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  1. Good idea. this abit . sucks. not only for overclocking, for general use, it is just a pain in the butt. the p5k is to the abit as nvidia drivers in windows are to ati drivers in linux.. I'm probably not doing myself right by saying that here.
  2. I am not sure if I am going to sell this, it depends on what I could get for it. I am not saying "it is for sale, tell me a price", but rather, what seems fair for this? I have a q6600, a b3, that is a year old. it can do 3.52 GHz on an asus p5k deluxe with my sick cooling, my g0 does 3.92. this does 3.2 or so in the abit ip35 board I'd sell it with. I probably have no accessories or box for the board. I'd sell it with some danger den CPU waterblock, 2 gigs of g.skill 4-4-4-12 pc8000 memory, and a thermaltake 500w PSU. Laugh at the TT, I would too. but it's not only silent at any power level, but worked on the 3.92 GHz quad core for video encoding while working on music on another drive, it has 7 drives and all the pci slots full. I've also got an ATI radeon x300se(TOTAL piece of .) with a passive cooler on it. it never gets warm to the touch, even in the summer playing a game. vga and dvi-d. I was hoping altogether this shizzle could be worth $350-$450. I haven't turned this machine on for months, except for one time to try to load OSX86 on it. I have no need for quad cores in my house anymore, much less two. It's just stupid to have stuff sitting here that's worth money while I watch it depreciate..
  3. oh tell me about it. I destroyed three of those xxxxers, the fourth one is sitting here but I'd rather just get a used x5 and put rockbox on it than do surgery on this overpacked piece of .. I'm sure stuff wouldn't fit right and that it'd be a miserable experience.
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm looking for. last thing I want is to be in the middle of working with a string quartet and get osx's version of a BSOD in the middle of a take. then again if I'm worried about that I should be using RADAR or something anyway. they wouldn't cost me $2K.. not near that, one of my boss's tenants has worked at apple for years. I wouldn't pay more than 1.5K for the entry level mbp model.
  5. You can put a flash drive in it now. I've been reading up on how. I avoided trying it because the adapter that fit right that was reasonably priced was always in some other country and out of stock and I wasn't about to beg a manufacturer to send me a $15 cable so I could put my MP3 player back together. but it seems now there's some decent documentation and success stories of people reincarnating(nevermind the pun) their karmas. http://www.riovolution.org/thread/568,2;nocount#postlisttop I'd try it but eh. the thing has absolutely no shock absorption, not even a pad for the internal drive. I loved how the player could load songs quicker than anything else, was gapless, loved the organization, loved the codec support, loved the feel. but for a thick player, to not include at least a pad or neoprene or something is retarded, and well represented in them being out of business. good riddance to crappy design! I went through over three of them.
  6. WTF? that . saved my x5. went from a slow loading player with no gapless to a player that supported more formats, loaded songs quicker, less bloated interface, and gapless playback. and it added games. for free! rockbox is amazing. as for in ear phones, I recommend these. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...002&Tpk=er%2b4s I just got a pair and they are amazing. I had been using shure e3cs for three years before. They had no treble. These are pretty honest. The flange tips fit me like crap but they come with these "disposable" foam pads that fit even better than the shure stuff. The foam isn't really disposable in the time frame they claim, I clean my tips with soap and water and occasionally with alcohol. They won't take shape anymore if you wash them, so you have to put the earphone in your ear much quicker, but I find this to be a plus. You can get tips fitted for your ear too. This is the only headphone I trust mixing on when I don't have a real speaker setup available and they've done me right. :] even compared to sennheiser hd280s or grados. the cheaper phones don't even use real copper wire/insulation in the headphone wire so it's hell once the wire gets F'd up to solder a new 1/8" jack on. not that it's worth it for $7.99 phones, but I've spent so much on cheap buds I could have actually bought the er4s in high school and spent less.. edit: it's 3 AM and I just now read the part about the $20 cap. damn. I wasted a lot of space typing that above. my bad
  7. I couldn't get it to install properly and boot up without error. I act stupid, but surprisingly, I'm not that stupid, and I don't have the patience to go through more than 4 different OSX86 DVDs trying to find the one that will work with my PC. I just want to mix music at home I record on the machine at work, I don't want to read insanelymac at 3 AM trying to decipher which BIOS setting I missed to get OSX to run. I tried it on both quads I had here with no luck, I've read the forums, I've removed all nonessential hardware, and it just doesn't click for me. I've turned 486 boxes into automated, remote usenet downloader machines with linux for obtaining bluray movies and I am xxxxing STUMPED with this OSX86 crap. One of them after install boots up with "error" - no number, no code, no other words. just error. WTF? what assclown designs crap that simply boots up with "error?" You can't even check out their wiki without a database error. even 'fvck you' would be more helpful than some of the stupid messages I've gotten from this pursuit of OSX on the PC. If I can't get it to run on a basic asus mobo with one stick of memory, and nothing but a basic evga nvidia video card in the pci slots, I don't see how the hell I'm going to get a laptop to work with it. this comp wouldn't know proprietary if it slept with it. I could drop a lot of money onto a comp that doesn't necessarily have 100% perfect glitch free hardware compatibility with OSX using stuff like the expresscard slot to interface with outboard audio gear. I can't take that risk. :/ Not to mention it's of questionable legality. While my sympathy for those who load DRM and HDCP requirements onto popular media then cry "DOWNLOADERZ STEAL!" is at an all time low, I gotta follow license agreements for stuff I'm using to make money, not just for moral reasons(which actually do exist for me, I've gotten legit versions of any plugin or piece of software I've made a dime off of), but legality as well. If I'm using OSX for "business" I can't really use a PC with osx running on it for everything. Maybe I am crazy.
  8. I'm not going to give a long response, or even a mature one. I'll give my response. First, if a girl wants to take a break, I'd quit altogether. If someone loses interest, move the xxxx on! There's a _reason_ she wants to take a break, and this will only snowball over time. Any flaws you find in someone will only snowball as you spend more time with them and commit to a relationship until they are unbearable. If someone has flaws make sure these are flaws you are able to love for a long time if you want a successful relationship. If someone can't deal with these flaws after a few months or a year, there's no reason to go back to them. There are too many women out there to focus on one who has no interest in you. However, if you think there really aren't that many.. the point still stands to not spend time wth one who doesn't really want you. Right now she got something out of her system and is ready to go back to you, but do you want to be with a woman who every now and then has to xxxx someone else in order to love you?
  9. I have been using logic 7, and recently logic 8 for the past year. I want to be able to bring stuff I was working on at work home. I've tried the OSX86 thing to no end, and it just isn't going to work for me. the .'s too buggy for me to even get the OS situated so it's usable.. I'm spending more time tweaking than I am working on what I've recorded. I was thinking of getting a macbook pro and selling one, if not both of my quad cores. I liked these machines while I had them. they were great for my purposes. I would never, ever buy a mac for what I did on these machines. I loved putting together a cheap PC and then doing CPU intensive productive stuff at 3.92 GHz on it, where I'm getting useful stuff done at a fraction of the time/price it would cost if I got a regular dell. What I need now though is something that will work, guaranteed. If I get a tweakable computer I'll tweak it and god knows I'll never get any work done if I know I could clean this or xxxx with that in windows with a comp I built myself. I was thinking of the macbook pro because then I could use the app I want to use, but also work on stuff at home, on the bus(maybe not on the A train at 3 AM), at work, without being stuck only working on clients' music at work's crappy setup. I could listen at home on the hi-fi I've put together in the room that is much more honest. It seems like a good machine, decent construction with aluminum. I have this dell inspiron 8200 that weighs 9 xxxxing lbs, is plastic, and falling apart. . doesn't stay in the plastic bays, the LCD moves back and forth at any blow of air, I can't ever consider the idea of buying a plastic laptop again, especially a dell. That laptop was the worst piece of junk I ever owned. The issues with the fan mooing and the thermal paste being gobbed on seem to've been resolved with the macbooks, it's been out for almost two years so it seems to've matured. Am I nuts for wanting an Apple comp, being a tweakhead who has been anti mac since I got my first box of parts to make a comp when I was six? I wouldn't want one for my own home project computer, but for work it seems like a stable machine, and from y experience with _proper_ OSX setups for single purpose machines, they work damn well.
  10. I give up. I must have been drunk & high on drugs to expect someone to give me a new macbook pro in exchange for this hunk of crap anyway. I'll keep this machine for overclocked folding or some .. BBL
  11. You got it boss. :] The one in my sig is on the right. Mad fast, keeps the room cool in the wintertime. It's what I'm browsing from. I put a 2700 RPM fan in that thing the HDs are in, and it's near the area of the room getting the 16F air from outside. I wasn't kidding when I said I kept this shizzle cool.
  12. Not the regular macbook, the one with the pcmcia shizzle. q6600(does 3.52 GHz on a p5k, 3.2 in the abit) 2 gigs of pc8000 memory, 4-4-4-12, g.skill abit ip35 board 3 sata drives, about 200-250 each thermaltake 500w psu. It's the quietest I've ever heard. I got it at radioshack. It was a spare. I figured the combo of radioshack and TT would mean ., but it actually worked well enough to stay with the system. sapphire ati x300se video card some danger den waterblock If someone actually takes interest I'll take pictures and get model numbers and stuff, if not no reason to take the thing apart and find all the info again. The HDs have been run no higher than 38c and the vid card has passive cooling installed thanks to <---
  13. Creative soundcards are crap. They're gaming cards. if you're a gamer, the EAX will be great compared to other brands, but for regular listening, they suck. A lot of them resample to 48K for no reason, which is total bull crap. They use cheap op amps and skimp on D/A converters. M-Audio and Chaintech offer better and cheaper.
  14. I have an M-Audio 24/96 soundcard I use. The RCA outputs go directly to a cheap used old parasound amp to my stereo. My PC makes noise. I can't tell if it's the PSU or the mobo since they're close together, but one of them squeaks a little. and when it's doing hard work, or overclocked harder, you can tell my the pitch and volume of the squeak. I haven't had my stereo for a few months, but now, I notice I can hear the squeak in the speakers, or sometimes the exact sound the PC is making. I know it's sourced in the comp because the speakers are in perfect sync with the comp's squeaking. I want to try this chaintec av710 soundcard I have but two issues. a) sometimes when I boot up and turn the amp on, it'd have a burst of static. It'd output static at full output. I can't put up with having to wonder whether or not I'm going to be blasted when I turn my stereo on. B) It doesn't boot up into windows with it. I'd try the integrated sound on the board but it's so hissy and crappy as it is I know I probably don't want to bother. The amp has very low self noise so I know I'm going to hear whatever bull crap that's putting out. System is the p5k in the sig.
  15. If you like XP, try out 2000. Now there's a real upgrade! win2k > *
  16. No one abides by any of these laws anyway. They're total nonsense and defy technology. Anything that can be stored digitally can be replicated millions of times for close to no cost, is worthless. You can't "own" waveforms, or other forms of binary data. Their entire business model is obsolete. They're not needed anymore.
  17. I never watched the news I did as a kid a few times. I was always put off by it. There would be an ad an hour before the news came on about some cool story. It'd be advertised every commercial in the news, and when it finally came on, the line they said in a commercial an hour ago wound up being the best part of the news, and I waited over an hour for it. Fvck television news. The internet is so much better. It's a lot easier to get exactly what news I want, read the opinions of others on it, and no waiting.
  18. Windows 2000 is still the best there is. :]
  19. I never used to drink. I am 19. When I started recording music for money I began to drink like crazy. something about recording PMSing string players 'til 4 AM that alcohol smooths over. I don't get drunk even if I drink a lot, or slur words, or walk funny. I've drank a lot and fooled friends. People I know well can tell if I'm drunk because I'm less of a cynical jaded passive agressive prick, which is why I like drinking. It makes it a lot easier to not be super critical or annoyed at situations. Especially female friends, they've pointed out or asked why I was being so nice that day. So for that I enjoy drinking, since it makes me a better person. I have a family history of people who drank a lot, and some alcoholics, and you'd never be able to tell when some of them were drunk if you didn't know how annoyed they were when they were not drunk. If drinking turned me into the slurring, bad joke telling, aggressive assclown that it does for a lot of others when they drink I'd never do it. I don't understand why people drink if that's what's going to happen to them when they drink. I've yet to throw up, walk, or talk funny from excessive drinking, although I've yet to go to the extreme of drinking from a funnel or for sport yet. I've started drinking before and, when possible, during work, and it's been great. I get more work done(haven't left late in over 2 weeks now) and am able to better get along with my coworkers. If I could afford to be intoxicated all the time, I definitely would choose that. Alcohol is excellent.
  20. A master's degree in electrical engineering with minor in psychology.
  21. I bet that thing can't handle multipath signal for .. If you're using an antenna don't cheap out on the tuner or you'll highly regret it.
  22. Thasp

    Good PSU.

    No. I decided to go ahead and use a thermaltake 500w piece of junk. It's quiet. I'm using it with an abit motherboard which, like all abit products, is a piece of ., so I don't care if it's getting convulted power. Sorry about ignoring the PMs. I've been stupidly busy lately. I should update my sig too. Got the G0 to do 3.92 GHz a few weeks ago, with over 9 hours of prime. This is one sick fvcking machine.
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