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  1. This is really cool, I just hope that I dont kill this guys bandwidth in the process of sharing it :shake: http://members.cox.net/transam57/lights.wmv
  2. As of right now the 7800GT is spoken for. The Hard drive is also currently spoken for.
  3. For sale: eVGA 7800GT PCIe 256MB graphics card stock 445Mhz core/1.07Ghz Memory http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=256-P2-N518-AX $225 + Shipping Remember, with the latest drivers you can add this to another 7800GT from any manufacturer and step up to SLi! Pictures posted shortly 2GB Pqi PC3200 ram (2x1gb sticks) 3-4-4-8 timings http://www.pqi.com.tw/product2.asp?oid=77&cate1=86&PROID=212 This ram works perfectly fine, MEMtested for 14+ hours. $125 + Shipping Maxtor 250GB 7200RPM PATA HDD with 16MB cache http://www.maxtor.com/portal/site/Maxtor/m...=Specifications $50 + Shipping Picture posted shortly I dont know that anyone will actually want to buy this because of shipping, but hey... 19" Samsung CRT Monitor SyncMaster 997DF, flat CRT http://product.samsung.com/cgi-bin/nabc/pr...od_id=LE19ISBBQ $75 + Shipping Sorry about the crappiness of the pics, they are off of a hacked CVS one time use camera... If you are wondering, I recently spent a large sum of money on my computer. After which I though about buying a new car, soooo.... I figure I can deal with the hit on the performance so that I can throw some money into the pot for a car, thats why all of this has come up. There are NO DEFECTS on any of this equipment. Items ship from 76207 via USPS.
  4. I have the P180 and I am very satisfied. Its not a case for watercooling though if you are thinking of doing that in the future.
  5. how much Thermal interface material did you use when you installed the cooler? you only need a very small BB size drop on the IHS, then mash the heatsink on it to spread it out. I used to use to much and it raised my temps by 5-10C depending, so this could definately be your problem...
  6. I know its a little off topic but I wanted to see what everyone thought of this little thing: http://www.koolance.com/shop/product_info....products_id=251 I know that some german company was making a ram watercooler, but it didnt look like it would accomodate 4 dimms. Now that another maker has thought to make such a component, I wonder if other makers will pick this up. It seems like a smart idea with since most of us need active ram cooling because we push it over 3v... Just wanted some thoughts on it
  7. thats the rule I go by, right at 50, and spikes to 52 are ok, but max...
  8. Wow... thats a 939 chip? what kind of cooling is on that bad boy? I think that there should be a Opteron Overclocking forum in here, it seems that this has (or will) out grow a single thread! (of course, make it all unofficial and all.)
  9. SuperMod? Wow... last time i looked it was only moderator in blue letters
  10. My $.02.... Drop the corsair memory. I had problems with that stuff when I first got my DFI board. It is porblematic.
  11. It differs from cpu to cpu. Depends on your RAM, Stepping, core, voltage, temps, and about a million other variables. Example, alot of people have been able to take a venice 3000+ to 2.7GHz with 1.55v, and I have to use 1.55v just to get mine stable at 2.5ghz. and I cant get it any higher without instability. It just depends and you have to figure it out for yourself. Generally, you dont want your temps over 50c and you dont want your voltage over 1.6-1.65 (and thats an absolute maximum)
  12. did you apply your own thermal interface material? or did you use the stock stuff thats on the HS? If you do your own, you only need a SMALL BB (maybe smaller) size drop on your proc, then smash it down with your HS.... It sounds like you might have a little bit too much on there. Also, have you updated your bios yet? It may be reporting it incorrectly since we dont know what version you have. But yes, my proc overclocked like it is will get under 30, sometimes down to 27 at idle (used to rid right at 32 with the stock heatsink) and gets up to 48-50 under full prime load (only around 44-45 during gaming) In my experience temps dont go up a whole hell of alot when you overclock, just be sure to keep it as low as possible, and under 50c for sure.
  13. Coming from someone who is interested in this... but doesnt have the time/patience to read through all twelve pages of this thread, I think it would be a great idea for someone to compile an unofficial Faq about running opterons in your DFI board. Like what kind of ram you have to run, what bios seems to be the best to use, how to prepare for dropping a opteron in after using a a64, etc etc... just an idea.
  14. Im using a Iceberq4 on mine, I just had to grind down part of the base of it to clear a component and drill two holes for the pins, really not a big deal at all... dropped my temps between 4 and 8 C... and its quieter
  15. I wouldnt personally go over 1.65 even if I was on phase change cooling (unless it was just a suicide overclock) and 51c is about the max temperature you should take a a64 at all. I have my proc clocked up to 280x9=2520 @ 1.4x113% (about 1.55-1.56 actual voltage) and I am riding right at 50c. I recently did a minor heatsink upgrade (some thermaltake silent thing with two heatpipes) and it brought me down about 2c and after the AS5 cures, I am hoping for another 2, then maybe I'll push harder. I'm waiting till I get some water cooling in there till I push it any harder than this really.
  16. I dont think that youre going to get much support for a MSI board in a DFI support forum dude. Sorry.
  17. Which bios, which board, etc... you need to make yourself a sig like I have... its the rules of the forum so we can help
  18. Eh? Yeah, yeah it is. Because even on dividers, you gotta find the settings that the ram likes best. If you dont, then its not stable. Plus, I dont want to run a flat 400DDR, I want to push at least 466DDR....
  19. 2520MHz @ 1.55v from 1800Mhz @ 1.4v... Still rising by the way, just have to get ram in check.
  20. you need barilly a bb size spot, I put too much on once and pulled the cpu out of the socket without being able to unlock the ZIF socket! (back when I had a 754 a64)
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