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  1. <3 my geil one. Wish they made a 2gig kit, though. It's an inherent risk to try two different types of ram on these boards. Worth a try of course, but if you're having lots of crashing and such, the first thing you should turn to is the memory. I don't know if you've used that Patriot ram before, but I have a 2 gig kit in a computer I built for a friend of mine, and it's really good stuff. Clocks well, looks good, you really can't go wrong. Congratulations on getting such an awesome 'puter. I'm jealous.
  2. try installing windows on a single drive to verify that it's not an hdd problem.
  3. Your temps will drop dramatically with a nice heatsink/fan combination and Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.
  4. CPU fan turning off means your CPU was probably at < 25 degrees celcius.. which isn't odd if your computer had been sitting for a while.. not a big deal unless you're certain it's getting hot in there and the fan doesn't turn on. You really, REALLY need to get a better PSU... and probably better memory if you plan on doing any overclocking at all.
  5. It doesn't really matter, if you're more comfortable it not fluctuating, stay with 1.485... That's not too high a voltage bump anyway.
  6. Yeah, I know. I had it -running-, just very buggy. You name the hotfix/driver update, I've downloaded it. Plus, it's a gaming computer... and it's 939... might as well go single core while they still dominate the gaming world, and then a dual core upgrade will be really easy when the time comes.
  7. You're off to the wrong start if you want a "really stable system" No matter how stable an overclock you get, it will always be less stable than stock. Before you start overclocking you need to verify that all of your components are sufficient for handling speeds higher than rated. Take your time, run benchmarks, make sure your system is stable every 10 mhz you increase the FSB(HTT), it's no fun to jack up the FSB 50mhz and then have to go down. People are decieved by overclocking... it's not a day's work, it's a week's, sometimes a month's work. And if your processor doesn't hit 2500mhz stably, be grateful that it didn't die in the process and you can still lower it a bit.
  8. It is highly, HIGHLY recommended that you get a PSU with a native 24-pin connector. Look for the "A List" of psus, there are tons of options in there... lots of great deals.
  9. I hear good things about the Patriot 2x1 gig kit. Just a thought.
  10. Well... I built a computer for a guy who I'm doing a partial trade with. He wanted a gaming computer, I told him he should stick to single core for now and go dual core when they're better supported... but he was insistent that I get an X2. So, naturally, I wanted the 2mb L2 cache and went with the 4400. Bad move. It runs perfectly, makes it through benchmarks without a hiccup, just doesn't like NFSU:Most Wanted (which is a necessity for the guy I'm building it for ). So, I'mma let it go. It's only been used for 4 days, haven't changed voltage/done any overclocking yet, just been sitting in there enjoying itself while I try and troubleshoot to get it to run NFSU:MW. More detailed description: (all descriptions from CPU-Z 1.31) AMD X2 Toledo (Brand ID: 5) Family: F, Ext. Family: F, Model: 3, Ext. Model: 23, Stepping: 2, Revision: JH-E6 Clock speed: 200x11=2200MHZ L1D:128+128kb L2: 1024x2mb I'll give it up for 350$ shipped. No guarantees that it's a stellar overclocker as I haven't taken it through the ropes yet, but judging by its stability (outside of NFSU:Most Wanted) it shouldn't give you any problems if you're looking to make fun of the guy who spent 700 dollars on a 4800+. Ask me for pictures. UPDATE: Sold, thanks guys!
  11. I bought the CCB-A1C. Are you sure it's not this? Dimensions are 51.2x59x14.2, has a copper base and 3.5cfm. yadda yadda. I just want to make sure I bought the right model before I open it and put AS5 on it. I also have this Thermaltake Crystal Orb to check out... 50x50x15, seems a bit smaller, but a bit taller. Oh well. It nearly quadruples the CFM, so maybe it's a better idea.
  12. Ten bucks says it's your CD-R/CD-RW/CD drive. Unplug it and try booting.
  13. Too bad a new PSU gave me 300 mhz more overclock. Old one worked fine on my previous NF4SLI machine. It's not overstated at all, people just refuse to believe that a power supply can cause problems. It's more annoying to see people like you come in and bash someone's suggestions... I suppose the "memory expert" knew alot more than I do, but you might boot with two sticks so you can get to your bios and mess around with your memory settings a bit more.. keeping in mind that CPC should always be disabled, which you know.. there really isn't a way to predict what is causing it to be unable to boot, so supposing it's a memory setting it'll just be a painstaking task of guess and go.
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