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  1. Thanks for the help, but unfortunately no luck for me. The 4 second delay setting still results in instant power loss when I press my case power button, even if only for a brief second.
  2. I've been having this problem ever since I've been using the DFI LanParty nf4 SLI-DR Expert. I'd like to assign my case power button to go into sleep or hibernate mode, but the mobo BIOS doesn't seem to let this happen (i.e., computer powers off immediately and doesn't allow Windows to run through its own shut down/sleep/hibernate process). Regardless of the power button assignment I designate in Windows, pressing the case power button always results in immediate shutdown. So, my question is this...is there a BIOS setting I can change to allow Windows to handle the computer shut down, rather than allow the BIOS itself to immediately turn the computer off?
  3. Glad I found this thread. I have a rig somewhat similar to watsonte's and I am debating whether I'll get a new GFX card for the rig in my signature for around $600, or spend a few hundred more to get a C2D cpu/mobo/ddr2 memory (can't afford to do both!). Looks like the consensus is the graphics card. Thanks OP and all who replied!
  4. While I do not use SLI, I can say from my own personal experience that these beta drivers are very impressive. I've tried several applications with them and performance is improved across the board. They seem stable and performance is getting close to that on XP. I highly recommend them for anyone with an Nvidia card running Vista.
  5. How do you like that Corsair PSU? I've been wanting one for a while, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  6. Paul Thurrott has a link on his website to an upcoming Vista Ultimate Extra called GroupShot. It's actually quite a cool program, and allows you to merge multiple "group shots" together into one image so that you can effortlessly make a composite image with the best picture of each person in the group. I've tried it and it works surprisingly well. Apparently this hasn't been officially released yet, but here's the free download link (don't know how long it will be available): ftp://ftp.research.microsoft.com/download...upShotSetup.msi You DO NOT need Vista Ultimate to run this program. I'm running it from Home Premium so I can't speak as to whether it works with XP.
  7. Hello all...I've been using Vista Home Premium with the rig in my signature and have had a problem I've been dealing with ever since. Upon the launch of many applications, such as PowerDVD for example, Windows turns off Aero and reverts back to classic theme. This would be fine, but shortly thereafter my monitor starts to turn blue or green and flickers like crazy. There is no discernible image on the screen and I have to restart. I have upgraded to the latest forceware (100.65) in hopes of solving the problem to no avail. Now, the problem also occurs when I exit Supreme Commander -- as soon as I get back to the desktop, the monitor goes nuts. Any help is appreciated!
  8. FYI...Nvidia.com has new beta forceware drivers for Vista x86 and x64 for 6xxx and 7xxx series GPU's.
  9. It was certainly useful to me! Thanks!
  10. Wow...looks like there's been a bit of activity on this thread since I started it 8 months ago...
  11. It's gotta be your cpu....do you have another you can try?
  12. Hey Raphie did you get your free copy from powertogether.com or elsewhere? I got in on the free Vista Business offer just in time (they've since run out), but am wondering about the legitimacy of the whole deal since it just went up yesterday and my copy obviously hasn't arrived yet. Anyone here know anything about it? Edit: I take back my question to you Raphie, seeing as you are from Netherlands and this offer was in the U.S. only....I'm assuming you're a beta tester or the like. Anyone else know anything about this?
  13. I'm similar to you, but my RAM is PC4000. I'm at 236x11 (2.6gHz), 1.35v, 107% VID special control, 9/10 memory divider. My other DRAM settings (timings and volts) are at stock for my ram. Hope this helps.
  14. I'm similar to you, but my RAM is PC4000. I'm at 236x11 (2.6gHz), 1.35v, 107% VID special control, 9/10 memory divider. My other DRAM settings (timings and volts) are at stock for my ram.
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