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  1. im overseas in korea and had a girl ask why a korean condom wouldnt fit. lol.
  2. alright that didnt work but i found in the support area i need to use the 77.72 drivers. thanks for the help though guys.
  3. ill report back in a while im gonna switch to stock and see if i still get freezes.
  4. ok i used rivatuner to record the video temps. i am at a steady 69. still freezing though.
  5. not sure what shield ur talking about. i dont normally see high temps but then i cant see them while im in the game. the video cards are stock with the stock overclock of 490/1300 sorry i just noticed my sig was off on that. processor overclocked to 267x10.5 = 2.8ghz running a divider of 5/6 i think i can check later. the divider doesnt seem to come out where they are suppose to cause ram is only at 216mhz. loosened the ram to 2.5-3-2-5 no memtest errors at all. mem is also running at 2.8 volts. i dont think the ram is the problem as i am stable all the way up to 230 on them just trying to find a divider and multi to do it as the dividers arent coming out right. at the moment i am using the 623-2 bios as it seems to play extremely nice with this ram. well hopefully that helps.
  6. i know that much but i cant use that while im in the game or 3dmark tests to see what the temps are hitting.
  7. if its what i think it is it will conduct electricity
  8. smart gaurdian doesnt give me the video card temps is there a program to monitor those?
  9. hi i am having problems in games they keep freezing. i am at a completely stable overclock just need to finish up a few tests to submit into the database. i believe the video cards are overheating is there a program that i can use to monitor their temps in game? this would help or maybe i have a compatibility issue with eq2. im not sure maybe someone can enlighten me as so far this is the only game that does it. thanks in advance.
  10. thats cause those are 2x1gb kits. the 2x512 will be better lol. 1gb sticks suck at overclocking and keeping the timings tight so i wouldnt excatly rule out the ballistix.
  11. i am still simply amazed at your memory i myself still cant get over 230 with any settings i try same with most other people also. could you send me your genie settings?
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