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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Having a few problems getting my 170 torture stable @ 2.9GHz using as per sig, I have a temp probe attached to the top side of the IHS that gets upto ~ 38c so maybe overheating ?? I may have to flip the lid but only as a last option, not knowing correct temps is a real downfall for the expert , it has FA to do with using an Opty as temps are reported wrong using an X2 3800 Oh and a bit OT but does anyone know were I can find pics of ware to place DMM probes to check for correct Vcore and Vdimm ?? Thks
  2. What ram drive and data strengths are you using palehorse ??, I have found 6 and 1 to work best for me
  3. I should be getting my Expert tomorrow so I hope this issue is fixed ASAP Without even semi accurate temp readings is not the way to OC :mad:
  4. Thanks Tony, will give it a shot later today