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  1. I recommend the Macbook Pro on ebay, the penryn ones, and the ibm thinkpad t61. both awesome machines. there is no such thing as a laptop with good speakers. get nice headphones.
  2. I could put together a pimpin' q6600 for that price..
  3. the p5k deluxe wifi. 3.92 GHz on the quad core. not xtremesystems stable.. thasp stable. 20+ hrs of testing. not that it's the season for me to try for that again anyway. :X if someone wants this.. you're getting all of it. or at the very least, 99% of it, because I'll need enough to get the laptop after I dump that, or else I'm stuck with no computer. if anyone's using one of those giga-. boards that adds latency on all pro audio apps from like 24 us to 600 us.. you will love this asus. I'd rather sell the memory, CPU, and PSU from the machine whose board I just sold next though.
  4. oh. old maxtor. even worse than wd if that's possible. ick! they're xxxxed.
  5. if they're not WDs they should still work.
  6. the stuff in my sig is for when I finish selling off the first, spare PC. My goal is to get enough from everything to get some old used macbook pro off ebay, I don't want to be without any comp just yet. that being said the pump with the block would be $90 shipped. I'd include some tubing and nice metal screw clamps for you. It's a cool pump it has this little thingy in the back you can adjust so it's either loud and sick or quiet and average.
  7. seems like ooeric is getting the board. rest is up for grabs. I'll be posting some other stuff soon as well. a p5k deluxe, q6600 g0. actually everything in my sig excluding the hard drives. that's the real powerhouse system. if anyone's interested in that as well I'm listening.
  8. I didn't exactly get this in a box <3 intel employees I'll check it tonight promise.
  9. I have no OS on the machine. To my knowledge slacr is the new one, so I'm guessing it's the other one. I'll take the waterblock off later.
  10. Is that like B3 vs G0? If it can be answered without taking the block off, it's a B3.. I know that for sure. I got a g0 when it first came to market soon after for the p5k machine. It's the older one.
  11. I plan on trying vista later today. I'm going to neuter it as much as I can and see if it is workable. I would much rather buy a PC laptop and windows based DAW than a macbook and logic if possible but if there's noplace to go with windows(someday I may want more than 3 gigs of ram and xp64 sucks), then there's not much other choice for me. I wonder if it winds up being as bad as people say it is.
  12. lowered prices. everything must go! Get a sick quad core system for $415.
  13. It works pretty well. It's between 0-1c behind the aquaextreme mp-05 I use on my main machine.
  14. Holy .! either I'm giving a great deal or you're raping people. thanks for this thread I gotta change my pricing.. can't believe I almost sold ddr1000 4-4-4-12 rated g.skill micron d9 for $50. just goes to show how out of touch I am.
  15. GUNIT http://tweakmy.net/demos/FORSALE/ mad pictures. edit: my attempts at photographing the PSU appear to have failed. you can see the box under the chair sitting on the wood.
  16. NEW PRICING ALL THIS . MUST GO The CPU under the waterblock is a q6600 SL9UM MALAY L6407170. does 3.2 here, 3.35 on a p5b deluxe and 3.52 on a p5k deluxe. Since I booted the abit a total of five times I never really bothered finding a max OC on that board but I did spend months with the p5k. $150 shipped The waterblock on it is some danger den .. I don't remember the model and don't feel like searching. $30 shipped and it would include those sick clamps on it. The PSU you see going to it is a thermaltake 500w. thermaltake usually sucks cock. this surprised me. I'm not saying it's awesome but on my main PC(see sig), I could rape it, video encoding with a game running across separate drives and it STAYED QUIET! and got 12.01v on the 12v rail with my multimeter. Just for having the name thermaltake on it I feel bad charging real money for the .. $35 shipped the g.skill memory is 2.2-2.3v, ddr1000, 4-4-4-12 rated. YOU MUST HAVE crappy MEMORY TO USE THIS! you have to boot up with some crap that works at 1.8v and stock settings, then set your board to 2.2, then put these sticks in. this is the case for 99.9% of all boards out there. $55 shipped.
  17. i played it at work. but i have a cool job. WORD.
  18. I pay $55/mo for 30000/9500 and can download 330 gB/day or upload 600 gigs a week and verizon never .. The US kicks butt. The UK is terrible for broadband. It's true. Who the heck are they to be complaining? All those 10 mbps connections I see always have strings attached, like contacting users when they actually use it or 60 gig caps. Some even have 10 gig caps. DIALUP'S BETTER! I'd rather have 768/128 in the sticks in the US than 10 mbps with a 60 gig cap! Moderator note...we do NOT allow the "F" word here in the forums...please refrain from posting it again...bypassing the censor is a big no no and YOU know this...this will be your only warning...thanks
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