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  1. i prefer hot weather to cold.i am a sun bunny at heart.but in new zealand we are directly below the hole in the ozone which means we have the highist rate of melanoma per capita in the world so you have to be very careful in the sun.for some reason most people have to get burnt to a crisp to get a dark tan.they think its the fashion to look like our indigenous race (Maori) which is what i am,but if there is trouble of any sort the Maories get the blame. so in other words they want to look like us but not be us - go figure!
  2. hi ya Happy. was wondering who i have to get permission from to get a patch made up of the dfi street emblem to sew onto my shirt (NOT for profit). this is my own personal shirt (denim no doubt - heheh). thank you
  3. what about the seagate hdd diagnostic tool? ooops - sorry dude - i see you have already added the seagate seatools (blush)!
  4. thanks for that "AceGoober" :nod: greatly relieved as it doesnt go below 11.77v
  5. as you can see by my sig i have a enermax 600w noisetaker.i only just noticed that while i am overclocked to 3.0ghz,as soon as i put my rig underload- the ATX+12v rail reads at 11.77v according to smartguardian.is this too unstable for my hardware when overclocking? these are my settings at the moment according to smartguardian at idle CPU - 1.52v ATX+12v - 11.83v LTD Bus - 1.47v NB+1.5v - 1.77v ATX+5.0v - 5.05v ATX 3.3v - 3.31v DRAM - 2.81v VBAT - 3.07v same settings underload using superpi CPU - 1.52v ATX+12v - 11.77v LTD Bus - 1.47v NB+1.5v - 1.77v ATX+5.0v - 5.05v ATX 3.3v - 3.29v DRAM - 2.81v VBAT - 3.07v any help with this is much appreciated
  6. dude! if you want to go higher than 1.75(which is way too high anyway) be prepared to lose your cpu! even 1.65v is too high for everyday use.can go that high for benchmarking then back it down for stable everyday usage. 1.5 - 1.55v is a good setting for 24/7 work. thats just my 2 cents worth anyway
  7. not sure what bsod is. and i have never changed the bios of a graphics card before.the reason i was trying to load the latest driver is because i ran 3dmark06 and was told that 81.98 was the only whql driver that is approved by futuremark for this benchmark
  8. back again with no installed drivers :sad: :sad: this is what i did. uninstalled drivers from device manager and then from add/remove. rebooted and disabled av programme. reinstalled 81.98 drivers and rebooted. pc boots then bluescreens and then restarts. then it goes to screen for choice of starting - safe mode etc. the only way i can get it to load is by choosing Last know good configeration. once loaded it then tells me that both cards have no Video Controller (VGA Compatible). is there something i am missing.everytime i load previous drivers there is no problem
  9. thanks "Neo".will give it a shot and let you know how i get on
  10. hope i am in the right thread to post this i have d/l 81.98 drivers but wont install properly.do i have to take off the sli bridge to install these drivers? went into ad/remove and removed the display drivers and then used driver cleaner to take out any junk laying around.than installed the new drivers but they wont work.any ideas anyone ? :confused:
  11. hi tmod would a photo of my dr board (which is already installed) be ok with everything attached? its a real bugger to strip down.i can try and move things like the water hoses and some cables aside (somehow). its a lot of hassle to disconnect everything but i can see what i can do
  12. pity.it would be a huge help for us noobies who are too scared to flash our gpu in case we fried it and then had to tell the wife that we have to spend more money on 2 new graphic cards - lol. i hope one day you might give it a shot once again - cool job on the bios cd dude :nod: :cool:
  13. have you given any thought to creating a cd with graphic cards modded bios'es.that would be another" must have "disk
  14. "tmod" - your cd is magic.i think its a disk that all dfi board owners MUST have.awsome job dude. will there be a cd for modded versions (used at owners risk) ? just to get that little bit extra"omphf" have a real good x-mas and a cool new year
  15. keepaf1


    Bingo! uninstalled all usb controllers and scaned for hardware changes and everything is now going sweet. thanks guys for all the help. this forum ROCKS :nod:
  16. keepaf1


    went into bios and the onchip usb is set to v1.1+v2.0. will go into device manager and uninstall and scan for hardware changes. will post results
  17. keepaf1


    thanks dude.will let you know how i get on :nod:
  18. keepaf1


    the thing that i am confused about is that whenever i plug my external hdd into any usb port i get told that this device will work faster if i connect oit to a hispeed usb 2.0 port. this has got me buggered because it then tells me i havent any hi-speed ports and the speed drops real low when transfering data. it tells me that i need to add a hi-speed usb host controller ?????? any ideas.all help appreciated
  19. keepaf1


    does anyone know about "usb2".do dfi boards come with this or do you have to get a pci card ? i heard that usb2 is faster for datatransfer but thats all i know about it. help anyone?
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