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  1. MY CPU is A64 2800+ ~~~ Default is 200X9. one ram..... Default cpu/ram voltage 300X8 ok but two ram can not start the pc.... Blooz1 - your ram is single band? my ram is double band..... double band can not going to 300Mhz?!
  2. amd 2800+ is rated at 200X9=1.8ghz . i want going up to 300X8=2.4ghz. use one dram FSB Bus Frequency - 300 FSB AGP Bus Frequency - 66mhz LDT/FSB Frequency - 3 DRAM Frequency Set - 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) 3-4-8-4 Command Per Clock (CPC) - Disable pass.... use two dram same set no pass....
  3. thanks i try do it .but also no pass.. who use two SDRAM and use the ddr600? if u pass ,can u tell me the bios version
  4. i'm sorry.my english is bad my dimm is vdata DDR566 512X2 CPU is AMD 2800+ on the DFI NF3 250GB one dimm DDR600 300X8=2.4G PASS two dimm DDR600 300x8=2.4G NO PASS DDR566 300x8=2.4G NO PASS DDR500 300X8=2.4G PASS WHY?
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