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  1. I live in Eau Claire WI and cell phone lines have been jammed here since around 7pm. Just to give everyone an idea of the massive amount of calls being made.
  2. http://gorillamask.net/planetunicorn.shtml This movie will change your outlook on life...
  3. These things are not wifi/satellite internet configured beats of a machine. Its just a recording device. I think its more of the lines of "oh, he was speeding, yes its tragic, but now at least two lives are not ruined." As for the speeding conspiracy, why is that such a big deal? If you're that worried about getting a ticket, just don't speed. You follow the rules of this forum, rules of your house, why not the rules on the road too?
  4. My freshman year in college we got $600 of absinthe from the Czech Republic and sold it for $20 a shot here. Most profitable experience ever. lol
  5. tweak50


    You calling me a dummy??? lol j/k I'll take a trip to borders and check it out. I've been looking at a lot of books and it seams like everyone covers animation to death and only touches base on the action script/ application side. Even when it comes to forums all I can find is info on animation, just might have to start a forum of my own for this lol.
  6. So lately I've had a really bad itch to learn flash. What I want to learn is the data-driven application side of it for websites and online applications. Learning the animation part isn't a real necessity at this point. Can anyone recommend a really good book and/or forum to me? Thanks guys!
  7. I played multiplayer to death as well and I didn't know what that domain meant lol. Halo fan boys might be able to remember it, but like i said earlier, if you want the site to take off, the url is just not appropriate. Just my 2 cents.
  8. That may be true, but its still not a very user friendly url lol.
  9. yeah...if your friend really wants this site to take off, i recommend changing the name to something that is more relative to the topic, and numberless lol. Other than that it seams like a good site.
  10. so what is the goal of this plan going to be? Is it going to be like a network of review movies? EDIT: aaah, should have read the guitar hero thread before i posted haha.
  11. I have two servers and my desktop with the fastest internet connection available to me that I will help seed the videos. I also have a virtual private server at midphase that has unmetered bandwith, if i can figure out a way to host them there I will too.
  12. worked with me when i used vlc media player. WMP would not play it for some reason, said it was an invalid file format lol. But anyways, the video was awesome. It was a good showing of what the game engine can do.
  13. I wouldn't call it busy work. With c++ you have complete control over what your program does (like what memory it accesses, when it releases memory ect.) Theres also less checks with c++ than with lets say Java. Ive heard a saying "Java wont let you shoot yourself in the foot, but c++ will let you shoot, reload twice, and shoot 3 times before it complains. With other languages you don't have that kind of control. Theres always a time and a place for a language. Like creating an end of the day books program for 11 burger kings is a lot easier in c++ than it is in Java, just trust me on that one lol.
  14. The first language i learned was C++, and it sucked. Its gotta be one of the hardest languages to learn first, but it makes everything else a piece of cake. I suggest going with that first.
  15. VB, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Ajax(yeah yeah i know its not a language but i do a lot of it so i thought i would put it lol)
  16. summed it up the best I could... i had been staying with my aunt and uncle a few blocks from my house while they're spraying for bugs. after a day or two they introduced me to their neighbours, who have quite the fine looking daughter. i wasn't going to try anything considering i was only gonna be there that week, but i was still going to be friendly, so we started hanging out. she didn't know that i'm an insomniac, so the day came where i felt like i needed a bag of potato chips at 3 am. i started my car and began backing out of the driveway and had barely reached the street when i heard - and felt - a thump. i quickly moved back forward in the driveway (great ****ing idea, i thought a millisecond later - if that was a person i just drove over them again.) and got out when i thought i was clear and went to survey my new fendermeat. it was her dog. he was all bloody, wasn't breathing.. it was so horrible. i ran back into my aunt and uncle's house and pretending i didn't just kill an animal, and ironically for the first time in about a week, went to bed. i was woken up at about 1 pm by my uncle saying the neighbour's daughter was here to see me. she was sobbing a little, sat down on the bed and said "someone ran over my dog" trying that thing where i pretend i don't know who did it, yet i defend them, i said "i'm sure they didn't mean to" she started crying more and said "if they knew what that dog meant to me" i wasn't going to lie, i was going to tell the truth. it all came out in a slur of words "i'm so sorry, i did it, i didn't mean to, it was an accident" she looked at me white as a ghost. "you? you hit him?" "yes, i'm so sorry, i really didn't mean to, you kn-" then she interrupted me "it's okay" i didn't understand at all. "what?" "it's alright." i was half asleep, and now even more confused. "what do you mean?" "it's okay! i had reese puffs for breakfast!" i was astounded! "you had candy for breakfast?!" "no, reese puffs cereal!" we went to her house and both had a bowl of it, the blend of chocolate and peanut butter - oh my godddddd. it was fantastic. ps. i got this from another forum. no credit.
  17. I thought I read yesterday that Gmail was having internal problems the last couple of days. So i dont think its anything on the client end.
  18. I worked at a help desk for awhile and this is probably the stupidest question I had: Her "I think your dial up servers are down" Me "Why do you think that?" Her "Well ever since my grandson took out my modem and put in a wireless card I can't dial up."
  19. Plenty of Ram Plenty of HDD space Good cpu Thats like a trifecta of awesomeness, my vote goes to that.
  20. Ive had a lot of experience with Acer laptops, and I love them. The only thing that I can say I don't like are the speakers, they sound good but don't get very loud. My recommendation would be to go to walmart and play around with them and see what fits you best.
  21. I like it so far, I just have one comment. The main page feels cluttered to me a little, what I would do is have the featured articles span end right before the recent blog span starts. I think it would give it a cleaner look. Now that has nothing to do with colors but layout, so dont ban me lol Edit: This would also give you a good spot for some google ads.
  22. Do you know what they did to the Dbs to screw them up so bad?
  23. wait, its Microsoft's job to make sure that all hardware works with there OS's? I don't think so. (unless your being sarcastic, then nevermind lol) This kinda reminds me about the whole apple vs. adobe incident that happened a few months back. Apple issued a security update that rendered illustrator useless when you use the pathfinder tool and it took adobe quite awhile to fess up and just fix there own code.
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