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  1. wow...icic thx ya i think im gunna go with xp-90
  2. umm no..i jsut cant find ne other 2-2-3-6 ram simlar closeest is 2-3-2-6 ram jw have u guys seen cas 2-2-3-6 ram?
  3. on my n-force4 ultra-d i have a gig 2x512 of ocz cas 2-2-3-6 [tas what i says on sticker] Pc3200 dual-ch but i been looking around i can find my cas PN: OCZ4001024ElDC-k Enhanced latency[el] iono jw if ther exist or my sticker taht says the cas pc3200..etc was a error? my comp is down right now somethign fried soo i cant really see right now
  4. waht would be better? THERMALRIGHT xp-120 si-120 si-97a xp-90c xp-90 ??? allfound on these pages http://www.xoxide.com/xoxide/amdcpucooler.html http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/soccpucool.html <---cheaper
  5. the stock hsf the one that comes with teh cpu the 3500+ noheat pipes...jsut that sliverly alummium one... smartgardin shows teh sidel at 27c and load at 32...or when i turn on my comp i look at bios its at 29c
  6. ya i knoe its the same thing jsut copper..but im tripping about the weight..and such stock hsf im getting at idel 27c load 32c...
  7. i read the sticky on hsf and i see the xp-90 but no cp-90 c will the xp-90c work for teh ultra d? is it to way way way heavy because of the hsf does ne one have reviews for me?
  8. i jsut put in new psu and when i start it up all 4 red led lights up and dont start up monitor..ther is power cause everything spinning but vga dont turn on but fan spinning on vga i put back old psu same problem and vga was working 1 hour a go i check everything is it the vga? the vga slot? or? the 4 red led lights light up indicateing says start up on the manual
  9. how about this ?good http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817182009 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817182010 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817182010 duel rail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817167009 20 pin but would it be good if i get a 24 to 20 pin is that safe for sli im low on cash.. waht i really want is good for sli could be or not be sli approved -some blue lights and some blue or green sleeves on teh psu but not necessary
  10. waht cheap psu is goood to sli ?
  11. yeah the ram is jsut for a while..jsut to get it running. will i get ocz cas2 ram..
  12. i got all power conected..the comp works just need it to work like good..like..need to knoe waht bios i should get..cause 2 ram dont work onely 1
  13. well i just got a amd 3500+ v core and a ultra d nf4 mobo 1 gig of ram[2x512] and wondering ok u start with 1 stick of ram then up date teh bios...witch one do i up date teh latest one or????need lots of help and im a newbee..yeah i knoe i knoe how to do everying but glitcy on bios oc..etc..plz use newbe terms or explaint waht it is ..
  14. i have amd 3500+ vcorce dfi ultra d 1 gig(2x512 ]of value select[yeah i knoe waitning for ocz cas2] msi 6600gt and i put ram in orange slot..then it tellls me that im not running duel-channel..if i want to put it in slot 2 and 4 i do but it dont turn on monitor or anyhitng...jsut wont boot and if i jsut leave it like taht i would always haev to press f1 to contunine its annoying.. well everying is brand spaken new at zippzoomfly like 3 days old retured gfx cause fan was doa need help..thx aim s a n j 0 h n n
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