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  1. to answer you question, I only used tape because tape is sticky and there is no need to use AS5.
  2. I did read it but still.......sorry I'm kind of new to this.
  3. With all the settings that I almost lost my mind, I don't even know what's the best setting that I should have in order to OC a little bit which I never done before. I actually did try some but without knowing what to what, it just won't boot normally. please drop me some settings that I can follow through! I can answer any question regarding to my system. ty
  4. After the paint dry out, put the eight ram sink on the card, and apply AS5 (use the latex glove to press the AS5 until very thin layer cover the entire chips surface) on large and small GPU, also the same goes to the four chips at the end. Finally, just follow the Zalman instruction to hook the VGA cooler with eVGA 6800GT. The Zalman cooler is super slient. I can barely hear the fan is running even put my ear next to it. Room temp. is 22C GPU idle temp... - case open is 42C - case closed is 45C GPU loaded temp... - case closed is 53C Hope this help for your project! Enjoy! [:I]
  5. Looking good so far? I believe so... [] Alright, I red out the chips that we need to clean up. Use cotton wraps with acetone to wraps the suface of each chips (ram x8, large GPU and small GPU, and those four chips at the end of the card). You then need to use some cotton wraps with alcohol to wrap them all over again. Now you can see they are all cleaned... IMO [] Now take the ram sink from the Zalman package, and the long heatsink from the end of the video card to paint copper match with the Zalman HSF. Remember, use some tape to cover the bottom of the long heatsink because you need the original surface to apply AS5 with the four chips at the end of the card. Let them dry out for a while after you paint. Now, you have done a wonderful job. Just a few steps more and you are set.
  6. Hello, I just got my eVGA 6800GT 256MB PCI-e video card with a new Zalman VGA cooler VF700-Cu. Here is how I done with the modding... You will need to have some alcohol (91% or higher), some 100% acetone (use for wash nail polish), some cotton wraps, some Latex free glove (perfectly powder free), and a small set of screw drivers. Now, take the video card out and as you can see I red out what we have to work with. Now, use the screw driver to take out the three screws in red, then other five in yellow. Now the fan and heat sink are off. However, there is one more which attaches to the GPU. After that, you need to take the long heatsink at the very end of the card. It happened that the fan power is stuck with the card and I got nowhere to take it off even with heat gun so I just cut it.
  7. One thing you have know that SATA II can also run as RAID 0. Before installing OS do this... 1. Go to BIOS set the RAID features 2. Get ready for the RAID floppy that comes with the mobo 3. Press F6 when windows prompt for RAID option 4. Insert the floppy and follow the instruction and you are all set. If you want to get real SATA II 3.0Gb/s like I did with this hitachi, then you need to go here download "Feature Tools (v1.98)" to adjust the drive speed. Hitach set the drives to regular SATA 1.5Gb/s as default in case someone doesn't know what's going on and plug them into not SATA II mobo. Then I think it will turn out to a horrible sign.
  8. I got my ModStream 520W and it runs good. Thanks for the recommandation! See my sig.
  9. I got mind a pair of these and it runs good. Thanks for the recommandation!
  10. Yup got my ModStream 520W w/$15 rebate. Cool looking PSU IMO... see my sig.
  11. LOL my nephew is playing with that. He's going to use that for crab legs LOL.
  12. I want to add ONE MORE THING is that there is a black clip looks like a crab leg cracker. What the hell is that?
  13. I think Ultra-D board has a power button at the very bottom. ( the lower one is power, and the upper on is reset )
  14. 1 or 2 years? No worry I will have a new computer by that time. :shake:
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