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  1. Mainy due to the fact that FEAR is hardcore, not much you cna do about it. Did you try reducing the resolution? Not sure what youy're running at...
  2. 'wrong'? Well if its slow try turning AA/AF down or possibly the resolution down a notch. Going SLI would certainly help.
  3. Got latest BIOS/drivers? A better desciption of problems may help.
  4. What res you runnning at in-game? FEAR is very graphically intensive, even on my SLI rig it slows at 1600x1200.
  5. Same, have had them installed ever since the nf3 days and had no issues at all. Ditched firewall though as i don't need it.
  6. Mine is DIRTY low at 28c with folding running 100%. Put this low temp down to new case (MountainMods Bob Slay). Curious as to if PWM is actually being cooled or just the thermistor...
  7. 1. orange 2. top (although should work just fine in lower too) 3. latest official in my opinion, some people have had success with the BETA's but they ain't my cuppa tea 4. official nVidia 6.70 driver 5. disable it (comes disabled iirc) - overclocking has no effect on its job unless temp is high 6. yes or have a case fan blowing in the general vicinity 7. i've had issues with analogue myself, digital is fine.
  8. Have done exact same thing, heatsink came off with CPU with socket in closed position. If you can get a good safe grip on as many sides of the CPU as possible you can probably yank it out.
  9. http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=380779 Free registration required. PA160.1 and some case modding (easy considering its alu). Nice set-up. Thermochill PA series are known to be the best out there at the moment. Everything you need could be ordered direct from UK (over-clock.co.uk) or US.
  10. virus scanner? / scanned? latest windows patches?
  11. My Expert was picky with my RAM and wouldn't boot until i put some el-crappo 256MB stick in a yellow slot. Have you got any other DDR you can try? have you tried just one stick? Tried all slots? Tried reseting CMOS while PSU totally off?
  12. I remember reading this in a manual not too long ago, can't remember which alas but i was surprised to see the supported ampage on the fan headers to be quite high. i've used other 120mm fans without issue.
  13. Well spoke to Crucial UK today who have said they have officially run out of Ballistix Tracer RAM, arg :/ Add to that they are only willing to replace it with normal non LED Ballistix. They offer no refund option as the sticks were not bought direct from them. Not overly impressed, although at least it is a lifetime warranty.
  14. also try removing and re-installing fresh latest drivers for everything
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