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  1. Actually sounds like a good idea. Maybe I wont go shoot the board. Prolly be easier to swallow 200$ on new ram than on a mobo.
  2. Ok well I used my friend's Expert board and I'm still having the same issues. Looks like I'll take this board down to the on base shooting range and a video camera. Seeing alot of horror stories with the PC4800 ram from OCZ not even working on this board.
  3. Well i changed back to the 25/11 bios. I can finally overlcok if I decide to use 1t however windows gives me the good old NTLDR not found error. 2t is still broked for me. Im going to go ahead and junk this board, unless anyone else has any more sugestions, Im going back to the SLI-DR board.
  4. So did moving to the old BIOS help? I tried the BigToe 704 for the Expert board. And it really didnt do much.
  5. I think I got a bad board so I guess ill have to RMA it to DFI. :/
  6. Ok so I did some testing. Running all four sticks @ 2T with memtest was a disaster. It wouldnt even get to the 3rd test. As in it would get stuck trying ot start the 3rd test and hardlock. I found out how ot run 2 sticks. Howerver I have ot run them in 2T. Dont even ask how memtest went with those. I tried overclocking with both configs at all sorts of settings and speeds. Every single time the computer would freak and the fans would start blowing full force and the diag lights would start flipping out. This is really frustrating me as im about to just chuck the mobo and go back to Asus. I dont see how this mobo is being a pain when I had my SLI-DR board work so perfect. I feel like I'm the proud owner of a misnamed dell.
  7. I have 4 sticks of the stuff. I can run only this config, either I go with only slot 2 or i have to populate ALL the slots or else my computer wont even boot.
  8. Wow you make me feel so much better! I thought I was going nuts. Hrm DDR600 ram as well. I wonder if this is a problem with all TCCD PC4800.
  9. Yeah im running the stock ram timings. This is a wierd problem since my SLi-DR mobo would only run these sticks in 2t at the same timings.
  10. How I fized it was the ram wouldnt work unless it was in slot 2. Then i updated the BIOS to the 12/7 if it wasnt already. And now im force to run all 4 slots populated and have to run em in 1t.
  11. I have no choice however to run 1t or else windows wont work. I know it seems strange but I spent all week and I finally figured it out yesterday.
  12. Ok so im having some issues with this board. I 've run across a wierd issue with what slots i can populate my ram into. I have the choice of running in slots 2, or I can only run it in all four slots. When i run it in 4 slots my only option is to run 1t 2.5-4-4-10. However i think forcing the 1t timings is having an adverse affect on windows. It likes to just randomly crash out. Somtimes its 10mins or somtimes its 20hrs. Also this board refuses to overclock with this ram I have. Kinda supprising since my SLI-DR board would hit 255HTT with all four slots populated. Has anyone run into this problem of being forced to run 1t timings and the slot issue? Btw I've tried all sorts of voltages, and timings on the ram.
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