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  1. a) Is it legal to install OSX on a PC or is there some EULA crap about it? I have not kept up with this at all. If illegal, is it illegal like jaywalking in Manhattan, illegal like a stupid DMCA notice(I don't use bittorrent or share . with other people anyway), or illegal like 27 years in prison for sharing an episode of 24? B) Is it possible? c) If it is possible with the right combination of hardware, is it bug free to the point of being able to use programs like Logic Pro 7 to record with? I want a quad core PC I can use logic with, but I don't want to pay two thousand dollars. I have an awesome 2.4 Ghz quad core with 2 gigs of memory here I built that cost me less than 600.. since I already had a ton of spare parts. I run it around 3.92 GHz but would be happy to underclock it to 2.2 with stock voltages for purpose of semi-mission critical stuff. I'd love to buy(yes, buy) OSX and use a legit(yes, legit!) copy of logic 7 I bought(yes, bought, not even kidding) a year ago and try it out on a PC running OSX.
  2. Sony A2000 > * I use it as the PC monitor as well. It is sick.
  3. p.s. I will never ever ever run vista. Vista != Technological progress.
  4. Yes. I've went well over 2 tB in my archive of HD material. 1 movie = 20 gigs! If half of this stuff would even get released on HDDVD/bluray instead of just being aired in high def and never officially released I wouldn't have to waste so much HD space on it. But DRM and HDCP make me sick, so I'd probably just record OTA broadcasts for myself anyway. Even if I didn't need it, I would need it. Technological progress is a necessity to civilization.
  5. Other and proud of it. xxxx HDCP, xxxx DRM, xxxx AACS, xxxx low bitrate downloads, xxxx incompatible downloads.
  6. At that machine's fastest with a sick overclock it'll be about 30% as fast as my current machine, a 3.92 GHz q6600, which I managed to put together for the same price as some of your poll options. I'd take it for $225. AMD stuff is too slow for me to pay a price I'd pay if it were a real PC.
  7. Neither. DVDs suck butt because they're lowres. If you have a good television, and you think DVDs are ok, you're probably a) blind B) a normal dumbass consumer c) have a worse television than you think. On my old 27" Toshiba DVDs looked great, more than I could ever ask for. On my 50" Sony A2000 I upgraded to when I found employment that wasn't crap, DVDs are unacceptable. Bluray and HDDVD are so crippled in terms of portability and usage I'm never going to bother. I use my PC to play all of my stuff. I don't want to complicate . by having more hardware. I like using IRC, web browsing, then playing a DVD. Getting up to put it in the drive is a concept I am unaware of, and never want to familiarize myself with. To hell with learning remotes, too. I'd rather download a copy then buy it and look up all this AACS HDCP cracking bull crap. Yeah I'm a nerd but I don't want to do that . when it's totally unnecessary. I shouldn't have to have a fvcking TV and videocard that supports some unnecessary protocol just to keep me from being a ZOMG THIEF. It makes _no_f|_|cking_sense_ to me that when I pay for it, it's more trouble than when I don't. Until it's less work for me when I pay for it then when I usenet it, I won't be buying. Quick fact - Throughout history the most successful formats are the ones most easily pirated. I try to avoid it at all costs by recording what airs on television. It's not the same, but it's pretty awesome looking, and I don't have to jump through a million hoops so I can play stuff, encode a copy for my portable video player, or watch it on my non army-encryption-grade HDTV.
  8. EA kicks butt. NFS Hot Pursuit III. NBA Live 2001.. oh yeah. EA kicks butt. I know there's more. I've never met an EA game I disliked. Then again I haven't played games for about six years...
  9. I've played a ton of games before. This one didn't feel like a game. It felt like work. Half the time I had no idea where the fvck I was supposed to be going and when I did it was always a chore with minimal reward.
  10. Now it's getting interesting 3.06 GHz @ 1.6v is less stable than 3.22 @ 1.5v. Maybe since I have a 4 pin connector, higher voltages cause more instability? Would a PSU with an 8 pin connector fix this, or is this just the board sucking butt at dealing with high vcores? Maybe I'll pencil mod it to get rid of vdroop if I can find one..
  11. I accidentally shorted the shizzle where you check for FSB vcore with a multimeter. I don't have a steady hand. I've done some voltmods. I can detach them. The board is dead. $25 shipped ?
  12. Four disks and 2 drives. Only abit would make a board with circulating LEDs, or one which cannot be flashed from windows that can't see floppies. I just made a DOS bootable CD and put the stuff on. I'm not going to let the asus board win. I've heatsinked and fanned most of the board, including the pwm. at 3060 MHz, 1.575v, it fails prime. This CPU did 3 GHz at 1.45v on an asus p5k. No memory settings do anything. The new BIOS has done nothing, and the floppy still doesn't work. I'm thinking of selling this to some sucker who isn't informed as much on how abit products post NF2 suck, and getting a second hand p5k. No use in a board that I can't even reboot without having to turn it off at the PSU and turn it back on.. edit; could this have to do with the fact that my PSU has only 4 pin P4 connector and not 8 pin? It wasn't a problem with the P5K, but the P5K is not an abit.
  13. The best of them all, it can't see floppy disks at all. It sees the drive, but no discs. The same drive and disks I used to install debian on my router recently. This has ABIT written all over it.
  14. Any magazine you have to pay to subscribe to is a joke. I'm subscribed to about 3 free magazines. PC magazines have the same ad-to-article ratio & product placement as audio ones. Paying $150/yr to read something where half of the . is ads makes no sense. They should be happy I'm willing to read it for free.
  15. Oh. Then it's not really illegal then. The DMCA doesn't count, no one listens to that crap and it's a pathetic joke of legislation.
  16. How the fvck is it unlawful to unlock an iPhone? I don't have one. I don't even want the cellphone I have. If I own the hardware, and what I am doing with said hardware is not physically harming others, how can this possibly be against the law?
  17. I have. I've yet to read something that changed my opinion.. this CPU takes too much power, gives too little performance, is not overclockable, is based on a ridiculously old architecture. I hated Intel for the prescott and the horror of the P4-D, dual prescott D: the same as I hate AMD for this . now. Spend another $50 on a q6600. Get 3.8 GHz. This CPU will be, for all overclocking intents.. so far behind, it's a joke.
  18. Another fun recent trend is random freezing while in the BIOS, on overclocks that passed 2 hrs of prime at 3.2.. with the FSB lowered by 30 right after. Sometimes even at stock. Sometimes right on the ABIT screen. Worst board ever. In the many years of experience building DFIs, asuses, gigabytes, whatever... I've never met a board, defective or in good condition, this annoying.
  19. I don't need a crazy overclock. This is just a secondary machine. I have 3.87 on my q6600 with 9 hours of prime on the p5k already, this B3 in the abit used to be raped @ 3.52 GHz. Now I'm hoping for 3-3.2 out of it. You have the pro one, I think it's different. I have two 120mm fans over the memory and mosfet portion of the board.. they're pretty loud, and zalman vga ramsinks on any part of the board that gets hot. It's caseless. I keep it pretty cool. Where and what is the PWM exactly anyway? I could put a vga ramsink on it and another dedicated 80mm fan on it if it is infact hot. The memory timing stuff is good info, thanks. I finally found out what works with DDR1, and DDR2 came out.. I stopped messing with it, since the memory makes so little difference in real world application I use this PC for. Thanks.
  20. Another reason this board sucks. There are tons of warnings on forums and in the manual saying you can't flash from windows. You can't from CD, either. This is 2007. Almost the end of 2007. I don't own a floppy drive, nor am I ever going to pay $25 for something that only works with fvcking 1.44 megabyte disks. I can spend that on something worthwhile. Fans, maybe a nice lunch. So flashing the BIOS isn't an option.
  21. Unfortunately, this board is worth what I paid for it. It doesn't even boot into overclocks that did 9 hours of prime on a p5k. edit: half the dividers work like ., too.. like no boot don't work. This board is like a parody of abit.
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