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  1. Got the board four days early. :) right now it seems fairly stable @11x230 39c idle) :rolleyes: :nod: I think I'll try and toaster that. Then I'll rollup my sleeves and see what she can do. :shake: (I'm not stuck at 210 anymore) :) I was with my other-board it seemed to have a power distribution problem :mad: . I havent got the mosfets sinked yet or my bh-5 burned yet. So 11x230 is good enough for now. :angel: LOL When I get the graphics drivers in I'll 3dm01se and some more superpi'sThen I'll go for the prime95 run. I hope it works Hope I don't break nuthin' "Clay"

  2. I looked and looked for three days! All the store's in the net, that I checked were either out of stock or didn't carry them anymore. Finally I found an "Infinity" in Ebay. I paid a fairly good price for it too. I do surely hope it's a good one! :sweat: It' should be here by tuesday.(I hope!) :sweat: I also hope it's a decent clocker. (Not that I'm shootin' for the moon.LOL) Then if she'll fire up I'll be shootin' for a Toaster-sig. ;) (I hope)

    I've got a screenie of this one that did it.(More than once.LOL) :) But I'll wait til' my "Infinity" gets here and do it with a diffrent multi and some more fsb.(And the right mobo LOL) :angel: I'll probably need some help too... Thank's in advance "Clay"

  3. Thanks Wizard that's new to me. I'd never heard of that! Even a new chip? It must have killed some other board componites as well then.=Dead board then. Wish I'd waited and checked back on the post before typin' all that hope up.! 4 dead leds=dead board. (Not just hosed bio's) I will remember that. Thanks "Clay"

  4. Heres a link to clarify Cmos clearing. http://www.logan.eclipse.co.uk/dfi_ui___lpb_faq.htm#Memory You'll find a section about a little more than half way down the page. Just past the bio's section. Called cmos clearing the dfi way. The jumper appears to be between the southbridge chip and the top pci slot. It says first unplug the computer. Then remove the cmos battery. Then set that jumper to the 2-3 pin position. for 30-60 sec min. (According to this version) I've also seen recomenditations after a bios flash of 12 hour min. In other sections. Other sections where poeple are ironing the buggs out of new boards. And have flashed to a bios that seems to have disagreed with thier boards. And had to reflash to an earlier version. To clear for much longer to get rid of the former bios residual settings. And hopefully whatever else was ailing it.(Sometimes many hrs)

    When satisfied that the cmos is cleared this says: Replace the cmos jumper to the run position.(1-2 pins then jumped) Replace the cmos battery. Plug the computer into the wall socket. Boot to the bios configuration screen. Load optmised defaults. Save and exit. Reboot into the bios configuration and change the settings to your liking. Note: Its best if you only make minimal changes at a time in the bios, then save and exit, i.e. 1 or 2 changes. It minimises on bios corruption. (

    Also note next time you set your processor speed remember DDR doubles it. 133 was 266fsb. What you did was set it for 533. A might high is my guess. I'd say that's it! when overclocking go slow and test your results.Then test them some more. Probably that rig of yours could pull 533ddr if the multis are unlocked and you've really good memory. In some of these post's here I've seen em' runnin' lot's higher than that! UIs-LPs But not without some preparation.


    But that's enough on that. Outa' Me.LOL I'm sure you'll do better next time.


    I noticed that you mentioned removing the heatsink? or just fan?. This could be the problem if you removed the heatsink(Or loosened it) didn't clean it,and the chip die with alchol and apply new thermal paste.(I've seen that before)(Probably not the problem though) Near instant shutdown. Also If you've heated yer' processor and it has shut-down due to heat. Clearing the cmos by this method cannot hurt. (Hehee probably all it needs)

    I could be wrong but I really don't think you've hurt anything. Making mistakes is how we learn. He who makes no mistakes usually makes nothing.

    While my dfi experience is nearly nil' I've been building computers for many-many years.Not allways with the best of instructions either. I myself have really destroyed very few componites. I've seen others set the jumpers for 3.5vcore on k6-2s and cook them. (Cooked a 486 myself by plugging it in wrong LOLCost me $450.00 too)But I don't think your mistake was that serious. (I've done worse and am none the worse for the wear.LOL(maybe wiser for it)) I figure at worst you may have hosed the bios. Processors at least the athlons XPs are very tough and will usually shut down the system before they fry.(Not allways though!)

    Did you disconnect the sata? This might help too.

    What I would try is clearing the cmos the long way. (Let er' set some hrs in the clear mode)There maybe other help here I think Rgone posted something here : About 45s the way to the bottom of the page.Past the nvmixer stuff before "the hals explained." Under "cold-warm boot problems."(I think your answers maybe there. At= http://www.logan.eclipse.co.uk/dfi_ui___lpb_faq.htm#Memory

    Also off of Rgones post there there are some links to cmos reloaded you may look these over and see if anything helps. In this forum there is a wealth of knowledge and good people who really know these dfi's. (And computer's peroid)

    And someone else will know what exactly is wrong and how to fix it. If that doesn't help. Stay tuned! "Clay" :)

  5. Alexia: I sure hope this little bit,helps ya' out. Paypal sez you'll get it by the 19th though I have a reciept for it now. (Verification they say.it's good though) :angel:

    I'd hate to see ya' lose yer' rig. Or anything! I've read some of your post's.

    You do alot here!````And this is the best support forum in the net. Ive learned alot here. And I don't even own a DFI!(YET!)LOL

    Well I hope this finds you well and happy."Clay" :) PS don't worry it'll be OK

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