever to be honest, and so far im currently finding max cpu. I do have a couple of questions tho as im not sure of some stuff. What does PWM IC stand for? What part of the motherboard is that? And what kind of temperature would be max for this? And one last question before i go back to my idling infront of an stresstested cpu.... what kind of chipset temperature is preferable? mine is currently at 47C and its pretty much stable at that temp, should i try to lower this? Thanks Best regards //Kurik EDIT: A while back one of my memory sticks broke down on me.. 512mb crucial ballistix. So I RMAd it to the store, but they didnt have any of those to replace mine so as it stands now they are gonna send me a 512mb crucial ballistix tracer memory. I want to run dual channel and i know same memory is kinda a prereq to do, will this become a problem for me running my memory, to sum up... dual channel with 1x 512mb Crucial ballistix, 1x512mb Crucial ballistix tracer? Thanks again.
  10. cheers dude, I will most def take a closer look at Smartguardian
  11. Hi. I got my rig up and running today, have been installing stuff all evening and so far i have everything stable at optimized settings. Slowly trying to prepare for some OCing I downloaded mbm5 in hopes to get some nice temp readings while doing some stresstesting. Now this is my problem.... Installed mbm5 according to the howto thread and it seems to be working, gives temps speeds volts and various stuff, but when i compare the temp readings with what Everest reports they all seem to be mixed up. All temps are in Celcius degrees. Mbm5 shows: CPU: 28 PWMIC: 37 NF4 chipset: 47 Everest shows: Cpu: 47 NF4 chipset: 37 PWMIC: 29 Ok, my guess is that cpu is 47, chipset 37, and pwm... 29, does anyone agree to this? And how can i check this out for sure, would be nice to know for sure what is what before i start pushing this system. Thanks in advance //Kurik Ps. Wasnt 100% sure where to post this, if any mod feels that i posted in wrong forum, feel free to move it, thanks Ds.
  12. I gotta say that this cd image is so damn useful, u got everything u need on that disk and a little more, great work there Tmod m8! Its very easy to use, just burn the .iso as an image in your favorite cdburn prog, mount up your cdrom and fire away. The menues are very clear on what they do and I so far have no complaints about anything, havent tested the cd much tho, just installed 623-3 with any issues at all. Thumbs up once again! //Kurik
  13. I would go and buy those heatsinks yes, ram chips tend to get hot sometimes.
  14. Hi. I just want to make sure this thing will work before i try it out. I just got my system up and i wanna flash the bios. The bioses for Lanparty Nforce4 on this cd image work for Lanparty NF4 ultra-d right? Thanks.
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