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  1. yyEAH i say the best way is to use dremel. cause it has lots of tips u can put to cut..sand,, drill .polish..etc etc and dremel is very accurate if u knoe how to do it.. u can cut a hole.. then use asander tip for accuracy. u can get a cheap one at big lots idont knoe if guys have a store called that.. cost u about 20 dollars
  2. hey just wondering.. were the hell is the internet?? like were is all this space at?? how da hell did someone find it.. like what is internet
  3. that would be a good project to do showing your .. current temps.. but would it work?? and does thoes fans get a lot of cfm
  4. wow tas crazy?? but its not like your trying to oc your computer to the max.. of tas waht your trying to do then its best for u right??? how would you pulg ure ps2.. usb..etc etc.. cause it would be a mess going in and out in and out
  5. noo noo im not selling the cpu.. i just wanted to knoe if how can u tell if it had locked or unlocked soo i can oc my cpu i didnt in no way say "how much can i sell my cpu"
  6. how much is the stock multiplyer?? n when its an unlocked multiplyer how can u find out ?? it says x 18.0 on cpz in blue
  7. i need to sell my computer due to an accident i got to..[hit n run...][an im only 17...] here is teh specs amd 64 3500+ vcore dfi-lanparty nForce-4 ultra d msi 6600gt Ocz 2x512 cas 2-2-3-6 Ocz Powerstream 520w[about 1mo old] Thermalright xp90 5 random case fans[uvreactive w/cathodes on fan 30++cfm] Cooler Master Aurogate 2 fan controler CoolerMaster dont knnow the name but its 3 guages reads leftn right speaks n harddrive. All in.. All aluminum Case Coolermaster Praetorian. idel 25c cpu 35 pwmic 38 chipset [ ite smartguardian] here is link of pic http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...mputer%20shitz/
  8. ok i had sbc for a while and i started dl MAX i mean MAX at 40kbs soo im like waht da hell.. soo i called sbc.. started B!tC**** at them like really bad saying why teh hell my friends get to dl 300-400kbs on sbc.. all they said was OH.. I SEE WHY URE GOING VERY SLOW and with a click of a button .. i mean a click of a button i go faster now i dl about avg 250-300kbs
  9. confidential/ES hardware is not allowed to be sold on this forum, nor will discussion about it be allowed. Intel frowns upon this practice and personally...I would rather not piss off Intel by allowing this to happen on my forums.
  10. hey jw do u guys know fixing scraches allumium cases for my coolermaster paretorian
  11. i say DO IT!!! if you got time.. but i suggest taht u clean ure case up can cabel mangement it soo it can get a clean clean fresh look then sleeve it
  12. yyeah that is good cabel mangement.. i wish my computer can look like that. I tried but still looks messy because ther is barly clearnce of the psu and the bay cause the thick and big wires frm ocz powerstream. i have the coolermaster praetorian. my temps currenty accoring to ite smart guardian[i knoe its not accurate] idel temps cpu 23c pwmic 31 chipset 37c
  13. my friend has started recoring music. and he asked me waht is the best sound card and the best for bang for the buck.. but he wants the best for studio quality music .. so he can start making his music[hiphop/rap]
  14. you should use the orange slots . good luck with your build. and have fun with teh ultra d. one of teh best boards out ther.
  15. i did make a sig.. i guess the picture is gone some how..
  16. they oc a p4 but could help u get into knowing how to oc and stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OepPWB26rYI
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OepPWB26rYI check it out
  18. stock chipset cooler is getting 37-40c idel load 45-47 according to smartguardian .. even thoe idont kare im still gunna get VC-RE!
  19. yup. the seasonic had some how fried my mobo . got new mobo put that seasonic psu in dont boot but my old 300w.lol it works.. just sold my seasonic for 100 soo how i gotta get a new one.
  20. i just want a quic answer witch psu should i get for overall oc n sli. i was thinking about the 520w ocz powerstrem
  21. its not vid card.. its called cold boot. happend to me and others.. return the motherboard.
  22. have this happend to you guys?? after updateing windos [sp2] when starting up computer it goes to bios then to windosxp screen then it automactty restarts by it self??? happend to like 5 or 6 of my friends and they would have to reformat the hd .. jsut to let people knoe if this happends to them.
  23. check these out!! http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Mips/DFIFreezer/ http://www.hardwarexl.com/index.php...emid=41&lang=en
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