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  1. None they all suck. They take computing from everyday nub's POV, not the buy-a-PC-build-it-on-a-desk-and-overclock-it point of view.
  2. LOLZ & L5 @ AMD. This is a joke. Buy an Intel. These CPUs are worthless. The power they take, the performance they give, and the overclockability.. this is the prescott of the modern day. If not worse, since at least you could overclock prescotts. Buy something with a modern architecture that isn't a waste of your overclocking skills.
  3. a) When I reboot, it doesn't POST again until I fully turn it off and put it back on. B) For no good reason, it won't do DDR1000 4-4-4-12 with memory specced to do so, that works in a DS3, an asus p5b, p5k.. so I'm using some other DDR1066. But this still makes no sense. c) It passes prime for 3 hours, 600% memtest. I stop it. I go to check my email, and it bsods. w t f ? Is this board cursed? I know abit is cheap ., but this is driving me crazy. Thanks.
  4. Isn't directv HD lite? That's another thing.. stuff with bitrate below that of DVDs being called "HDTV" - directv doesn't just suck with channels, they suck in quality too. If there were just _one_, of any of these download services that could compete with other places on the internet, even if the download service were free, I wouldn't be a dick about it. Any one of these services could cost nothing, and they'd still be worse in both convenience, selection, quality, and portability. It's amazing.
  5. All of these services seem so behind the times. DRM, standard definition. I don't even watch stuff below 720p anymore, and these "new" services that cost good money look worse than the xvids I was watching 4 years ago. Is it just me, or are legit services kind of like the third world countries of media & entertainment ?
  6. The best are the higher end Seasonic. a) No ripple. B) Sick voltage regulation. c) Always quiet. Not "POWER WHISPER TECHNOLOGY" as in it says quiet on the box but has a 2500 RPM fan.. but actually quiet. d) No LEDs.
  7. Never ever. EULAs, like warranties, rules, pinatas, and copyright law - were made to be broken.
  8. jab-tech has cheap tubing but since I was ordering this comp from 3 different places as it is I bit the bullet and bought the tygon.
  9. Get an antenna and a $100 TV capture card, altogether with a good antenna $50. Enjoy free high def with no DRM to your heart's content.
  10. IDE and sata are the same . I've yet to see a drive read or write over 100 MBps in any benchmark I do The cables are nicer.. but that's it. The drive itself may be faster, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the interface, but rather, the making of the drive.
  11. I have a crazy stance. Information should either be free to all, or kept secret. And anything that can be distributed digitally can be considered information. I think copyright is in direct competition with the progress of technology. A lot of people disagree with this, even people who download music, but it's true. We would have had HDDVD and bluray much earlier if years developing the(apparently useless) AACS weren't wasted. That's just one example. The second protection of copyright limits the progress of technology, copyright law needs to be looked over again. I forsee technology winning in the long run. I have no idea how the hell anyone is going to make a business model out of any of this. But one thing's for sure, the current one is not the one.
  12. Does cloudiness effect performance, or just looks? saving money > sexy setup If it effects performance I'll get the tygon. My local stores look at me funny when I ask for this. I live in a a part of NY where I have to go over a bridge just to buy a computer motherboard, of any type. I'll probably suck it up and buy the tygon. Thanks all.
  13. http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=1423923 http://www.partstore.com/Part/Intel%20Corp....aspx?s=froogle
  14. I am looking at prices and some of it is ridiculous.. $2.50-$3/foot, WTF? this . is rubber tubing, not silver! I need maybe 20 feet for my latest project.
  15. Thasp

    Asus P5k

    I know they have these on newegg, and they work with quad cores. I even have one myself, but want a new one. I don't care about the IDE cable. I don't use cases for my machines, and this machine isn't going to even have a DVD reader connected to it once windows is installed. I just got an offer for an abit p35, and took it.
  16. I am not even sure if this nonsense is worth the cost of shipping. Both have heatsinks. $20 shipped for the pair ?
  17. Honestly, fvck legal downloads unless they're free. Buy used CDs. They cost less, sound better, no copy protection. It's 2007 and I still see CBR and 64k WMA being used, with DRM no less. Not only has the quality not risen to a level most people who care have had since 2000-2002, but the copy protection and requirements to use certain software and players adds insult to injury. I think this is why warez is so popular. Not just because it's free, but quality too. I don't want to get into a discussion about piracy. But if you grab a television show or music from someplace like that, it'll play on your ipod, your cowon, your rio, your mac's itunes, your PC's VLC/foobar2000/winamp. Can you say the same for 90% of the popular services out there that catalog every piece of music and video recorded within reason? If I buy from these services, I have no software choice, and restricted choice. It makes someone who may even be willing to live with the restrictions say "fvck this" just because they're there. You can't put the cat back in the bag in the courtroom when a judge says to disregard a statement, nor can you do it with retail. People have grabbed songs with no restriction, used them on any player they want, made custom playlists, shared music with friends and gotten them into other stuff. People have watched a television show on their computer, phone, or MP3 player of THEIR CHOICE! when they missed it because they had to work late and didn't program their VCR, instead of waiting until it was reaired. You can't say "ok, party's over, no more freedom." It's not about the money IMO, it's about the restriction.
  18. Thasp

    Asus P5k

    Send me an asus p5k I'll use paypal. PM me for details. Thanks. Actually, any P35 board that isn't a total POS I'll take if it's decently overclockable.
  19. I love this show, I never miss it. It's a crappy looking show in HD compared to others cause NBC has to multicast with a retarded weather channel in my area though.
  20. I remember my school taking every cellphone they saw off students. One kid had one and hid it and when he found out what happened the whole school went out of their mind, cause there were sirens and tons of stuff happening right outside. I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was dead or someone was coming in to shoot up the school, a lot of people thought the same thing. I was so happy when I got home until I found out 5000 other people were dead... that was terrible.
  21. Thasp

    Good PSU.

    http://www.jab-tech.com/product.php?productid=3094 I could buy it new for less. It happens with CPUs, too. I see opteron 165s going for $180 as if they're gold because someone managed to get 3 GHz 1M superpi on an architecture that's now worth less than $120, new. But at least in this case I'm paying for some schmuck's overclock.. what makes that PSU better than the new one I can get for less from at least 5 other online retailers? Why ?
  22. Yeah but I already work for a guy like that and the place is a shithole.
  23. I've had quite a few jobs over the past few years. I've never quite nailed how the successful interview works. a) The only times I've been hired was when I dressed like .(t-shirt and shorts, t-shirt and jeans). I've never been hired in a button down shirt and pants. B) The only times I've been hired were when I let the interviewer do all of the talking, or asked him to describe his experience with such and such. I really have absolutely no idea how this works. I'm young, and have no formula on how to get hired from most of these interviews. The only explanation I have is that the interviewer made the decision prior to the interview. That's how my current boss seems to hire people. The other being, maybe if I dress like regular and ask him questions about himself before he has a chance to ask the "hard questions" like "what makes you think, with your background, you can work for this company?". it makes me look like I'm evaluating them, so I must be great or triggering some insecurity they have about their position or company. I could be talking out of my butt though Any ideas?
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