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  1. Keep these Vista observations and recommendations coming! It's apparent that no matter how hard we throw up our own personal walls, that Vista WILL become the predominate OS as we move forward.


    As for me, I'll keep my XP Pro Systems for as long as possible, but it is apparent that I'm only delaying the inevitable.




    vista is bunk.


    didn't people say that about windows ME? even regular consumers held onto 98 se for dear life..

  2. The only reason I can think of that you are paying so much is that you have set up a dedicated server. Why do that if you don't have to? I use the Pro Plan and pay every two years to get the cheapest rate. I still haven't used a fraction of the space available but then again, I only use the site for teaching.


    Are you kidding? They do it because they have to.


    Cheap shared hosting sucks.


    I'd rather use my 30/9.5 mbps home FIOS connection than that.. it's usually faster, more reliable, and cheaper.


    any forum with semi-decent traffic on shared hosting is going to be terrible.. and after being around for several years, and being known as THE PLACE to get a machine that has all the prntscrn 4 GHZ LOLZ images _AND_ better stability standards than any OCing site on the net, you can bet there's enough traffic here to xxxx up your $7/mo hosting.


    This wasn't where you went to post "3 GHz X2" without some xxxxing proof that it's so stable you'd record an elton john concert with heavy realtime processing going on with that machine.


    I don't need this site anymore. I don't do anything that makes having a 3.92 GHz machine more important than a 2.4.. I never overload the 2.4, 3.92 is too loud, I have no use to fry my CPU for it nor cause me grief with everything using "niche market" components entails. Like having to switch to a 1.8v stick of memory every now and then so I can boot into the BIOS and set it to 2.2v for the g.skill or OCZ.... I could work on a 2.1 dual easily for the next few years and never give a xxxx. And even if I did need that machine, what I learned about _how_ to choose hardware and _how_ to mess with settings from reading all the posts here(and making a bunch of stupid ones myself) is going to stick with me until computers aren't silicon and metal anymore.


    but it'd be a shame to see a resource for new overclockers gone.

  3. Adam had no part of that....


    for real yo....


    Eve did that all on her own...


    She was curious and decided to eat the apple on her own after her and Adam had just gotten done doing natural stuff....


    After she ate the apple she then realized she messed up and then tricked Adam to also eating the apple...


    She told Adam if he ever wanted to do any of the Natural stuff with her ever again he would eat the Apple just as she had....


    Adam being a man and wanting to be with Eve he gave in and ate the rest of the apple....


    From that point on they've been hold that over our heads.....



    good one eh'?



    1) reading stupid post I should have never looked at...


    2) posting a reply to the stupid post I read I should have never looked at...


    3) buying a PC and getting Internet...


    adam asked god for a companion. something beautiful, intelligent, kind, mature and fulfilling.


    god said that'd cost him an arm and a leg.


    adam asked so ok, what can I get for just a rib instead?

  4. I'll have the stepping on the B3 later tonight since the waterblock is no longer blocking it.


    gotta sell all this stuff before I get shitcanned. :(


    Am I asking too much for this stuff? the last thing I want to be is the guy on XS who is selling used and abused opterons for 5% more than newegg because he got a decent clock out of it.

  5. neither. I'd get OSX if I wanted a 64 bit OS.


    vista x64 is a total joke. in addition to the driver issue, the way t handles audio is a total clusterxxxx. they showed the new way to manufacturers late, so they all decided to use the old way, which is only supported through ghetto emulation.


    so for a lot of professional applications, vista x64 has worse latency and performance tha a 7 year old OS.

  6. 19




    I don't say expert because I'm some sick genius in any specific field but rather 'cause I have diverse experience. from video codecs, audio codecs, building PCs for sick performance, building good PCs for audio. troubleshooting issues on PCs, making linux servers, audio electronics, DIY audio electronics & repair, general piracy. I've been employed with the title "tech" before. While I could definitely find someone who kicks my butt in two or four of the above categories I haven't met anyone with as much experience in each category all at the same time, as myself.

  7. yes. why the hell not?


    it's sick enough to take something that lives, breathes, . s, feels, bears children - and kill it in a cruel manner for the purpose of eating. why not take it one step further? as long as it's a clone of something that hasn't been given growth . I'll eat it.


    Ever wonder why everyone is depressed, bi-polar, whatever these days?


    because psychological research, while it has been done for centuries, is just in the past 50 years really getting somewhere in terms of diagnosis and treatment. I have family members that from doctor's notes, would have been diagnosed and treated as a schizophrenic today. I had a grandma who, in her 40s, was in a hospital that cost 40K a xxxxing year! would've been nice to have some modern medication in the 60s and 70s, she could have lived a much better life. I myself was "diagnosed" with schizotypal personality disorder when I was younger.. seems to be a family trend on both sides to be nuts. maybe it's the food? :rolleyes:


    While I get what you're trying to say.. people have always been nuts. I don't think it's the food. I think it's just coming to light now that there are remedies for it and they are being abused. while someone who was just having a bad time breaking up with their girlfriend probably wouldn't have went to a 40K/yr institution 50 years ago to cope, they are likely to just say "xxxx it, I must be depressed" and pick up zoloft.

  8. I tried vista x64.


    m-audio only has beta drivers for my card. I tried registering to get them, but never got an email. i gave up on that - xxxx you, m-audio!


    then I tried installing the ones for my onboard sound. my m-audio is cheap, I doubt the D/A in it is any good anyway.. and I'm no premadonna, I just wanted to get some work done. I try to install the drivers for x64 for my board.


    first of all, asus' website sucks cock. secondly, I got some random error while trying to install the sound drivers.


    Then I tried out this program called dpc latency checker. it's to tell you how good, or bad, your computer is for realtime pro audio stuff.. like recording and using the comp for monitoring.


    once I saw the comp rated with latency of 60-70 us in vista and 14-25 in xp, combined with the fact that I had no way of getting working sound without reading forums and ., I said, xxxx THAT! back to XP!


    worse performance, harder to install drivers on.. why bother? if it were better performing, if I didn't have to do even MORE WORK THAN IN XP TO MAKE IT NOT LOOK HOMOSEXUAL, then yeah, I'd use it. XP is simple to make look like 2000.. in vista they've added even more . I have to get rid of to get windows 2000 ram usage/looks back. :(


    getting a soundcard to work shouldn't require thought. this isn't linux, life isn't supposed to be difficult for the sake of getting into an elitist frathouse.

  9. Hillary Clinton scares me. when I look at her, I see someone who will destroy other people who publicly disagree with her. I see someone who takes issues out on staff. I see someone who is dishonest, manipulative, not someone I'd trust running the country.


    I voted yes. just for xxxx's sake, not hillary clinton...

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