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  1. This brings back memories.......  Tmod-Loggan... Peep's workin' together. To figure out all the diffrent values for all the diffrent devices and setting to hack up a new modded bios for the various boards.. (I didn't help but I watched.. ) I miss that.....

  2. I know. You should lock this thread and create a 4Ghz club.:thumbsup:


    I actually overclocked my CPU to get to 3ghz but its on stock cooling and it was fairly easy to do. 4Ghz is a more worthy goal.


    This thread is a carry over from DFI street. It was moderated by the TheFlowerKing. It was started for AMD 754-939 and am2's were also later welcome.. We also had a socket "A" toaster thread for 2500mhz or 250 fsb(or both). The socket "A" toasters were awarded with a custom sig. Made by "TheKingofNothing". There was a lot of camaraderie in helping each other overclock to get our toaster sigs. Tons of fun!! I miss it.. I like to come back and look over the old thread. It brings back some happy memories.


    For instance: For the original "Toaster" the requirement was just a screenshot showing cpuz cpu and mermory tabs and an error free 8+ hours run of prime95t mixed blend ..Plus the score of a successful 3dmark01 run. All in the same screenshot. posted in the toaster thread.

    Later OCDB entries were required for the toasters, and the ggg club. screen shots added requiring 3dmark03, 3dmark05, and aquamark3.. Plus cpuz,cpu and memory tabs in each additional screenshot.. I think later they added 3dmark06 but I wasn't playing anymore. Everest screenshots were optional. (Edit5:) All to be posted in the overclockers database thread with a list of all hardware and bios settings.CPU stepping ect Using the overclocker database form. (OCBD) WHEEW!! LOL....


    I think that covers the history of this thread.

    A screenie of cpuz,just wasn't good enough..


    Edit Revision4 BIGTIME!!: There is already a very nice AMD overclocking thread here. Sorry about all the of the redundant typing and edits.... I really do need some new glasses...(I'm blind as a bat even with a 27' monitor.)


    Here: For those as blind as me. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=166630


    Edit6: Wow that was alot of editing. And after rereading it I really should start over... Oh well... Thanks for putting up with me people.

  3. Threatening People=Suicide. :cheers:


    As my Tang Soo Do instructor once told me: "If two guys come up saying they're going to beat the crap out of you, and you pull a gun on them, you just became the criminal. Now if someone's running at you with a knife, and you somehow miraculously get your gun out in time to shoot him, you just saved your life legally." He's a strong advocate of the second amendment, too.

  4. I am so glad I live in AZ!!!!!!! It was always an open carry state.. But Nowadaze anyone over 21 can put their pistols in their pockets.. And it's legal! Imagine that .. Legalizing the constitution... Who would have guessed??

  5. Yuma... Today it was nice and cool though. 77.5f now on the front porch. I think on the average it's a bit warmer here. But then I haven't looked at a weather map in ages....


    The temps can make overclocking a bit difficult. Especially since I'm used to the heat. And when I lower the temps enough to make much of a difference to the computer. It's too cold for me..


    Where at in AZ? I'm down in Tucson. Even with the rain it was high 70s here today. Before the rain it was hovering around 90 already lol

  6. I officially had to turn my CPU back to stock. I was running a mild 400MHz OC on my AthlonII x4 620 during the winter, but now that it is getting warmer here it's time to go back to slow. My ambient air temps went from 55F (meat locker status) to 85F in a matter of a week and a half. Whoever says climate change doesn't exist is retarded :P


    As of now, with the high ambient temps and stock speeds, I idle at 32C and max at 50C. When it was cooler, I would max out at 38C and idle at 24C LOL



    Oh yeah it's that time of year again I've got to run my window AC or my gfx card gives errors. Heheh... Good thing I checked my loop as I had a full blown algae bloom in progress.. LOL I thought it a bit odd that my ambient to cpu load delta was a couple of c higher than it should have been.(3-5c normally) So when I finally decided to check it. It was alive!! Mine's just a single core and my cooling is probably something pretty close to okay for it.. I live in AZ it already in the 90's here during the day..(Currently 58.5 outside)

  7. Hello everyone!

    (I hope I got this in the right thread.)


    I'm a carry-over from DFI-street.. Who had some trouble logging in. I'm building a new rig now. So I'll be reading and commenting along with the rest of ya's..


    Best to all of ya's..



  8. Hehe... Asus forums? I remember that place . I got about 100 posts over there mostly trying to tell new builders that they can't reuse thermal tape. And trying to tell the guy with 7998 posts that the guy with the a7n8x-e del and utt-ch5 can't put his mems on a divider because that board doesn't have any.. And it probably wouldn't help much even if it did..(Max vdimm 2.8. 2.9 with modded bios) Don't get me too wrong. There are/were some very knowledgible people over there. But they kinda' seemed to be spread abit thin. I remember "Trats" would stop by and would build a custom bios on request. (That was cool... LOL)

    Humm.... A user operated ASUS forum? That's probably a really good thing! Heh...

    But I think I gave up on asus's along time ago. Maybe someday I'll look into them again. (But for now, I kinda" doubt it)

  9. Yulp... Keepin' er' under 55c is about right..(After that the odds of errors seem to increase.) And 1.55 is okay I think.. Though less in both regards is almost allways better. When it can be done.


    For 3ghz my 148 needed 1.575 while my current xp4000 only needs 1.4.... Every processor is a diffrent beast..


    Some processors will do do 3ghz easy @stock volts on air. While others will need 1.65+. Others can't doit no matter what the cooling or voltage.

    Best advice I think is to do a search of your processors exact stepping. And see what results others are getting. Then goto the OCDB and get the best match to your memory sticks(System) for the best timings.


    3Ghz on that processor? well it certainly looks like you have a good fighting chance. [email protected] 1.4 stable?

    That purdy good! 2.86 fail? You might up the vid abit and maybe try a bigger divider. Some processor will scale nicely too a point,then run completely outta' gas. Timings are very very important too.

  10. I myself really don't know what to say about that.. What was the question? It would seem like a board-bios issue to me. A modded bios might give you some more volts. If I remember right that's one of the reasons I quit buying asus boards. At that time they didn't really support overclocking. At least not very much. That was along time ago though.


    Edit: Mt a7n8x-e del would support max voltage on the mobile processor to 1.825v and on the athlonXP to 1.85.(I believe that's right.) Even with the modded bios. At anty rate diffrent processors would give a diffrent max as far as the core voltages went.

  11. The Contitution does not guarantee health care! It guarantees freedom! Therefore the federal government should not even be involved. It should go back to minding it's own bussiness as the contitution dictates. The states however should be able to do pretty much whatever they want. Provided their measures are contitutionally approved. (That hasen't happened in a while)


    Perhaps if the federal reserve would quit printing money out of thin air. Or maybe if we would quit borrowing 3billion dollars a day from foreign interest .. The cost of healthcare might drop.. Big government+Big spending=Big corruption+Big inflation..Which means the little guys gets hurt. Usually the defenseless. If you don't believe me..

    Google " foster kids meds ". I could rant forever. Vaccines with mecury based preservatives? Congress passed a law to remove that. But bush vetoed it. Oh well.... I guess.... It's an interest of his family.. That really all I should say about him. GRRRRRR!!!!! Government has no bussiness in medicine.


    Michael Moore? He misses alot!(On purpose.) You'd might as well let Henry Kissinger make your documenteries. "Sicko" I haven't seen it yet. But I'll look it over. (Then I'll search for the truth) Sounds like a part of a push for billary's campiagn.


    Billary? OMG! Please no! But unless a miricle happens he-she-it-them is our next president.

    It has been reported that she was at bilderbergs in 06. (She denies it. But sez Bill was there) I may have footage of her there,here somewhere. But I get so much stuff. It's like trying to get a drink outta' a firehose.. (And sorting the facts from fiction)But since Bilderbergs don't invite wannabe presidents..(Or thier husbands) Then Yep.. You got it.... (The fix is in..)


    Global warming: The polar ice caps on mars are melting. So it would stand to reason that the polar ice caps here would melt too. (Solar cycle) Though I'm an avid cyclist and I don't burn gas. (I don't drive.) And I dislike sharing "MY" road with motorist. LOL.. I don't believe CO2 is the threat it's presented. A world carbon tax will just give the UN more power.(Wouldn't even slow the CO2 down) The methane in the permafrost thats melting is a bigger danger. And the methane hydrate in the oceans is a really really bad deal should the ocean currents warm up. Might as well be camping out on venus.. So if were gonna' cook. Were gonna' cook.. A global carbon tax isn't going to stop it. Propaganda for more money-power for the UN? Looks like.........


    Maybe I'm old fashion but I believe we as a country have lost sight of something very very important. What happened people?


    Someone asked about Ron Paul. Myself I'm supporting him. But there are some big hurdles. First major media networks mostly missquotes his views. Along with everything else happening in the world.(Spin) Or they just don't tell us about it. But then when you investigate who owns these networks. It should be no surprise. Then theres some perscution.


    Then the problem getting the nomination. If he gets that far I believe he can win.


    But then again the last president who shared his views was murdered. (Along with his brother and his son) Goodness! Who could do such a thing? And why? And how did they get away it for so long? That alone should tell you who did it.


    "What this country really needs right now. Is a doctor."


    Ron Paul is a baby doctor he's delievered 4000+ babies. I'm sure if he was there when the lady mentioned at the start of the thread had her baby. She would have got treated. We need to start taking better care of each other. Money shouldn't be the issue it has become.


    If anyone is interested in Ron Paul? http://www.ronpaul2008.com/


    Edit: Ooops! I'm sorry Angry this thread is not for americans... I skimed through the whole thing before posting. But I seem to have missed that little blurb at the start...... (Sorry)

  12. I gave up on them... All I can do is try to shoo them away from sony and e-mechines.. I won't build for new users anyway .. They have to be at least semi advanced. It's a real bad idea. As they have a tendency to mess things up and blame the builder. And if they are advanced enough to know the diffrence they can build it themselves. With maybe a coupla' pointers. Sheeesh.... It's not exactly rocket science..

  13. I'm sorry I jus' found this thread. And I must apoligize another of my long absences.. Looks like ya' fixed er'. I hosed up my lp-b's bios really bad a coupla' daze back. (I think I shut down too soon after a flash)2leds of death. Tried the bios in the infini-ho. To hotflash from. No dice! (Random flashing leds wouldn't stop,wouldn't boot LOL)Tried all the conventional stuff. (pc2100,ect) nuthin' doin'.... Finally I pulled the chip. And ran it without a bios chip with the battery out and the jumper in the clear position. put the hosed up lp-b bios back in and ran it in the clear position with the battery out. then I put the infinity bois in and did the same thing. Then I set everything to run battery back in infinity bios chip in the lp-b. And it's alive!!!!! LOL Hotflashed the lp-b chip And it's all good again. I'm not sure what all of that bit worked that broke it loose. And wouldn't recomend anyone else try that unless a very last resort. But it seems like worked for me. Also I tried moving the mems to diffrent slots while I was doing all of that. Not sure exactly what fixed it but I'm typing this post on iit now. So.... Just sumptin' else to try when all else fails..

  14. Looks good,nicely done.. Not what I would do. But to each his own.


    (I was seriously toying with the idea of buying a "meanwell" again for tecs. But the mems on my gfx card are dying. So that idea goes on the back burner again. At least until I can solve the first problem.)

  15. Well guys it looks like the mems on my 7900gt are dying. So I'm hopping to upgrade. Evga 8800gts 640mb version 500/1600. but I have a coupla quick questions. (Afore I start ah money-grubbin' fer' da' funds.)


    1#.Will my maze4 gpu block fit?

    2#.How many ramsinks will I need? Will I have to mod any of them?


    humm... Maybe I should hang on abit The 9800's will be out soon and either grab one dem' er' Hopefully a nice cheap 8800.


    Edit: Nevermind I looked it all up.. Got em' all figured out now...(Thought it was good for a quick anwser Oh well...........................)

  16. Yeah that's one of the reasons. Why I try to shoo people away from kits. Often the parts are not easy to replace. Except through the manufacturer. Sometimes not even then. And any upgrades are usually impossible.


    I find it interesting to note. That on this kinda' stuff. Most "Professional" reviews don't post ambeint temps.


    But it looks like you're doing pretty good temp wise..

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