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  1. Right on! I'll have a look at that. BTW: I got a package of dual-channel ram (two gigs), which was weird because I only sent back one lonely stick. Here's what's got me confused; I installed the dual channel in the two orange slots, and the old stick in the top-most yellow slot. It won't boot (3 LEDs on the diag). With the dual sticks in the orange slots the computer starts, which means I'm back to where I want to be. No real problem, so this is just a bonus if it's obvious what I'm doin' wrong. =D I'm just wondering if there's some way to get these three sticks to work nicely together. They're the same model, make, and timings. Heck- if I didn't pull them out of a dual channel package, I'd expect them to be identical to my singles. Any thoughts?
  2. Quick Reply Running like something out of a dream. TF2 at full features sticks to 30-45 fps like glue. Turning it down keeps things over 45. This also gave me an opportunity to reinstall my OS(s). I bought XP32/64 at the campus store, and I'll install Vista32 a little later. Giving each 200gb, 100gb, 100gb of space respectively. The second OCZ stick comes in today, which lets me get back to my 3d modeling and animation work. Cheers! And thanks again!! =D
  3. Reinstalled a copy of XP Pro, followed by Lan Drivers, SP1, SP2, NForce Drivers, Video Drivers, ad 3dMark. Ran 3dMark, and it passed nicely (although it looks like my rig isn't as flashy as I thought). I'll retest when I get the mem-stick back from OCZ. In the mean time, I'll start looking into getting a Vista Dual-Boot going. It's pretty refreshing to have a stable computer! I think the bugs might be all gone!
  4. Eep! I'll make sure these new parts are well cooled before I put the cover back on. More to follow on the OS install...Gotta find my disks!
  5. Quick Reply Righto. Guess I'll get this machinery up and running again, and see how a fresh winstall and 3dmark goes. =)
  6. Quick Reply The computer booted fine after replacing the battery, which is quite nice! It implies that the machine will now function properly when everything is connected again. However, I can't shake the feeling that this mobo is eating hardware and, if this problem persists in the future, it will likely be impossible to get an RMA on the video card again. Should I just set everything back in the case and not worry about it? Or RMA the board anyway? I'll do neither until I hear back from you fellas. =)
  7. Quick Reply Sure thing. I'll start looking around town for a CR2032, but a voltmeter measured this unit at 2.9 volts. Is this within acceptable limits? More to follow on my search. P.S. While I love giving people brain-teasers now and again, this is quite a real scenario. I'm just as confused as you are. =
  8. Quick Reply I got the video card back from BFG. Pretty cool of them to replace it a second time. I seated the card into the mobo, and powered up; the PSU began acting screwy (like the Apevia). Similar to before, but this time much slower. More gradual- almost like a fading. I reseated all the power connections, and tried powering up again, and the PSU mellowed out. Tried booting, but I get a "CMOS checksum error- Defaults loaded" error, and I cannot get to BIOS to check things. Any thoughts?
  9. Quick Update The card, memstick, and PSU are all in transit. FYI the people at Apevia are among the nicest and most helpful I've spoken to on the phone! Very fast to get a human being, and quite personable.
  10. Quick Reply In short, it seems the problem is that visual artifacts persist no matter how long the computer is left off. These artifacts have been, historically, correlated with an inability to boot to HDD or Optical. Bios and POST load fine. The ticking and questionable power are gone. I tried an alternate card a few days ago (before the PSU problem), and it worked fine. Radeon X400; but this failed 3dMark with a Device_Lost error. I haven't tested with that since. BFG has offered to RMA this card, and I'm going to send it off. When this card was tested in another system, there were no visual artifacts, but it did choke under stress in the same way.
  11. Quick Reply OCZ 700w power supply arrived and I plugged it in. Artifacts remain. The problem hasn't been solved. =( However, the ticking stopped, so I presume that this supply at least works properly.
  12. Quick Reply I understand Wev. I would be able to foot an additional $130 for the OCZ unit, since I'm already enamored with their other products and service. Perhaps after I RMA this Aspire, I'll post it for sale on the campus BBoard. That would reduce the net-outflow of cash to within acceptable limits. For now, I'm at a precipice. When I built this machine and began experiencing this problem, I swore to my various gods that I will never build another rig as long as I live. Having popped open the chassis now has rekindled my love for building these little monsters, but all the problems I'm encountering fill me with some pretty conflicting emotions. I guess if things start smoothing out, I wouldn't mind keeping it and upgrading components from time to time. More to follow!
  13. Fast What nice people. Here's the e-mail from Apevia: Seems like the easiest thing to do would be to go with the $25 replacement so we know for certain it's not the PSU.
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