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  1. Hello, and thank you! I just used the bootable BIOS CD to go to a 310 BIOS. however, when it boots up, it claims I have no RAM and says lanparty. windows works just fine now though. Probably because it's for a different mobo. I am now thinking that windows flashing just sucks. Are there any CD bootable BIOSes for my NF4-DAGF bios? Or is it just on the CD since there were more than one 310 bios? I am looking through the 414 bioses. the first seems to be lanparty. Are these all lanparty?? outside of the chipset running about 5 degrees hotter it seems to work just like the one that came with the mobo. Thanks again a lot!
  2. edited, fixed all I need now is a bootable BIOS Cd for a nf4-dagf mobo, NOT a lanparty. thanks for all the help. also can I damage the board by using the lanparty bios with a dagf board? If so then I might just buy a floppy to flash it back.
  3. This is twice as loud as the zalman I have running when it's set to quiet mode. Which would be better, this or this? Would it require that I just take off the normal fan or that I take the whole mobo out of the case to put this new heatsink on? What is the difference between those? Also, my video card is a cheap trashy x300se. I do not game at all. It has a fan on it. I can't turn all the fans off but I would like to know wheather or not it's making a lot of the noise I hear also. If so, any passive coolers recommended? I may get a zalman, but I only have one PCI card slot free next to the PCI so it can not take up too much space. I did a search and didn't find too much on the fanless ones. I don't care about further reducing the temperature - I'd just like to make it shut up. This PC is a source for a hi-fi so the whirring is really annoying. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks. So I only check DMI area in winflash? I am using the winflash I downloaded from a site, 1.51, not the one on the DFI CD(the CD that came with my mobo had cracks in it so I didn't even bother trying it out). Sorry I just want to make sure so I don't have another RMA issue on my hands. ntune is going out the window.
  5. I am confused. Both DFI's winflash instructions and DFI's DOS instructions mention NOTHING about clearing the CMOS. Yet this thread does. I tried updating using nvidia's ntune. I'm not sure if I checked the clear cmos option or not, but I had to RMA the mobo after lots of time spent trying to get it to work with windows, linux, anything. So I am being cautious. I want to upgrade so I can turn that loud butt chipset fan down. Do I, or do I not check the clear CMOS option? Also, what does it do in the first place? Thanks.
  6. Right now I have a FSB of 288 MHz, a multiplier of 9, and a 0.7 RAM ratio with mushkin redline pc3200 ram. The fixed CPU voltage option is confusing. I set it to 1.85, yet got 1.65 when I checked in the genie BIOS under current CPU voltage, I got 1.65. I wanted 1.6, yet putting it to 1.6 got me something else.. I think 1.4 or 1.5. I set it to 1.85 so I could get to 1.6 since I wanted more voltage. Ok, perhaps the BIOS is screwed up I thought so 1.85 really = 1.65. Then I used nvidia ntune's monitor in windows and get for the CPU, 1.4 volts!! I have the chip voltage control set to 1.6. Honestly I am not even sure what this is, so if someone could explain it would really help me. In the nvidia ntune monitor thing, it says the core is 1.7 volts although I have it set to 1.6, and it shows up as 1.65 in the BIOS. The only thing that seems to make sense is the memory. I have a 2.6 voltage for the RAM, which is the default, which shows up as 2.6 in the BIOS and 2.6 in the ntune monitor. Could someone clue me on as to what is going on? The only stuff that worked right was the on the fly thing. setting CPU voltage to 0.150 above actually made it run at 1.55, and it showed up as such too, both in the BIOS and in ntune instead of this silly nonsense. I hope this doesn't require a BIOS upgrade. The last time I did one, I fried and had to RMA the mobo. Thanks a lot in advance for any advice!
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