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  1. im really excited about SupCom pre-ordered it from GoGamer and it came with a free copy of Rise and Fall (crap game, but hey... its free right?). Can't wait to get it in the mail
  2. on the cooling front i'd recommend either a scythe infinity or ninja plus revb or go with the tuniq tower. Tuniq is the best, but also most expensive air cooler of the 3. All three are basically at the top of the heap as far as air cooling is concerned... if you get either scythes mind the stock 775 HSF mounting solution blows so you might wanna look at this: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ighlight=scythe that mounting mod dropped my temps by 10C by itself just showing you how bad the pressure is w/ the stock push pins 775 mounting method...
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    ttt thx for the stealth edit
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    sorry i haven't replied the last two days guys, i've been busy. the memory has already been sold
  5. Kenuzara


    Aite... for sale we have... Albatron 7800gt never OC'd and with stock HSF on it Price: SOLD
  6. you still have any for sale? want to point out they are 147 + 5 dollar shipping on newegg...
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