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  1. i found this water cooling block for dfi's boards..... i dont knoe if its old or new news to me..but its new to me... http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Mips/DFIFreezer/
  2. ahhhhhhhhhh dont knoe waht to do should i return it to dfi???? can anybody give me information about returing the mobo to dfi and i bought it august of 05 or any help??
  3. i have clear cmos and same thing!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH my head is gunna blow trying to find out problems i have followed the clearing or recentting it cmos instruction... i dont knoe what to do now...i got it frm zippzoomfly...7months old since i bought it used it only 4months dang...i just dont knoe what to do now..plz some one GUIDE ME SOME WERE
  4. just wondering ...since you can make the ultra d into an sli.... can u just use any sli connectore as in frm other company [as in asus. gigabite..etc] or u could only use dfi's sli connector since its a dfi board
  5. same thing with me...but i have an seasonic 600w [version 2] and same problems wont boot
  6. i use the braket thermalright gave right on the ultra d
  7. wich way does the xp-90 heat pipes are facing??? the graphics card right??
  8. same thing happend ...to me havent have time to fully clear cmos...[stock bios] i think i would have to rma board to......how long is the ultra d warrented???? i bought mine frm zippzoomfly.com.. Thx if u get ne information about this rma back to dfi..can you please pw me or im me on aim at superdupersan
  9. wowow...nice nice paint job you do it you self with airbrush?
  10. same thing happend to me..i got mad... never hhad the chance to fix it or find out of mobo or cpu dead...... [6months a go...lol still didnt have time] but yea same thing..as u said all led on..no video...all fans werk..etc can some one help me with his 2..is it cpu or mobo
  11. what is the temps with ure current fan ?as in c
  12. yea i had jsut bought one and picced it up yesterday..lol tehy game me the si-120 but...i gave it back because even thoe it cost more i didnt want it cause its 2 biggg..and karma...
  13. i have a seasonic s12 600w the sli one....and after i put it on my comp never booted i dont know waht is wrong im still trying to find out teh problem on what has happend.. i even swaped back my old psu and same problem after the seasonic...and i didnt oc or nething just put it in pulg everying tripple checked and after that my comp never booted everything turns on but no boot..it shows 4 red leds this is an nforce 4 ultra d
  14. frys suck ballls.. there stuff way way over priced..and most of it is broken.. expericed a lot of times things missing n i once bought a fan and it was broken as in dont work and fan is not even connencted to teh base..[motor] and they just put it back on the shelf not even taging it saying was a bougght item and im from san jose to
  15. he is gunna use n-force 4 ultra-d amd 64 3000 or 3200 v core [i for got witch one he bought but for shure its gotta be 3000+ or 3200+] he jsut wants to plug n play but maybe later overclock... right now he just wants ...when u can put both sicks with out ne probles,like no new bios..etc cause me n him ..dont knoe ne thing about bios
  16. my friend gunna build a system and wanna knoe witch ram is good out of these or u can reccomend a cheap 2x512 this one? alll range frm 100-115 CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) time 2-3-3-6 pqi TURBO 1GB (2 x 512MB) cas/time 2-3-2-5 G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB) cas 2-3-3-6 OCZ Performance Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) 2-3-36 OCZ Enhanced Latency 1GB (2 x 512MB) 2-3-2-6 Crucial Ballistix 1GB (2 x 512MB) 2-2-2-6
  17. still building comp.... some small fan GOOD cfm to cool it down not crazy a** cool but decent that fan fits perfet all mounting is cut smal smal duble sided tape and put it at teh edge of ram and fan
  18. [fourmz newbie i think i did it right glichy on how to put pics sry] but yea still by parts for my comp intinal build still but yea this was a small fan i found that had jst perfict fit teh 2 ddr ram put some doublesided tape then bang ther u go!!!! i was suprized that this fan had good enough cmf[i think tat is was its called]
  19. ocz...even though i have a seasonic [got it for 25dollars..lol 160 on newegg] ocz was my first choice
  20. soo if u get teh 'Evercool VC-RF' no moddin need..jsut take old one out...n put thermal paste n 'Evercool VC-RF' then all set?? cause my gfx card goes over teh nb
  21. yeah that is want happend to me..i thought my vga fried..but after testing it it was ok..now it might be mobo or cpu???? same thing..wont boot..everything turnes on..etc..but no boot
  22. waht is the website for jab-tech?
  23. wow thx gir...its cheaper then newegg...+ no need to pay for shippin i can just pick up cause its in san jose.. THX!!!!! GiR
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