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  1. this what they said to me You can extract your system specification file through following steps: a) Click on "Start" at the bottom left corner of your desktop. B) Click on "Run". c) In the pop-up box type in "DXDIAG" and click OK. d) If the system prompts you to select "Yes" or "No", select "Yes" e) On the pop-up box you will see a button that says "Save All Information" f) Save the information file on the Desktop g) Now attach that file that you saved in your Desktop and send it us through email. Once we receive the email along with the attached file it would be easier for us to analyze the problem and give you a quick and correct resolution.
  2. well san jose's in cali does not have it.. ther is 3 i been around in or around san jose
  3. yhea i installed the directX august. and same problem.. now currently i have 5 friends with his problem ..emaled fear.. no answer
  4. hey i dl it off bit torrent.. and when installed it . it installed sucessfully but. when i click to open it says this FearMP.exe Unable To Locate Componet This application has failed to start because d3dx9_27.dll was not found.Reinstealling this application my fix this problem i installed it and reinststalled it like a zillion times.. same thing pop up.. 2 of my friends got this
  5. i put as5 on my cpu idel cpu 31 pwmic 36 chiset 39 100%load cpu 37-35 pwmic 37 chipset 40-43 w.out as5 except chipset idel cpu 25c pwmic 36 chipset 38 [w/as5] load cpu [28-31] pwmic 38 chipset same. only my cpu went up i knoe ite isnt 100% accurate but.. jw my it got hotter i followed the rules on how to put as5 according to Articsilvers website i acctitualy trippled checked it and it looks fine i didnt change nothing didnt change fans, etc etc nothing
  6. looking around my spareparts .. and found some cpu's how much u think i can sell them?? as in craigslist? had them for about a 1yr didnt run them for about 6mo since i got a amdw/ lanparty =) they run thoe [478?] p4. 1.8ghz p4 2.2ghz asus mini atx mobo + dont rember the number but its 2.0ghz or 1.8ghz amd athlon jsut trying to get rid of it soo i can by new cpu n replace my3500+ n get a x2thinking about a 4800+
  7. why are the Computer prices going down.. I rember that amd cpus would cost 300 now its only 150-200 same and graphics card etc etc etc they went down soo soo fast and now iono when is the right time to shop for some
  8. yeah jsut was the driver.. dl the older version and bang worked fine.. thx guys.. irc #crazygaming
  9. how would u get power to the monitor?? is ther a pic u can show me?? i know u have to get it frm the psu but just wanna see pics and examples
  10. my cs was just werking fine... i been playing it on this 6600gt n it works fine.. till i didnt start my comp for 2 weeks due to mesed up hd n i installed cs eveyworked fine.. till i scoped n it looked like this http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...mgAnch=imgAnch1 hard to see but its just 4 lines and a red dot..supose to be 4lines with beads n red dot then i after a week i played and notice when people shoot a lot ther are black pixels like this. http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...mgAnch=imgAnch2 fps fine i leave it at 150fps but can get 450fps and installed the cs like about 6 or 9 times deleted it reinstallin n dl it again even dl cs instller [not steam installer] all i changed was i put as5 on it jsut like how happy said how to put it on the chipset..i looked at it again and its fine the as5 has not touched nething but the gpu Team XdNu.` develop.achieve.EVOLVE!
  11. nothing special like a 7800gtx or somethign just something avg gaming n sound comp 500 or less the less the better.
  12. can some one give me quotes on best bang for buck whole system jsut trying to get the best bang for buck for my friend.. requirements.. at least something 2.0ghz 80ghd 512ram decent gfx card can get good gfx on guildwars..cs..etc waht he gunna use it for is mainly gaming music and hw..
  13. i was just installing stuff wasnt in teh computer yet.. its gunna be today if i get my thermal paste!
  14. waht i did is took a stock p4 fan and cut it soo it hooks on my gfx card with out tape..etc etc.. here is a pic of it http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...tz/northfan.jpg here is the temp i got with it idel http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...0shitz/temp.jpg
  15. waht operating system should i run??? just as everyone else.. xp professional sp2.. windows media center .. windows x64? heard hard to find drivers n waht not for 64. or other os recommended. i was thinking media center since i do play lots of music n waht not... i also do major gaming.. soo my rig is for gaming n music and vids.
  16. im pretty shure u got teh cold boot that everyone been getting as every one has done they clear'd cmos like days n same thing.. swaped parts on and on and on and one.. same thing no boot... RMA it tha's what i have done and got a new one and work like spaken new!
  17. mine does that once a while when its to cold enough it shuts off for a sec or 2 then goes back on iono if that normal.. but ony does what with stock hsf with me..
  18. should i keep that ram mod thingy or just let it be cause the xp-90 gives a nice lil breez on the ram?? look at pics
  19. i am thinking about making a htpc[ home theeater computer] Waht is teh best os for it? and i see the os is windows media center and can u still play games etc etc or u just boot to the menu that says vid music??
  20. as every one has been getting cold boot... i tried n tried triend things n didnt get it to boot even cleared cmos for a week same problem soo i just faced the facts and just returend it to dfi and got a new one and worked perfectly
  21. what should i do... didnt test the temp yet but not yet soon too lazy to by a hd and no denero [hd crashed] should i keep that fan on the ram or KEEP it normal cause the xp-90 all ready gives air to the ram [fan came frm a p2 heatsynk] also have i took teh p4 fan frm the heatsynk and cut and waht not.. and it clamps on the vid card... and it SHOULD coool the chipset.. didnt test it yet thoe pics are here http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j159/afk...mputer%20shitz/
  22. when u do the mod.. the 2 rezistors u connect them?? or take them off??
  23. GOD DANG!!! I wish i had a shop like taht i could creat lots of crazy stuff when u have the right tools.. all i have is a screw driver.. knife and wire cutters..lol and most of the tools i seen in teh pic i have exprience using them and my o my u could create something very every nice
  24. not for me.. for my friend.. he wants to get a graphics card 100-160 bucks agp8x as of right now i saw a Asus 6800 512mb coreclock 325 mem clock 540 pixel pipelines 12 for 168
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