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  1. Good PSU.............. Now do you have the 4 pin floppy power connected to your motherboard. Its above your video card slot ?
  2. Pal....... Relax, I'm talking about when the board first came out. normally a new board sells out in a couple of days at newegg. They even lower the price after the day I brought mine and last time I checked Its instock :nod:
  3. DFI Needs a new Bios Update for this board, Now I now why newegg wasn't selling these boards :nod:
  4. I thought it was only me........ hey, where's Angry with some help :nod:
  5. Only thing that I see...... is when I update the bio, sometimes I have to hit the reset button to boot.
  6. Just got mine this afternoon.............. hoping everything goes well.
  7. My RDX200 board should be arriving later today....... Wooo Hoooo :nod:
  8. Only was trying to help....... Wish you luck with your board :nod:
  9. I'm just looking at your singature, that processor is a 940 pin. DFI NF3 250GB (6/23 Bios)----------------------------------------------------------------------DFI LanParty RDX200 CF-DR (Stock Bios) AMD 64 2800+ - Newcastle - (9 x 267 - 1:1 - 1.8V) - Thermalright XP-90-------------------AMD Opteron 146 - CABYE 0536GPMW - (270 x 10 @1.482V) - Scythe SCNJ-1000 Mushkin 3200 LII V2 - 2 x 512 - TCCD (2.5,3,3,6 @2.7V)------------------------------------Crucial Ballistix PC4000- 2x1GB - (?) Antec 380W---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Seasonic S12 600W BFG 6800GT OC - (stock) -----------------------------------------------------------------------Sapphire X1800 XL - (?) Samsung 160GB SP1614N (IDE)----------------------------------------------------------------WD 74GB Raptor x 2 (Raid 0) Antec Sonata-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lian-Li V1000B SW Case
  10. I hope I'm lucky also, I'll be ordering mine this morning here will be the spec's: DFI LanParty UT RDX200 Cross-Fire AMD 3500+ ClawHammer ThermaRight SI-120 :nod: CORSAIR ValueSelect (4x512MB) = 2GBs VisionTek XTASY Radeon X850XT 256MB 160 GB IDE Hard drive 4x40 GB Sata HD 2x 120 & 2x80 Sata on Silicon Coolermaster Stacker Enermax EG565P-VE 535W :nod: Windows XP Pro SP 2
  11. Dead Link....... :shake: :shake: :shake:
  12. I'm wondering if the SI-120 will fit....... seem it maybe close to 1st video card.
  13. Question....... I just purchase the Xtasy Radeon 850XT not crossfire ed, now will I be able to use it with the RDX200 CF-DR ?????
  14. I'm using the westell 327w....... Works good for me :nod:
  15. What Heatsink Are You Guys Using...... On Your Board ? :nod:
  16. In my case I think it was AOL....... cause once I unintalled it, everything speed up again.
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