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  1. Does anyone know why my CPU fan spins up and down on its own? Does it have to do with my CPU temps?
  2. As if someone yanks the plug. Boots up with no problems but shuts down again if I launch WoW or media player in full screen. I have the latest video drivers and I have also unchecked auto restart I actually submitted a newegg RMA yesterday. Thanks for all your ideas guys, I will RMA my PSU and see what happens.
  3. I was planning to OC so I ran all the tests listed on the OC guide at stock speeds to make sure everything is ok. No shutdowns. Thanks.
  4. Hola. I recently upgraded my motherboard, psu and case to the ones on my signature. Since then my computer has been shutting down, when I watch videos in windows media player (full screen) and when I play World of Warcraft (sometimes as the game launches, loads or even after a few minutes. I followed angry's tutorial so I am sure I have the power connectors all pugged in. Here's some stuff that might help. My CPU fan sometimes shuts itself off at bootup, spins up to ~3400rpm as I load windows and goes up to 4400rpm for about 20 seconds when I launch smartguardian. It then goes back down to about 3400rpm. I only have the CPU fan plugged into the MB. Here are my temps and voltages (idle): CPU: 21C PWMIC: 33C Chipset:38C Videocard: 49C CPU: 1.36V LDT Bus: 1.18V ATX+5: 5.05V Dram:2.6V ATX+12V: 11.96 NB+1.5: 1.48V ATX3.3: 3.32V VBAT +3: 3.05 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I'm still hoping that something wasn't seated right and a component was overheating. Is there a way I can check the temps without actually booting into windows? Also, what are reasonable temps for the chipset and the cpu? Thanks
  6. Hey guys. So, I wanted to replace my chipset fan and CPU hsf. I got an Evercool VE-RE and an XP-90+68cfm panaflo fan. Now, when I boot my computer and it gets to the post screen, I get 1 of 2 things: 1. Text that is somewhat readable, by that I mean there are some weird characters but I can make out what it says 2. Completely readable text with green lines/characters all over, looks a bit like the Matrix. The Lanparty logo also looks messed up; the colors seem to bleed vertically on my screen. This does not happen 100% of the time, it happened intermittently last night and this morning I turned it on and it looked ok. Could it be that I didn’t seat the chipset and/or CPU hsf correctly and it’s over heating? (Explaining why it didn’t happen this morning after I turned it off overnight) I wouldn’t think it’s my video card since I didn’t do anything to it, at least I hope not. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks a lot. PS. Everything is at stock speeds, I have not attempted to do any overclocking.
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