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  1. Yup, actually I hope the Maxtor issue in this thread will finally be solved. I also read about someone having a very good "TCCD experience" with 704-3, so I actually hoped we'd see at least a modded, but rather an official new -3 bios...
  2. It's now been almost 3 months since we've last seen a beta bios from DFI, let alone an official one... Can we expect to start seeing those any time soon again?
  3. In bios (Standard CMOS Setup menu) try switching disk access mode of your HDD. Usually it is on Auto, but try setting it to LBA. After that try reinstalling Windows. I had exacly this issue with a WD 120GB HDD a while back. Also refused to load Windows after the initial installation with exactly the same errormessage. Solved it by setting disk access mode to LBA and reinstalling Windows.
  4. Hmmm... why didn't I check that myself... thanx... But then things are even stranger... if the raid IDE Rom is actually updated, why does the board still show that issue (unlike the boards from Asus and MSI)... and why only when overclocked? Does anyone have an idea? What changes in the (cold boot) HDD detection routine when the board is overclocked, compared to when it's at stock speed?
  5. Anyone? Preferably anyone who knows something about (DFI) biosses?
  6. Strange, we have almost identical specs, and I Winflashed this bios without trouble... on stock speeds offcourse...So I don't expect its the bios that actually caused your problems...
  7. You haven't?? Then you should really try Gskill... my PC4400 LE dimms can do 300Mhz 2.5-3-3-7 1T... And there are PC4800 Gskill dimms that go even higher than that...
  8. By the way, I'm having some trouble with my Maxtor Maxline III harddisk, and unfortunately the 704-BTA bios also does not seem to fix it. Read more here. Would it be possible to release a bios that fixes this issue (most likely by updating the nVRAID bios, just like MSI and Asus did several months ago)?
  9. You might really wonna try updating that bios... it's almost older than my grandmother
  10. Just tried the 704-2BTA bios... still the same issue unfortunately... From the MSI website: Now please... why can MSI fix this in march 2005, and do I still not have a fix from DFI in september 2005..? I bought this board to overclock, but the moment I do that and power down it won't detect my Maxtor SATA drive any more... I know that many will say "blame Maxtor", but still, the drive worked fine with an overclocked MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, and the issues on nForce4 seem to have been fixed months ago by other mainboard manufacturers. Then what is keeping DFI from fixing it? :confused:
  11. Could you please point those out for me? Most of the PSU's listed indeed have less then 20A... on ONE of their TWO or THREE 12V rails... If a PSU is listed as e.g. "+12V1 16A, +12V2 15A" the PSU can supply about 31A in total @12V... this is due to their ATX12V v2.0 specification. An A-brand PSU that can supply at least 26A total @12V (preferably one that supports the ATX12V v2.0 spec) is highly recommended for this mainboard.
  12. Aw c'mon... :dog: Then could you just do it for TCCD sake in common? I won't tell I use it for Gskill :angel:
  13. Could you maybe do me a special and release a 704-3BTA? :drool: Me, or better: my Gskill, would really love that :nod: No issues here with 704-2BTA btw... Just flashed it and I'm gonna check my overclock now
  14. The Maxtor drives are actually very reliable (especially the MaxLines: 1mln hrs MTBF and 5 years warranty) and extremely fast for 7200rpm drives... i.m.o. they are the best bang for the buck, as long as you don't run in to issues with your SATA controller. By the way, Asus and MSI fixed this issue months ago in a bios update (containing a new nVidia SATA-controller bootrom bios). Can someone please tell why DFI hasn't released such an updated bios yet? If nothing is done about this soon, I'll ask Maxtor to replace the Maxline drive. I can't flash it because I have no compatible controller, so that would be the only way to get a drive with the updated firmware. However, I'd very much prefer a bios update from DFI to fix this... the last bios update was 2,5 months ago, so its about time
  15. See here for all official and beta biosses: http://www.lejabeach.com/DFI/dfinf4ultra/dfinf4bios.html
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