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  1. It's survived 3 years at that temp, with fan speed at 100%. I'm just gonna let it keep going til it finally dies, it's gonna be obsolete in a few years anyway.
  2. Load Temps CPU: 37C GPU: 90C
  3. What's the best way to do that? Running something like Half Life 2?
  4. remounted, new temps CPU: 24C PWMIC: 43C Chipset: 52C GPU: 68C Huge improvement.
  5. Just installed Smart guardian, fans working much better now. Going to remount all my heatsinks tomorrow. Are there any after market Chipset fans? The nf4 SLI-Dr fan is way loud when on it's fastest speed. Edit: all fans on 100% power. CPU: 1366RPM Exhaust: 1269RPM Chipset: 7337RPM Look good?
  6. But the problem I have is that I don't want my CPU fan ever turning off. but it does when I reach 25C, and it doesn't come back on.
  7. Explain putting salt on your front porch to melt snow if your theory is correct.
  8. What programs should I be using to monitor temperatures/fan speeds? Also is this a good way to control fans? With one of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813999504 Edit: Also, whenever my BIOS turns my CPU fan off for being under 25C it can't seem to boot it back up when it goes back above 25 C.
  9. Much more helpful post than the rest, I'll get on this, thank you.
  10. current temps are 29 CPU 54 PWIM 63 Chipset 82 GPU All Idle Temps
  11. Why would I be complaining if they were F?
  12. Some of my temperatures are getting quite high. My room is usually quite cool but these are some temps... PWMIC: 70* Chipset: 75* Video Card: 125* What can I do about these?
  13. It would be the last few numbers of your serial number on the sticks.
  14. eh... I should have just saved $60 on a heatsink and stuck with stock speeds. Can't figure this stuff out for the life of me.
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