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  1. Ok i had that problem before when i first installed my ATI card. I booteed into safemode deleted both cards primary and secondary. Rebooted Then used the CD witht he card to install drivers and then rebooted comp and it worked it only happens with some ATI cards
  2. Ok thanxs for the help I have fixed the problem all i did was disable SLI mode and then boot into dos and flash each card with the latest bios changed the card to SLI on the board inserted both cards and rebooted windows and it worked.
  3. the cards use to work on the baord then the bios on the cards were flashed windows rebooted and then there was a SLI error message and that was the ned of the SLI. I just found this out now from my mate. And there is now way foir me to flash then back to normal and if u use it as normal and put one card in PCI-e 2 it doesnot work only PCI-e 1 works could it be vid cards are screwed via the windows flash??? or is the second PCI-e dead??
  4. Ok it is as follows: Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI AMD x2 4200+ LEADTEK 7600 GS PCI-e x2 200GB SATA 2 Soundblaster Audigy 4 Corsair TWINX2048-3200 2GB 3-3-3-8 Antec Smart power 500 watt
  5. Ok I have another rig for a mate with a GA-K8N-SLI and when i install windows and the drivers for the board and vid cards i reboot as directed then I have a issue the second vid card has a eror unable to start device. They are identical cards and they did work as a SLI before but now nothing Cards are Leaddtek 7600 GS?????
  6. Hey guy i am looking to purchase a new board as the one in my sig is just 1 yr old an it is dying and down un der we only have 1yr warranty. Which is pretty . so no wi need to buy a new mobo i was liking at the nf4-d But i am not sure if I buy it where can i purchase the SLI bridge from. Igf i do the mod and also i am upset cuase i have a brand new X800 GTO AGP? ALso any pros or cons with this board before I purchase one???
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum for any one to be able to help you correcltly you need ot make a signauter outlining the setup.
  8. Ok i am using the ram in my sig and they are set to defualt voltage and as for the hdd jumpers they do not come with them down under you just plug in the hdd's and they work fine they have been working for 2 yeras and the problem only happened a few weeks back. Also i have not tried a repair on the Master Boot Record.Ok now the problem has taken a turn i am now unable to use the keyboard it will not do anything the lights donot come on the keyboard when i press numlocks ????
  9. Ok i have a major problem and yes i have used the search function . This is the problem a coulpe of weeks back i booted up the rig and it powered up like normal but then it happened it detected CPU and RAM theni t sits there for a few seconds then the HDD activity light flashes twice then it rebooted. and was fine. But now i am screwed cause i am unable to do anything as the rig just seems to do this over and over agian. It may take like 4 attempts for the rig to boot. I have run memtest 86 for 8+ plus and prime 95 also for 8+ plus this was for another issue which lead me to fiund my vid card was faulty and was replaced yesterday, i have tryed clear CMOS overnight 24hrs. But still nothing i need help. This is the exactly what it does Power up rig detects vid card, CPU then RAM (1T) HDD activity light flashes twice sits there about 30 sec then screen goes black then reboot and i also get the BEEP. Then the process hapens over and over again four or five times a go untill it boots
  10. I have previous posted a topic in regards to help with my vid card which i have RMA today and already got the new one within 30 minutes . But the vid card is heaps different half the size , it uses a PIC-E power connector on a AGP vid card first time i have seen this i must be getting old. But the one thing i cant seem to do is see the temps of adjust the fan any one know how i can tried ATItools Rivatune everrest.
  11. see the thing is that my old FX5900 worked perfectly fine in the same rig.I have one fan down the bottom for hdd. i have one in the middle sucking air in and over the vid card, one above the cpu blowing in cold air over the cpu and one behind the cpu blowing hot air out. one on the XP120 blowing into the cpu. I think the vid card is just faulty from day one as soon as i put it in and it made the screen go all funny.
  12. Ok i have run the ATI tools for another 1hr and the card reaches 79. I have already tried the resitting before cause on the back of the card the metal plate was not even making contact with the card. I was thinking of placing a antec blower under the vid card, or should i just rma it and yhen c if the new card works?
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum the best option would to be to go the the BIOS section and download the TMOD cd this makes it so easy to flash the bios, and alos make sure to do the clear CMOS steps and u should be fine
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