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  1. Would like some clarification on whether you would consider this sli-d to be a faulty motherboard or not. Here's the situation .. Using a single stick of ram (regardless which one of the two is used) on either orange (slot 1) or yellow (slot 2) slot (closest to cpu) will not allow the computer to boot. However, using either single stick on slot 3 or slot 4 will allow the computer to boot. Also when booting in dual channel mode, (orange or yellow) there are no problems at all ... Just wondering what people opinion are .. is this motherboard faulty? Thanks
  2. Well sad story i've got and hoping that it doesn't get any worse ... Was doing some excel work today, nothing stressful on the rig, and suddenly i think i heard a slight pop and the screen just froze. All fans (2*120 intake & out-take, psu, gpu(?) and cpu) were working, but alt-clt-delete didn't respond, so i pulled off the power via outlet. After that tried one more time to power it up, all fans were spinning but nothing came on screen. I looked at the diag. leds and saw that it stopped at dram detected. So i've tested both stick of ram in every possible combination on the slots and most of the time it stops at the dram detected led. I've also tested both single sticks of ram in every possible combination and again, most of the time it stops at the dram detected led, however there were 3 instance s were it stopped at the CPU detected leds, which i was able to reproduce a few times consistently. Now here's my worry, given i had jumper JP17 on pins 2-3, is it possible that given both my sticks of ram are gone, that the motherboard and cpu also suffered some damage? Given i had a few instance where it stopped at the cpu detected led is this possible or am i be abit too concerned? My rig was slightly overclocked ... it was running @ 220 HTT @ default vcore, LTD was @ default as well, and RAM was @ 2-2-2-5-1T @ 3.2 volts.