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  1. Is a 6800GT and 6800 Ultra not 2 diff cards? which one is it you have? Try the 83.40 drivers!
  2. Ok thanks, will try 1 & 3 and 2 & 3 and see if there is any difference, sorry for hijacking the thread, us n00bs are a pain lol (**UPDATE**) Just changed them over and got an extra 15fps in the CS:S stress test. sweet!! :angel:
  3. So no need to change them from 1 & 2 to 1 & 3 then? Will that make any difference?
  4. Is it better to have them in 1 & 3 rather than 1&2? I have 2x1Gb in slots 1 & 2 running at DDR400 and noticed its still on single channel.
  5. I cant get my SG to change System fan speed, both the others work fine, any ideas guys?
  6. I bought one of these MB's and am using it out of the box with no probs, great for gaming :nod:
  7. how do you find out your bios version and how do you update it? :confused:
  8. What kind of details? i dont know anymore? Can i not use this site if i dont put up my voltage etc?
  9. Think ill have to do that too, the bios date is 27/8/04 :confused: Hopefully its not a hard job lol
  10. cheers devil, set to optamized defaults now. will try the mem in1,3 later and see if it makes a difference, Cheers.
  11. Hi guys, ive just upgraded to the system in my sig from an 2600+ and am completly bambozeled with all the tweaking can be down with the 64bit and dfi mb's. Im reading through all the threads but alot makes no sense to me lol. I only have 2 questions that i cant find answers for so ill start there. 1. are there any settings on the mb that need changed to run correctly, not oc'ing it. 2. I have 2x1gb sticks of ram in slots 1 and 2, does it make any difference if they where in 1 and 3. Thanks for your help.
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