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  1. One thing I remember that I didn't mention was that I was using a UPS that regulated voltage the first time I had a motherboard problem. This time I was only using a surge protector (if this makes any difference). I did want to pick your brain on something though. The disturbances that possibly hurt the motherboard (that is if it wasn't a flaw in the motherboard), would these be picked up in the voltage readings say from MBM5? I mean if the PSU is continuing to deliver stable voltages, which it did b/c I never received an alarm from MBM5 (though I know its not 100% accurate) then I am wondering how this could be psu or a/c outlet connected. Just trying to learn something is all. My electical engineering skills were limited to only 2-3 semesters of EE electives.
  2. Alright, well I have a friend that is an electrician that I bet can come look at it if its that dangerous/difficult. Needless to say I want this to be the last time I have such an issue, so I want to eliminate all possible suspects so to speak. Being my main rig, it hurts alot when its down; I just hope that the storage on the raid array isn't affected. Btw, last time I sent in my board for an RMA I asked them to let me know what the problem with the old board was, but I never got told what it was. Perhaps this time they will let me in on what they found out to also help me prevent any future problems.
  3. Is there any other way to test the power coming out of the wall besides having an AC meter? All I have is a multimeter.
  4. I got the humor. There was supposed to be a wink at the end of the sentence, but it came out at the top of my post instead. Good job me. I do see what you are saying though and appreciate the advice.
  5. Ugh. But adding a UPS that has power conditioning would alleviate such a problem yes?
  6. Ah ic. How big of a ups would I need to hook the 510 psu up to? B/c the peak wattage is higher I think. Right now I just have it plugged into a surge protector. My house is only a year old, so all of the electrical wiring is new. Also, I am guessing the biggest power draw from my PSU is when I am gaming, hence why the problem reoccured when I started playing WoW again. Any other suggestions for avoiding this in the future?
  7. BTW you all reccommended looking into upgrading the 510 to maybe the 1kw version. I mean from what RGone says, the 510 seems to have a history of messing up. So is that what you would reccommend at this juncture? I really don't want this to happen again is all.
  8. I don't see how it was a waste of time when there was a burnt smell this time around and there was no response from trying to trigger the psu manually to turn on. Seemed fairly different to me at first. I guess I might as well try to RMA my psu while I am at it to see if there is any problem with it as well.
  9. Ok I sent an RMA request to DFI. This is the 2nd rma for this board. A similar problem happened before, but a few details were different. Basically my computer wouldn't power on unless I manually turned it on by shorting the psu connectors. It would work fine then (obviously doesn't work now). There was no burning smell at that time though. Shortly after I got the new board, my psu died and I had to rma it. After I got it back it had been over 2 months since I first rma's the mb. I didn't play any games until just a few weeks ago (this started back in January). Now I started playing WoW again and the whole system goes down the tube once again. I wonder what gives.
  10. I got the following: 12v = 12.13 5v = 5.17 3.3v = 3.37 I first tested on a 4-pin molex and then tested each on the 24-pin mb connector. They all came out to the same numbers, and all are well within tolerance. I mean it is possible that at some point when the psu heats up something goes wacky. So whatcha think from here?
  11. That link is exactly how I jumped it, connecting green to black. It powers on that way. However, I don't think I can run the tests, b/c I am not supposed to leave the psu on jumped that way for more than a few seconds since the computer is not running; that link says it will fry the psu. But don't you think the fact that I hooked up a different PSU and got the exact same problem suggest it must be the MB?
  12. Ye, I tried the entire battery out reset procedure, with no luck. I think my problem is a little different from everyone elses b/c its not just that I get the 4 red diagnositc lights, its the fact that the power button doesn't even work. I have to short the power supply to get the computer to even try to power on. But when I hooked up a new power supply it didn't change that problem. I hate to rma this board again b/c last time it took DFI nearly 2 months to get my replacement back to me. That really hurts when I am in a comp sci phd program and I really need my computer up and running. I am open to any other suggestions for getting this sucker to work. But it looks like I am going to have to get another RMA, sigh.
  13. Ok, tried the other psu, and I got the exact same lack of response from the mb. If i press the power button either on the front of the comp or the mb nothing happens at all. If I force boot up by manually triggering the psu, then it gives me 4 lights, but never goes past this point. So would you all conclude that it is the motherboard again?
  14. I have had the mb and the PSU replaced in the past year. Considering that the psu is refusing to power on, I am going to try to rig up someone elses psu onto my mb for a quick test to see if it will at least boot up.
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