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  1. ""We tried running his memory in the yellow slots at 2-3-2-5, 1T, and it looped test 5 about 8 times with no errors." Was this also tested in your board, or did the yellow slots work in his board? Are the RAM settings identical in all aspects to the setup you had? I am running Kingston Hyper-X BH-5 in the yellow slots. Are you sure the RAM are identical in every sense (chip type, model number etc)?" The yellow slots seem to work based on the fact that no errors were reported during the 8 loops. His memory works fine in my new SLI-DR with 2-2-2-5, 1T Timings at 2.6V. I'm not sure if every setting is identical, but defaults should run without question. It worked on defaults on the SLI-DR but with the timings manually set to 2-2-2-5-1T. I can make sure that all settings are identical tomorrow, I'll just have to write down all my settings. The memory is exactly the same. AFAIK, the KHX UL only came in the TCCD Flavour. Model numbers, part numbers all are exactly the same. "Has all if this been done?" Yep, All 4 power plugs are in, with a 24-pin ATX2.0 Spec PSU. Same PSU as I have. The Graphics card is in, with all necessary power. The CMOS was reset before even starting the build as It had all my previous settings. I can confirm this because I moved the jumper to reset it myself, before putting it into his case. We plugged the memory into the orange slots. I have not tried 2.8V, as the memory is rated for 2.6 at stock timings, and speeds. I'll give it a try tomorrow though.
  2. Hello all, I've recently sold my previous SLI-D to a family member. He's having trouble with running his memory at stock. He's on the same BIOS, but for the SLI-D, as I have, he has exactly the same model Memory, and PSU as I have. A 3800+, and a 7800GT. If we use default timings, In the Orange slots, which defaults to 2-3-2-5 @ 1T, Memtest comes back with endless errors on Test 5. I swapped the memory around, but still using the orange slots, and it came back with the same results. If i Disable 1T, it works beautifully. Thinking his memory was faulty, I took it home to test, and ran it at 2-2-2-5, 1T, which is what it's rated at, for over 3 hours. I looped Test 5 287 Times with not 1 error. We tried running his memory in the yellow slots at 2-3-2-5, 1T, and it looped test 5 about 8 times with no errors. This motherboard worked beautifully for me, but now with a similar setup, it's causing hassles. I'm fairly sure that there's nothing wrong with this board. It ran my opty at 2.7Ghz, with no stability issues for a couple of weeks. Prime and FAH stable. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this, or any workarounds to this? I'll have his PC at the office tomorrow, so I'll be able to run tests... or whatever needs doing. I think I've supplied the necessary specs, but I'll be able to do a more thorough job tomorrow, when I can physically see the different components. If you need specific details just le me know, I'll try to report back. LordVadersa
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