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  1. MnemoniC

    Windows Cold Boot Issues

    i'm using enermax fma 535watt also had a problem (4 led) since yesterday.. dunno why it happen coz before this the rig can boot up fine with opty 144...
  2. MnemoniC

    Expert bios 12/7 issues?

    nice bios.. before i flash to E704-2BT, i also can hit 300 using 12/7
  3. MnemoniC

    LanParty UT SLI-DR Expert - E704-2bt

    ok for me.. can hit 300 with 1:1
  4. heh... dunno if i got some guts to do it if got any screenie from enzo friend sure i'll flash it... cz right now my mobo still can hit 300 with TCCD ram 1:1
  5. hmm... can't try right now cz i'm at my granfather's house.. will try it on next week..
  6. it happened to me once when i just bought all new things and assembled it... i can't changed my opty vcore also on the expert.. but after a week using n a few times run sp2004.. i can change the vcore all the way i want...
  7. ya lor.. me already bought expert, don't hv money anymore to buy venus... so if venus bios can increase oc capability on expert with tccd ram, sure i'm a lot happy...
  8. wahhh... nice knowing that someone reallly volunteer to try the bios on expert... did ur friend try oc with it yet?
  9. lucky for me cz my expert seems ok with a pair TCCD.. can reach 300 * 9.. using either bigtoe's mod or 11/25 bios..
  10. Waiting for someone test the venus bios on expert... who like to volunteer? heh
  11. For Psitech and others... i just flashed to bios E704-2BT.. n can run with timing 2.5-4-3-5.. memtest pass, super pi 32m pass... and ram stress test for 6 hour stable... my settings... Opteron 144 CACJE 0546 BPAW DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR eXpert (Bios E704-2BT) Gskill F1-3200DSU2-1GBFX PC3200 (2x512mb) Enermax Iron FMA 535w FSB Bus Frequency 300MHz LDT / FSB Frequency Ratio x 3.0 LDT Bus Transfer Width 16 16 CPU / FSB Frequency Ratio x 9.0 PCI eXpress Frequency 100MHz K8 Cool 'n' Quiet Support Disable CPU VID Startup Value Startup CPU VID Control 1.400V CPU VID Special Control Above VID * 102.4% LDT Voltage Control 1.20V Chipset Voltage Control 1.52V Dram Voltage Control 2.72V Dram Configuration Dram Frequency Set (MHz) 200=RAM/FSB : 01/01 Command Per Clock (CPC) Enable Cas Latency Control (Tcl) 2.5 Ras# to Cas# Delay (Trcd) 04 Min Ras# Active Time (Tras) 05 Row Precharge Time (Trp) 03 Row Cycle Time (Trc) 08 Row Refresh Cycle Time (Trfc) 13 Row to Row delay (Trrd) 03 Write recovery Time (Twr) 03 Write to Read Delay (Twtr) 02 Read to Write delay (Trwt) 03 Refresh Period (Tref) 4708 cycles (166MHz 1.95us*) Dram Bank Interleaved Enabled DQS Skew Control Auto DQS Skew Value 0 Dram Drive Strength Level 01 Dram Data Drive Strength Auto Max Async Latency 08.0 nano sec Dram response time Fast Read preamble Time 05.0 nano sec Idle Cycle Limit 016 clks Dynamic Counter Enable R/W Queue Bypass 16x Bypass Max 04x 32 Byte Granularity Disable (4 Bursts)
  12. i would like to know how good e704-2bt?? has anyone here try it out? right now i'm using 12/7 bios... and can hit 300 with my gskill fx tccd timing 2.5-4-3-6.. wanna try 2.5-3-3-6