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  1. Items are SOLD please delete/close thread thanks
  2. I will take 1 or 2 if they are getting ship to the Uk and shipping is reasonable price Thanks in advance.
  3. I had a tagan 900w turbojet kept cooled booting, but it was revision 1 so they could of sorted it by now Looks likePyr0 is running fine
  4. this has woke me up nice colours/colors, looks awsome
  5. day187

    ever fell through your loft

    yeah got house insurance for the first time ever back in Octorber 2005 :angel: i thought i would post it to brigton up peoples day, my girlfriend just come and she is :shake: too "i thought i was going to be in the dog house"
  6. day187

    ever fell through your loft

    lol Thanks yes i'm ok, i was gutted after i came around (fell all way to the deck) then i saw the funny side now just makes me laugh everytime i walk past, it happened in my bedroom hope there no bats up there. hehehe
  7. man i was in my loft about 40 mins ago lost my balance and fell here is the result hehehehe
  8. day187

    5 GHz OMG, check this out!

    Thats old now mate but still impressive!!!!
  9. day187

    Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler = 400USD

    Not to sure on the US release date but there is a thread over at XS with a lot of people waiting for this unit and OCZ are keeping them informed
  10. day187

    Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler = 400USD

    I'm waiting for the ocz phase unit myself but i heard it going to be late August to arrive in Europe, so this should get me through the summer and hopefully the ocz will be out by then.
  11. day187

    Coolit Freezone CPU Cooler = 400USD

    My final verdict on the coolit Freezone CPU cooler after a month of operation 1.Very easy to install 2.Temperatures are very good under 1.54v 3.Noisey when turned on full 4.Will not fit in my coolermaster stacker 830 with the DFI-dr motherboard due to the on board sound card been a couple of CM to high, works with my Venus in the 830 with the sound card been shorter than the dr sound card 5.Keeps my memory nice and cool due to the fitting position of the coolit 6. Temperature jump up 15 degrees from idle when on full load 7/10 http://img322.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lowestyet9ox.jpg