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  1. I have similar problem, when I am trying to delete some files they disappear on explorer window, but after refreshing it I can see the files on their place. If I try to open it system can not open them. Even more weird because the file is actually deleted, If I do reboot this file(s) is gone. The problem is that I reboot PC once in a week/month and it annoys me a lot.
  2. I have reflashed on Intel based system my BIOS. Tried on ASUS and MSI AMD based system first with no luck. I am up and running again. Thanks Tmod.
  3. Thanks. Looks like I need another MB for HotFlash. I tried to use Asus program for flashing and you are right it did not work(wrong boot sector or something message appeared) and this program on /? does not give any keys.
  4. I have checked flash on MB I am trying to use for hot swap: PMC Flash 0345 PM49FL004T-33JC And two I have: SST 49LF004B 33-4C-NH 0450264-C PMC Flash MGJK4 0324 Pm49FL004T-33JC To me the first one and the last one look Identical, Isn't it? Now about how i do flashing with hot swap: The last times I just used Floppy (made under windows 98) with added 2 awdflash programs and BIOS image. I have tried to use AWDFLASH 4.60 and as far as i remember 4.74 and 704-2BTA.bin Bios image. Both of them gave me the same result. I start up pc from floppy drive Replace flash chip and print command line for example: awdflash 704-2BTA.bin /py /sn /cc/ cp /ld /f /tiny /e after i did that and pressed enter awdflash window appeared in first second "please input file name flashes" and then "please wait" appears and flashes. I wait and wait and wait.... I have tried to usde just awdflash 704-2bta.bin /f than the result is a bit different. AWDFLASh window appears first second "please input file name flashes" and then "please wait" and after several seconds screen turns black and nothing happens. I remember some tim ago I had a problem when I was using old version of AWDFLASh. Am I using right one now? With Hot Flash from CD picture is the same:awdflash window appeared in first second "please input file name flashes" and then "please wait" appears and flashes. I wait and wait and wait.... What else can i do. I have HotFlashing PC up and running WinXP now(installed it from the scratch) may be there are alternative programs to flash it?
  5. I am not telling this info because I did it on friends PC(in his office) so I do not have this info. I'll check my PC I am using right now and come back to you.
  6. Thanks. I did not check for compatability of chips. I have tried to flash(not hotflash) it on MB with Nforce2 Asus (looks like A7N8X-VM/400 )and some MB with AM2 socket. I did not realise at that moment that you had included HotSwap option on CD. After that I have tried hotswap on Asus Nforce2 from your Cd and from from floppy with AWDFLASH and the result is the same. It does not recognise flash chip(should it?) and it says "please wait" and nothing happened.
  7. Thanks for quick responce. I have tried this BIOS page for Hot Swapping on different than mine MB. Did I understand it correctly that this option is for flashing bios on the fly(when you replace existing flash chip with another one and MB is different). I am asking because it did not work for me. When I chose this option it opens page after caldera DOS and says something like "please wait". But there is no chip type on top and nothing happened even after 1/2 hour. Do I have to try it from floppy with different flash program? I did it some tim ago. Sergey
  8. I do have preflashed BIOS chip from DFI, they sent it to me when my MB had a problem of 3 LED, from some time ago. I did not try long CMOS clear yet. I'll try it later this night.
  9. What do you mean "Reload settings ". Is there other the CCMOS button?
  10. Hi, I have bought dual core Opteron 165 instead of 146 and wanted to upgrade BIOS. Downloaded Tmods_CD_v8[1].1 and flashed BIOS for DFI NF4 Ultra EXPERT. After restart of the PC it did not boot up. I took a look at 4 LEDs and they are all read from the moment I turn on PC and did not change this state. There are no beeps nothing. I have tried to put another FLASH chip (should be with right BIOS on it) into MB but it behaves exactly the same way. What could you suggest. Was it a wrong BIOS I have tried to flash or what? Do I need a new MB now.
  11. I am aware of the memory modules compatability on this MB. I was lucky to avoid it. I m just thinking about upgrading my memory and have got quite a nice deal on this Apple modules. That's why I am asking about such a posssibility. May be someone has an experience?
  12. I did make a search and I saw that quite often sellers on ebay says that it is compatible with PC3200 for PC. I just did not find any info on this type of memory and Kingston site did not mention PC compatability.
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